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Quin Cafe

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Cheap tapas, good service, strong wine

Published by Martha S — 5 years ago

Quin Cafe Barcelona is one of many small bars in this amazing city, where you can sip your drink, and try some tasty tapas, while watching people, walking by. Surprisingly, there were not many guests at this bar, at least not when I was passing by, since this is one of the best tapas places that I have been to since I have arrived in Barcelona.

Being situated just next to the Urgell metro station, its location is more than well accessible, and you really have no excuse not to go there at least once during your stay in Barcelona. Believe me, you will definitely not regret it.

The directions to get to Quin Cafe Barcelona are very simple. When you exit the metro at the Urgell station, all you have to do, is make a few steps on Calle del Comte d'Urgell, and then, you will already be able to spot Quin Cafe on your left side. Believe me, it is impossible not to notice it – the furniture inside is in bright green colour, and also the chairs outside are green.


Daily offer, the ambient and the staff

I had no plans on stopping there at first, but what caught my attention when walking past Quin Cafe Barcelona, was their special offer. You could get their Tapa del Dia for two Euros, plus you can choose between three available drinks, which are included in the price: Cana (which is sugar cane syrup), vino or vermouth (which is an aromatized wine). Considering how expensive Barcelona can be, this offer is more than awesome. So I think that you understand why I just had to stop there and try their offer.


I have decided to sit outside, because the spot seemed nice. The chairs are plastic, and they look somehow uncomfortable, but I must say that they are more than good to sit on. There are several signs next to the entrance, indicating what they are offering, and there is also a menu on each one of the tables. But before I was able to take the menu to my hands and read it, the waiter already came out and ask me, what I would like to order.


Luckily, he spoke English, because my ability to speak Spanish is still quite limited, at least when I am sober, and when I told him that I would like to try the Tapa Del Dia, he just asked me what I would like to drink, without telling me what the tapa consists of. But maybe this is better – you do not know what you will get and you just cannot wait to see whether it will be good or not.

I decided to order vermouth, although I was planning to try the caña first. But then I remembered that it tastes too sweet – I have already tried it in the Caribbean before. I can say that it can be quite refreshing if it is cold enough, but it is still too sweet to take the thirst away.

I was surprised, how quick the tapa was ready, and I was even more surprised, when I saw what I got – mushrooms with olive oil and garlic, and two tiny grisines. You can only try to imagine how happy I was when I got this exact tapa – after all, I wanted to try this one once before, but it cost over five Euros in other places that I have been to! I was really lucky. I wonder if I will get the same thing if I go there again this week. Who knows, maybe I will try out.


The glass of vermouth that I got, was small, but still bigger than I expected, and it consisted a lot of ice and even an olive. And it was really good. I have never had vermouth before, and I must say that it tasted completely different than I thought. Although I was a bit tipsy after drinking the whole glass of it.

After taking a sip of vermouth, I tried the tapas, and they were simply perfect. The only downside was of course the small amount. But the olive oil and garlic were going really well with the mushrooms, and the grisines only added some points to the already perfect taste. I think that I will have to get used to small amount of tapas that I get. After all, this is only a small side dish. But I cannot help myself for wanting more, since they are always that good.

And the amount of vermouth was actually just right – I took the last sip just after finishing the tapas! Obviously, they know what they are doing at this restaurant.


Excellent tapas for an affordable price? Yes, please! If you answered the same, then hurry to Quin Cafe. You will definitely not regret it. And neither will your wallet. And I almost forgot to tell you – there is also free WiFi available at Quin Cafe, and to get the password, you have to go inside – it is written on the wall. I am sure that this is all you need.

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