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    Viva Las Vegas   Vegas is a playground for grownups! It is so fun and almost everything is legal there. They have everything in Vegas and you can go with friends, as a bachelor or bachelorette party, family vacation, or as a couple. They have something for everybody...

    by Lauren in What to do Las Vegas, 6 years ago
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    Palm Desert, California

      My favorite store in Palm Desert!! They have the cutest puppies ever. I basically go to play with them. My favorite kinds of dogs are French and English bulldogs and they always have them there. This place is great because they don’t raise the prices on dogs and...

    by Lauren in Where to eat Palm Desert, 6 years ago
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    BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells

    BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells This tennis event is held during the month of March inn Indian Wells at the tennis gardens. This area is a big tennis community so it is really fun for this even to be held here because everybody attends the event. The event usually lasts...

    by Lauren in What to do Palm Desert, 6 years ago
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    Barber Shop

    Best barbershop in Barcelona! It is located in Gracia on Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla. The shop is very cool because it is very old school and lots of nice pictures with guys with great styled hair and long beards! You can tell all the people who work here are very...

    by Lauren in What to do Barcelona, 6 years ago
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    Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym

    Desert Rocks is such a fun place to go. You can go alone or with friends or anyone! This place is great for a family or friend outing. Once you get there you can either pay for a day pass or monthly or yearly, however long you want. These all include harness and shoe...

    by Lauren in What to do Palm Springs, 6 years ago
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    The Cross Hike

    I love this hike to the cross. It is fun and isn’t too hard or long so kids can come as well as dogs. There are two different ways you can go. You can start from the tennis courts, which make the hike a little longer, but it is beautiful because all the mountains...

    by Lauren in What to do Palm Desert, 6 years ago
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    Palm Springs, California

    Palm Springs International Film Festival is an event every year usually in January. It is a couple weeks long consisting of films being shown at local theaters and schools and then at the end is the award ceremony. This event is very elegant. Many stars arrive on the...

    by Lauren in What to see Palm Springs, 6 years ago
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    Diamondbacks Baseball Game

    Going to a Diamondsbacks game is so fun! Some people either love Baseball or hate it, I am one of those people who loves it. I grew up in Arizona and grew up going to baseball games and my team was always the diamondbacks. I always had a lot of fun going to these games...

    by Lauren in What to do Phoenix, 6 years ago
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    Stagecoach Festival

    Stagecoach is a country music festival that happens after Coachella Fest. I love Stagecoach as well because I also listen to country music. Stagecoach is a three-day event and is not as popular as Coachella because it is just one genre. Stagecoach is also way more...

    by Lauren in What to do Indio, 6 years ago
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    Newport Beach

    Newport is one of my favorite beaches in California! It’s also nice that its located near a bunch of other areas such as Laguna Beach or Huntington Beach. My favorite part of Newport is the peninsula. This is a fun area that you can walk all around or ride bikes....

    by Lauren in What to do Newport, 6 years ago
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    Coachella Fest

    Coachella Fest is one of the best weekends you will have! Coachella consists of a three-day event with many musical performances. Coachella is now also two weekends in the month of April. Coachella Fest is located in the Coachella valley in Indio. It is held on the polo...

    by Lauren in What to do Coachella, 6 years ago
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    Abaco, Bahamas

    Treasure Cay is my favorite island in the Bahamas. It is so beautiful and is not full of tourists. It was also voted one of the best beaches in the world! The Bahamas are spectacular; the water is crystal clear and the sand so perfect! There are so many different...

    by Lauren in What to see Cooper's Town, 6 years ago
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    San Carlos

    Next to Hermosillo is a beach city called San Carlos. This city is amazing and it is so beautiful! there are a lot of hotels right on the beach you can stay in. one of my favorite bars here is the Soggy Peso. This bar is so fun and is right on the water! It is a typical...

    by Lauren in What to see Hermosillo, 6 years ago
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    Fourth Avenue

    4TH AVENUE This street is between the university and the downtown area; you can actually take it to get downtown. This is a very fun street filled with bars, shops, and restaurants. This street is famous because it has a lot of thrift shops as well as unique...

    by Lauren in Where to eat Tucson, 6 years ago
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    Tucson, Arizona

    The Catalina Foothills It's an affluent area located north of Tucson, Arizona. This community includes nice restaurants, shops, and many houses. The Catalina Foothills is considered the highest-end area in Tucson. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum I really enjoyed this...

    by Lauren in What to see Tucson, 6 years ago
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    Downtown area in Tucson is a lot of fun! Its very different and it is in the process or developing and becoming very popular right now. There are a lot of amazing restaurants to eat as well as many nightclubs and shopping. Downtown restaurants Café Poca Cosa- this...

    by Lauren in Where to eat Tucson, 7 years ago
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    University Street

    UNIVERSITY STREET This place is a lot of fun to go watch a game, go out on the town, or eat! There is also a ton of shops on this street too and little coffee cafes. The Marriot is also located right here so if you are staying in Tucson this is a great place to stay...

    by Lauren in Where to eat Tucson, 7 years ago
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    What to see Place de la Comédie - this is a beautiful area, it has a huge sculpture of three goddesses. I love this place, it is amazing to walk around or grab a coffee. This is a fun area to see because there are always people here walking around or street artists...

    by Lauren in What to see Montpellier, 7 years ago
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    Plaza De Toros De Alfaro

    I had the chance to go see a bull fight in Alfaro, La Rioja. Bull fighting is one of the many Spanish traditions. However some areas in Spain like Cataluña do not see this as a tradition and have forbid it in their state. When I arrived the place was beautiful, a very...

    by Lauren in What to see A Coruña, 7 years ago
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    Ncounter is an amazing place to eat breakfast or lunch! Ncounter is located on Mill Ave. in Tempe Arizona. Mill ave. is a great place to walk around and there are a lot of bars, restaurant, and shops. One of the best places to eat there however is Ncounter, and you can...

    by Lauren in Where to eat Tempe, 7 years ago
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    Prescott, Arizona

    Prescott is a smaller city a couple hours outside of phoenix located in mountain area. Prescott is a very cool city to explore, there is lots of history here and great hikes. There are a lot of historic museums here because it is an old cowboys town! You can tell by the...

    by Lauren in What to see Prescott, 7 years ago
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    Logroño is a city in the north of Spain close to Pamplona. Logroño is a very nice city and has a lot of history as well. Likewise, I suggest walking and seeing the city at daytime so you can explore and see the markets and the life of the day! One amazing thing...

    by Lauren in What to see Logroño, 7 years ago
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    Dali Museum

    The Dali Theatre and Museum is located in Figueres, Spain near Girona. It is just north of Barcelona and is very easy to get to by train. Figueres is a small city and very beautiful and mainly known for the Dali Museum and Theatre. The museum use to be Dali’s house...

    by Lauren in What to see Girona, 7 years ago
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    Leaning tower of Pisa

    Pisa is a fun place to see because it has the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa is a small city so there isn’t much to see. When we arrived we went straight to the leaning tower of Pisa. This was amazing because you can see how much it actually leans! I didn’t expect it...

    by Lauren in What to see Pisa, 7 years ago
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    Museums in Madrid

    I arrived to Madrid and didn’t know what to expect since it was the capital! Some people say they like Barcelona better and others say Madrid. Madrid is more Spanish because of the pride they take in being Spanish vs. Catalonians who want Cataluña to be their own...

    by Lauren in What to see Madrid, 7 years ago

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