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Erasmus places

  • Race Point Ligthouse

    The Race Point Lighthouse opens for touring on the first and third Saturdays from June until October. You can get to the lighthouse by walking or your own four-wheel drive vehicle with the proper permit; we do not provide public transportation for the tower...

    0 by Fatma, in What to see Americus, 4 days ago
  • Pub Crawl Paris

    This is a must when visiting Paris! What a fun experience! There were about 30-40 people in our group and our host Maria took care of everyone and always made sure no one was left behind when moving from one pub to another. We visited 2 pubs and 2 nightclubs. I loved...

    0 by Romain, in Erasmus party Paris, one month ago
  • Takadanobaba

    The welcome party took place in a Japanese cultural context, the architecture of the place was dated back to the imperial period. it's the school of many members of the imperial family, including the current emperor as well as the crown prince. It counts celebrities...

    0 by THINHINANE, in Erasmus party Tokyo, 4 months ago
  • 100 Montaditos

    Hello! The post about cheap places to eat and drink is quite good in my opinion, but I think that in Madrid there are much better places than "la Sureña" or "100 Montaditos", which continue to be bars that you can find in almost any provincial capital (especially 100...

    0 by Mike, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Madrid, 6 months ago

    International Labour OrganizationThe inside view of the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization (ITCILO), an innovative United Nations campus based in Turin, Italy. In 2014, the ITCILO earned an EcoCampus award from the Foundation for...

    0 by Parimita, in What to do Turin, 6 months ago
  • Dores Beach

    Dores Beach is one of the best viewpoints of Loch Ness - from here you can see all the way down the famous Loch and you will see why this is a favourite spot for anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of Nessie!A visit to Dores Beach can be combined with a circular walk along...

    0 by Deepak, in What to see Loch Ness, 8 months ago
  • Bursa

    Bursa is a beautiful, unique, and very mysterious city unlike istanbul, the merchants do not force you to buy so you have time to enjoy and wander around there are disturbing places including mosques but cafes, fountains, and dark places but full of stories the food is...

    0 by NAWEL, in What to see Bursa, 8 months ago
  • Muhammad Afzan

    I found Klaipèda city like my home  city. I can do everything freely like Lithuanian people. Now i am student here in Klaipèda and studying in MARITIME TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY in Lithuanian Maritime Academy. I hope this course have a fruitful benefits in...

    0 by Azan, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Klaipeda, 9 months ago
  • Plantjesmaarkt Janskerhof

    Every Saturday, from 8am until 5pm, there is a market of plants in the place of Janskerhof in the city center of Utrecht. These days, for the winter and for Christmas, Christmas trees are offered! The atmosphere is amazing, the place is magical and it is a beautiful...

    0 by Candie, in What to see Utrecht, 10 months ago
  • Kafka Kafe

    You can drink your hot wine by the wood stove in a historical place and join a very warm conversation.  You can practice English on certain days of the week.  They are very particular about cocktails and food. It hosts various parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

    0 by Emrullah, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Istanbul, 10 months ago
  • Crispy Soul

    Crispy Soul is a streetfood restaurant. On the menu, delicious home made waffle or bun burgers with fried chicken and french fries.It's a nice place to chill and to eat some amazing food in a 90s atmosphere.The staff is very welcoming and close to the customers.So if...

    0 by Oulfa, in Where to eat Paris, 10 months ago
  • Hamman Palma

    I have recently visited the Arab baths of Hamman Palma and I want to recommend them because it is a very special and beautiful place. I took some friends who have come to visit and they loved it. I think it is an original place to go with friends or family to enjoy an...

    0 by Jasmin, in What to do Palma de Mallorca, one year ago
  • HANGAR - Artistic Research Center

    HANGAR is a place where you can meet a lot of creative people, have a good discussion during lunch, visit and experience urban art and be productive at the co-working place. Why do I know? I was there as an intern for three month in 2019 :-)

    0 by Maximilian, in What to see Lisbon, one year ago
  • Indoor Climbing

    Nice indoor climbing place for both bouldering and toproping/lead climbing. The boulderroutes that are placed usually stay for 3 à 4 weeks. Mostly non dynamic routes but recently the amount of dynamic routes has increased. All difficulties can be found, ideal to go...

    0 by Lukas, in What to do Ghent, one year ago
  • Frankfurt

    I've been travelling around Germany for two months this summer. I did a volunteer as hostel staff, I have never done a volunteer before so I didn't know what to expect about it but I truly recommend it. I met people all around the world, I have learned so many things...

    0 by Ariana, in What to see Berlin, one year ago
  • Teotihuacan

    I acumplished a dream that was travelling to Mexico in 2016. It was really thrilling! I love Latin culture! The Mexican gastronomy is awesome! People are very curious about foreign culture and the capital is very welcoming, clean with a nice temperature on winter. The...

    0 by Igor, in What to see México, D.F., one year ago
  • Juliet's House

    Enjoying the love My emotional state in the summer of 2013 was uncertain, I was alone but enjoying solitude and friendship, travelling across Europe, endearing adventures from any perspective, however, let's go! I found myself in what I consider the most romantic city,...

    0 by Freya, in What to do Verona, one year ago
  • Pére Lachaise Cemetery

    Père-Lachaise cemetery is the biggest in Paris and is located in the East of the city. Perhaps it seems strange to you that I am writing about a cemetery but in reality, a lot of people use it as a park. The cemetery is open to the public and inside there are a lot of...

    0 by George, in What to see Paris, one year ago
  • Topography of Terror

    Topography of Terror is a museum in the centre of Berlin. It contains documents and photos detailing how Germany planned the extermination of the Jews in Europe as well as other actions during The Second World War. The museum is located where the headquarters of the...

    0 by George, in What to see Berlin, one year ago
  • The Jewish Museum in Berlin

    In this post I will talk about one of the museums which I liked and which has impacted me the most. It’s peculiar design, a deformed star of David generated by the joining together of historical points of the city, caused controversy at the time. It can be found in...

    0 by George, in What to see Berlin, one year ago

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