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Erasmus places

  • A walk around the Parc de Cointe

    It is a park in the upper parts of Liège which offers a panoramic view of the city. It is a beautiful place to walk and, in the streets, which lead up to it, there are lovely façades to look at. Source

    0 by Ben, in What to see Liege, 13 days ago
  • Rozengrals

    From the entrance at the street level the clients descend down into the dungeons of medieval Riga. Everything is well done and presented at the table. Delicious venison and i do advise the onion soup. Great place where to dine or just to go for a drink. Amazing...

    0 by Luis, in Where to eat Riga, 25 days ago
  • VIP Tattoo

    If you want a piercing or a tattoo in Granada, you need to visit VIP Tattoo Why? As you'll find out, Erasmus is synonymous with change, thrills, new experiences, and many surprsies . Before being a part of Erasmus, you probably thought you were incapable of doing a lot...

    0 by Katie, in What to do Granada, 30 days ago
  • Ruckerstrabe

    This place is in central part of berlin it's an expensive place but it's great In other cases. i was the first tenant for this flat. Allthough it needs some stuff to buy but totally it's complete To live there. also this flat is near to public transport and i easily can...

    0 by Ali, in What to see Berlin, one month ago
  • The Old Mill

    Rozmarinas restaurant of the Old Mill Hotel is a great place not only for a delicious lunch or dinner, but also to spend a romantic evening on the cozy outdoor terrace in summer, or to enjoy the views of the Curonian Lagoon and passing boats on quiet autumn-winter...

    0 by Jean-Luc, in Where to eat Klaipeda, one month ago
  • Segirei's Waterfall

    Everyone has that friend who is practically part of the family. His/her home is our home, his/her cousins are our cousins, and his/her hometown is our hometown. Well, those who do not have should have. Luckily, I have one for nearly 17 years. Segirei is our hometown and...

    0 by Diana, in What to see Vila Real, 2 months ago
  • Quinta da Regaleira

    On the 18th of November, I got the chance to visit Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra (Portugal). How to get there? AS I live in Algarve, the simplest and cheapest way was to get a bus from Faro to Lisbon-Sete Rios. From there, I got on the train at the Sete Rios station...

    0 by Helena, in What to see Sintra, 2 months ago
  • Neighbourhood Arroios

    A neighbourhood of contrasts, Arroios stands out from the other parishes of Lisbon for the multiculturalism of its people and places. Cradle of Amália, the greatest Portuguese fado singer of all time, and home to almost a hundred nationalities, Arroios is the...

    0 by OnJ, in What to see Lisbon, 2 months ago
  • Groix

    Groix It's my own little paradise on earth. groix is situated in Brittany, in the Morbihan region (just below 'Belle-ile'). To visit the island you have to take the boat from the ferry port of Lorient with the Oceane company. The crossing takes 40 minutes and costs 15...

    0 by Alicia, in What to see Lorient, 2 months ago
  • 0 by Nepa, in What to see Kathmandu, 2 months ago
  • Primrose Hill

    If you want to know where some scenes of Sense 8 was shot with that lovely view of London city, if you want to jog early in the morning while falling in love with the landscape of London and if you want to have a good group or couple picnic, this place is a must...

    0 by Mayuri, in What to see London, 3 months ago
  • Goa

    Im not a side trance fan! but GOA's culture seriously infuses you with side trance that after the 3rd day, you become accustomed to it! Yet its one of the most amazing experiences ever! Must try! and a friendly recommendation, please do try the "Red Door Hostel"  The...

    0 by Mohanad, in What to see Goa, 4 months ago
  • Civic Centre

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well, in this blog I hope to share with you one more place that you will know in the centre of Lima, this place was practically one of the last buildings to be built in Lima in the 70s. I’m talking about The Civic Centre. fuente...

    0 by Hannah, in What to see Lima, 5 months ago
  • Kugelbake

    Kugelbake is a 317 years old wooden lighthouse. It was rebuilt about 10 times. Its location is very important for the ships because it is located on the northern end of the Elbe River. After this lighthouse ships connect to North Sea. Now its just historical place but...

    0 by Ilgın, in What to see Cuxhaven, 5 months ago
  • Prague

    Hello, Prague! Prague (Czech Republic) - do you like weekend getaways and discovering new regions? If so, then Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is the place for you! Here, you'll be able to experience lots of history, culture and wonderful architecture. So: Ahoj...

    0 by A, in What to see Prague, 5 months ago
  • Capitolium

    In the space of one day, I had the honour of discovering the Capitolium of Brescia! It dates back to 73 BC! Unfortunately I only saw this place from the outside, I didn't have time to go in, but a tour guide was on my side! It's magnificent! From what I can recall,...

    0 by A, in What to see Brescia, 5 months ago
  • Grande Mosquee

    Those who think they have seen everything there is to see in Paris - a notion that I find to be totally impossible, after six months there - should go to the Mosque. It's located directly beside Jardin des Plantes, therefore not too far from the Seine. After going...

    0 by A, in What to see Paris, 5 months ago
  • Wild & The Moon - Saint-Honorée

    For my first recommendation, I had to write about this Parisian cafe where I spent most of my time this year: Wild & The Moon. This organic and gluten free restaurant chain is getting bigger and bigger in Paris with currently 7 restaurants open. According to the...

    0 by Holly, in Where to eat Paris, 5 months ago
  • Parque de la amistad in Surco

    Hello everyone! I hope every one of you is well. In the Surco district, you can find a very interesting place to visit: el Parque de la Amistad (literally the Friendship Park). It was considered the district’s main stronghold. source A great atmosphere to have fun It...

    0 by Mira, in What to see Lima, 6 months ago
  • Carnival

    What is this event about? I'm branching off from what I have been speaking about recently, to focus on one of the legendary parties in Spain which can't be ignored, although it's already been a few weeks since it took place. I'm talking about the Carnival of...

    0 by Holly, in Erasmus party Cadiz, 6 months ago

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