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4D Gaudí Experience

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A 4D video about Gaudí

Translated by flag-gb Beth Taylor — 5 years ago

Original text by flag-co Colombian Globetrotters

Hello everybody! Today I'm writing from Barcelona and this time I'm going to be talking briefly about my experience at the tourist attraction called the Gaudí 4D Experience.

The first thing I have to clear up is that this attraction is run by a private company and the municipal administration of the Gaudí Park, also known as Park Güell, it doesn't have anything to do with the company or with the services it offers.

This company offers an experience in a 4D room where they play a video about Gaudí's constructions, they also offer a combo that includes the video and a guided tour of the iconic Park Güell. Personally, I only bought a ticket to the 4D room, because I'd already seen the park. (In our post about Barcelona on the “Eurotrip 2018” blog you can find some information about the park)

The headquarters of the company is only a block away from the park's lower exit, so you just have to look for the route to the park and to ask one of the guides where the exhibition is.

Before you enter the exhibit, you have to buy or validate your ticket at the information section. The tickets cost €9 for base entry, €7. 50 for those under 3 years old or over sixty five or €7. 20 if you have an ISIC card or something around that price.

Video 4D sobre Gaudi

After you've got your ticket, you can wait until the show starts in the lobby of the building, where you'll find different miniatures and mini models of some of Gaudí's greatest works, the lobby is also full of souvenirs, books and even things to decorate your house that you can buy. (I have to warn you that the things there are not cheap)

Video 4D sobre Gaudi

Video 4D sobre Gaudi

Video 4D sobre Gaudi

When you enter the room, they'll give you a pair of glasses and you can choose where you want to be in the room yourself. Now then, let's talk about the experience specifically, I have to say that it's pretty disappointing. I think the first problem is that the demographic that it's aimed at and it's because its advertising doesn't show it as an attraction for children and actually, if you're older than 13, it's most likely that this attraction will be dull and boring. Regarding the 4D experience, I also have to say that it leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you compare it to other 4D experiences available in theme parks or movie theatres; the video isn't really in time with the movements and the sensations from the chair, also the video doesn't stay from one perspective, which makes it hard for the audience to connect with the experience. Lastly, the most disappointing thing of all is that the experience doesn't last for more than ten minutes.

In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend this attraction at all, instead I would recommend doing a classic visit around Park Güell, since, throughout the park you can explore a lot of Gaudí's work in depth.

Thanks, Juan David Jaramillo.


All of the pictures are the property of the Colombian Globetrotters.

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