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Espanyol Stadium

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RCD Espanyol Game

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

Espanyol Fùtbol

Going to soccer games in Spain is about the best experience in the world! Everything in Spain revolves around soccer; they love it, obsessed with it! I have been to a lot of RCD Espanyol games and it is a smaller stadium and the support is not as big as it is for FC Barca but the fans still going crazy for their team.  RCD Espanyol’s rival is FC Barca so during the game there’s a section of people who are hard-core supporters for Espanyol and go crazy. They sign all sorts of songs saying bad things about FC Barca and going crazy at the other teams playing. It is really funny to see this and watch. They bring banners and drums and all sorts of things to the games. They paint their face with RCD Espanyol colors and have their shirts off. At the RCD Espanyol stadium it is also a mall. This is fun because you have the option to grab a drink or food before or after the game. There are also places to shop there! This mall is very good and has a lot of great restaurants to choose from. 

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