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Erasmus places

  • Cara International

    Cara International has been hosting interns in its Au Pair placement business for 17 years.The agency is run from a home office.We are currently hosting one French intern and would like to host some more. Its a great house with your own double room. It's in the...

    0 by Caroline, in What to do Castlebar, 4 hours ago
  • The Irish House

    The Irish House My name is Sanaika Jaiswal and I am a resident of Calcutta, India. Being brought up in this city, I have had the chance of trying and testing each place myself. So, here I am writing about one of the place I absolutely loved. The Irish House is a...

    0 by Sanaika, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Calcutta, 6 hours ago
  • Verona

    That Verona is a romantic city, everyone already knows. We can blame Mr. Shakespeare and his emblematic Tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". But the truth is that Verona in itself is very conducive to romance. I could not go with my Romeo, so it was a bit sad and a bit...

    0 by Cristiana, in What to see Verona, 7 hours ago
  • National Economics Univeristy of Vietnam

    National Economics University (NEU) is a leading national university in Vietnam in the fields of economics and management in the North of Vietnam. My university is to train economic experts for the country at undergraduate and graduate degrees. My school is also a...

    0 by Hoàng, in What to do Hanoi, 9 hours ago
  • La creperie

    La creperie is placed in the center, near the main university building. The place is very cozy and is open every day. You can find all kinds of food: Pasta Pizza Rice Creepes (sweet and salty) Salad I love "creepes cu chuculata" at any time. 

    0 by Enma, in Where to eat Craiova, 13 hours ago
  • Showa Boston Institute

    What is the best method to learning a language?      I have been exposed to learning different languages using different methods. I initially learned French just by speaking it at home with my mother and grandmother, and later I learned the grammar and spelling in...

    0 by E, in What to do Boston, 1 day ago
  • Brighton Curiosities

    Curiosities... In this post I will include places to eat in Brighton and also a couple of the curiosities of Brighton which caught my attention. In one of the main streets, surrounded by popular shops, you can find one of the shops with one of the oldest shop windows in...

    0 by Evie, in Where to eat Brighton, 1 day ago
  • Retiro Park

    Hi Alba, good afternoon. You keep on showing us interesting places that look really good. It seems like you love to talk about places so that other people get to know them. That's great! I have to confess I had no idea that there was another 'Retiro Park' in Madrid,...

    0 by Blanca, in What to do Madrid, 1 day ago
  • Bocados Keki

    Source The Bocados Keki bar is next to San Juan square, after the pubs, where you can also find a very cool bar called 'el bosque animado' or the only Mexican restaurant in Murcia. This tapas bar is small and is situated in the corner of the square on 'Calle Soledad'....

    0 by Megan, in Where to eat Murcia, 1 day ago
  • Olinda (city)

    Last time I went to Brazil I had the luck to stay at a friend's place, who showed me many places for locals, and even drove me to Olinda: a colorful pearl. All you have to do to enjoy Olinda is go walking. Really!  Explore every little street, every corner and every...

    0 by Elena Sofia, in What to see Recife, 2 days ago
  • Portillo's Restaurant

    I've been to Chicago a while ago, but the taste of this sandwich is something I will never forget in my entire life.  I have eaten Portilio's' burgers three times in 5 days, and never regretted it!!  The Restaurant itself is soooo nice! It is just so tipical.. The...

    0 by Elena Sofia, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Chicago, 2 days ago
  • Pergamon Museum

    I have been to Berlin twice before my Erasmus, and I haven't visited many museums (I know, not so good..) but this one, is a true must-see if you are in the city, seriously. I was born in Rome, and I live here since ever, so I am used to antiques, but the Pergamon...

    0 by Elena Sofia, in What to see Berlin, 2 days ago
  • Salzburg

    When I was 16 I went to Austria for a semester, and I had the best time ever! I lived in Upper Austria, in a very small town, but fortunately trains connect the whole Country magnificently, and this gave me the chance to travel a lot.  I didn't have much money to go...

    0 by Elena Sofia, in What to see Salzburg, 2 days ago
  • Oficina Brennand

    A magic place! Without any doubt, this is one of my favourite places on Earth.  It is really simplistic to talk about it as an art gallery, because this is a whole piece of territory - a sort of neighborhood - filled with the artworks of just one man: Francisco...

    0 by Elena Sofia, in What to see Recife, 2 days ago
  • Parque Europa

    Source The 'Europa Park' is located 20 km from Madrid in 'Torrejón de Ardoz'. Europa Park is a complex park of more than 23 hectares, built in an area where there was once very rundown buildings. Today it is a beautiful park where families can spend the day, from the...

    0 by Aamena, in What to see Madrid, 3 days ago
  • Caffeine Coffee to Go

    A day without coffee is... not as good as a day with a cup of coffee in your hand!  I used to work there and it is indeed a nice place tho! I started as client... Actually they opened with a "coffee taste day" as brand new start and I was so excited about, let's say, a...

    0 by Brandy, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Cluj-Napoca, 4 days ago
  • Kebab King

    What is it about this time? The time to talk about the type of food which with difference is repeated most in Granada after tapas places of course. I am talking about something that was already key to explain, the how they function here, how are the places in which...

    0 by Aamena, in Where to eat Granada, 5 days ago
  • Les caves de Cornillon

    'Les caves de Cornillon' is a function room available to rent for evening events. They host lots of different events, from new year's celebrations to faculty nights (biology, history, sciences etc. ), as well as electro and DJ nights etc. The place, made up of old...

    0 by Jamie, in Erasmus party Liege, 5 days ago
  • The Stable

    Source The Stable in Bristol is a really cool Pizzeria! It really has some delicious pizzas, I don't know about you but I am a fan of thin pizzas with lots of toppings! It is incredible, they have combinations that make you say "but does that actually taste good? ",...

    0 by Evie, in Where to eat Bristol, 5 days ago
  • Bosco Verticale

    Bosco Verticale is one of the landmarks in Milan. I first heard about it from a friend. She told me that it is a must seen building in Milan for an interior architect. I went to Porta Garibaldi railway station. When you get out of the station you see these two green...

    0 by İklime, in What to see Milan, 5 days ago

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