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Bakery and cafe 365

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The best croissants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

Published by Martha S — 5 years ago

Everybody loves bakeries. Oh, that smell of freshly baked bread and sweet treats is just divine, and I get hungry every time I walk past a bakery. And that crunchy feeling, when you take the first bite… And since I am quite a lazy person, I am not into preparing myself breakfast. I rather go out to the nearest bakery and buy something tasty, bring it home and voila. But what I am missing in most bakeries, is a place to sit. After all, it feels somehow stupid when you have to take all this sweetness at home, but you would want to eat it right away.

Luckily, I have discovered a bakery of my dreams here in Barcelona, which is also a cafe at the same time. As I said, a perfect place. And what is even better, it is situated just on the other side of the road, where my flat is. The bakery's name is 365 and I have spotted several ones in Barcelona, but of course, the one just next to my home, is my favourite.

Where can you find the bakery 365?

If you ask me, 365 is a pretty unusual name for a bakery. But, on the other hand, this only means that the place is much easier to spot. You will find the bakery 365 on Avinguda Paral – Lel, between the metro stations Paral – Lel and Poble Sec. So, all you have to do is to walk on Avinguda Paral – Lel between these two stations, and you will eventually notice the right bakery. Do not worry, this is the only 365 bakery in this area, so you will definitely find the right one.

A place for a coffee outside, and awesome promotions

I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw this place for the first time. We in Slovenia do not have bakeries, that would also offer a coffee or any other drink that goes well with the sweet treats. After all, this is almost a bar. And it is awesome. So you can imagine that I just have to go there and try it out.

What caught my attention, when I was walking past this place for the first time, was the sign outside, that indicated some promotions, called tandems. And they are awesome. Basically, if you take two or more items, the price of the second item will be fifty percent or even more lower. For example, one croissant costs seventy Cents, but if you take two, you will only pay one Euro. Yes, the final price for most of those tandems is one Euro.

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

For example, for one Euro you can get two croissants, or two chocolate flaps, or five chocolate – bread sticks (yes, five), and five tiny croissants (they are the size of those Seven Days croissants).

There is another thing, written on this table, that will capture attention of most people that own a laptop or a smartphone – this awesome place offers a free wi – fi. All you have to do in order to start browsing, is to go inside, order something and ask for the password. And since I planned on stopping in 365, but I also had to check my e – mail, I went inside and asked for a password. And guess what, the internet is super fast. Probably faster than the one I have at home.

So, the place outside consists of a few tables and a roof.

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

When I pass by this place, the tables outside are always occupied. From what I see, people mostly drink cappuccino and eat a croissant or two. So this is what I decided to order one day, when I had nothing else to do, and I have not had breakfast yet. And I was not disappointed – the cappuccino had a lot of milk foam on top, which I love, and the croissant was perfectly crunchy and had an enormous amount of chocolate inside, which I love even more. But what I loved the most, is the fact that I only paid 1, 30 € for both things.

You will most likely have to go inside to order, since the staff is always pretty busy, both with baking and with serving the guests. But after you order, you can go and take your seat, and they will bring you what you ordered. Regardless on how busy the staff is, the service is always very fast.

The interior

The first thing that you see when you walk by, are tasty treats, such as muffins, croissants and mini nutella breads, strategically exhibited by a glass window. Then, the second thing are the low prices. If these prices will not convince you to go inside and try something, then I do not know, what else will.

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

When you step inside, you will see a glass barrier, and behind it, you will see even more awesome sweet treats than outside. Here, you can also see pizzas, different fruits and also salads. Seriously, I am very surprised, how cheap everything in bakery 365 is. You can have a big caesar salad for two Euros and a half!

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

A short conclusion

Whether you fancy a quick snack, a coffee on the sun, or you are experiencing a sugar drop, then you should immediately head to the 365 bakery! Offering anything you might wish, this place also offers free WiFi, affordable places and can be a great spot for people watching. As I said, a perfect bakery.

The best criossants in Barcelona. Oh, and on Earth.

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