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Tasca i vins

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Have a lunch for a reasonable price at a nice place

Published by Barbara Heitner — 5 years ago


It is a nice restaurant close to the center, in front of Estacio de Franca. It has some tables outside too, where we actually sat. Pedestrians are passing by quite close as the pavement is not too wide, but it isn't much bothering. The service was fast enough for us and waiters were very kind and fluent in English. As many Spanish restaurants in lunch time, "Tasca i Vins" offers Menu of the day where you can choose one first dish (appetizer), one main dish and also a glass of wine or beer. In the end you can ask also for a coffee as it is included in the price. Each of the dishes has 4-5 different options so you still have embarrass of the choice. They must call it in plural Menus of the day instead of Menu of the day as you can make many combinations of the dishes. We had first and second dishes and for first dish we had some salads (with that typical sweet sauce and cheese...hmmm....) and for the second we had paella and pork ribs and we couldn't find anything to complain about, as all were tasty, though nothing extremely special. Also prices are reasonable regarding the location and considering that it is in a very touristic city. 



I only saw it form inside when I went to the toilet but i think it has pretty nice design and good atmosphere. The location of the restaurant is really good, as both the Picasso Museum and the Parc de la Ciutadella are just a stone's throw from here. It is also quite close to Barceloneta or Bogatell beaches, so if you want to escape from the crowd there on a hot day after sunbathing or swimming, you can visit this place for a peaceful lunch. :)


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