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Erasmus places

  • Japanese Tower, Chinese Pavilion and Museum of Japanese Art

    My first point of contact with this odd place was during my first trip to Amsterdam on the bus - I loved admiring the landscape whilst travelling. Who knew? It's another way to discover new things and so on that occasion... I made out some buildings which caught my...

    0 by Ross, in What to see Brussels, 13 hours ago
  • National Botanical Gardens

    Anybody starts to become accustomed to the heat after spending a week in the Dominican Republic. We've gone several times to Arroya Hondo to visit family and during the journey, I saw a largely green area, which looked like a jungle. They told me that it was where the...

    0 by Ross, in What to do Santo Domingo, 15 hours ago
  • Parque del Buen Retiro (Retiro Park)

    The largest green space in Madrid is the garden of Buen Retiro, allowing you to walk and enjoy the greenery, the flowers, or the lake. I went twice, the first time in January and the other in April, and unfortunately, each time proved to be very cold. This did not...

    0 by Jacie, in What to see Madrid, 1 day ago
  • Monserrate Mountain

    In Colombia, there are a lot of things to see and to do. Because in each country, the most beautiful landscapes are seen when you go to other places, whereas in the capital, you can enjoy another type of tourism which is less ecological, less showy and a little more...

    0 by Ross, in What to do Santafé de Bogotá, 2 days ago
  • 'Babel'- Café bar (Cáceres)

    Café bar specialized in funk, groove, soul, and electronic music, with a great menu of delicious loose teas, pancakes, and natural milkshakes, and amazing parties at night with DJ and exhibition hall. It opens from Tuesday to Saturday at 18:00 hours.

    0 by Desi, in Erasmus party Cáceres, 2 days ago
  • Karaoke 'Mikro'

    A different place where you can have a great night Show you're a star and the talent you've got hidden. Have fun singing or seeing how others do it. Songs in eight languages. A different way of enjoying. If you come, you'll repeat! We celebrate birthdays, thematic...

    0 by Desi, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Sevilla, 7 days ago
  • The Ledbury

    Everything about amazing and great food at The Ledbur. Everything was very nice, warm welcome, the complete absence of any pretentiousness. Every food was served professionally especially the dessert! Great location as well and also the price of food was very normal and...

    0 by Adam, in Where to eat London, 8 days ago
  • Lilli

    Located in the heart and sole of Rome, Lilli is one of the best roman trattorias that exist. A trattoria is a classic roman restaurant that is very easy and casual, who doesn’t pay much attention to the décor. Instead all their attention goes to their cooking and the...

    0 by Lucrezia, in Where to eat Rome, 10 days ago
  • Il desiderio preso per la coda

    Il Desiderio Preso per la Coda is a hidden restaurant located in Rome’s old town centre amongst the little alleys. The hidden aspect really makes of this place an undiscovered treasure, unknown by many. However the idea of the restaurant arose in 1986, where the...

    0 by Lucrezia, in Where to eat Rome, 10 days ago
  • The Taco King

    Montreal is one of the cities which has left the biggest impression on me. I went there when I went travelling for the first time to a foreign country during summer 2010. The four weeks that I spent there were enough for me to be able to fall in love with this city. I...

    0 by Ross, in Where to eat Montreal, 12 days ago
  • Park of the Reserve

    Hello to all the visitors and lovers of Lima! I hope that each and every one of you are good. Now that the sun is coming to Lima, there is no better opportunity to wander round the streets at night and enjoy a light show which leaves everyone marvelling at their colours...

    0 by Ross, in What to see Lima, 12 days ago
  • The Jean Talon Market

    This market is another of the places worth visiting in Montreal. It is named this in honour of the first mayor (meaning governor) of the New France (as the province of Quebec was named during the French invasion, just like Mexico was the New Spain, they were the New...

    0 by Beth, in What to see Montreal, 13 days ago
  • Belgrade Forest

    Belgarde forest lies on outskirts of Istanbul in Sariyer district. History books say it used to home Greeks in olden days. Of many things, the forest is known for edible and toxic mushrooms both. I had visited the forest in hope for photographing this beautiful gift to...

    0 by Rameez, in What to see Istanbul, 18 days ago
  • Pyramids of Giza

    When we talk about Egypt, the first place to come to mind are the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt. We picture these enormous pyramids in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sand and desert... all that is just a myth. The pyramids of Giza are found in one of the...

    0 by Ross, in What to see Cairo, 19 days ago
  • Alabaster Mosque

    Without a doubt, one of the most surprising places in this enormous city. It seems doubtful that in such a chaotic city as Cairo, whose death rate relating to traffic accidents is the highest in the world (it's insanity, I can assure you), can have such a marvellous...

    0 by Ross, in What to see Cairo, 19 days ago
  • Le Meislocker

    It's a typically Alsatian restaurant next to the place Saint-Etienne in Strasbourg where you eat very well. Its young chef welcomes you warmly into his restaurant, in simmering you up some delicious dishes. Having been during the Christmas period, I was entitled to a...

    0 by Beth, in Where to eat Strasbourg, 20 days ago
  • The Valencian Fallas

    On a rainy Thursday during the month of March, it was time to go to the most famous festival of Valencia: 'las Fallas'! We quickly realised the scale of the event which was yet to be known to us on this day: the sounds of fireworks, the streets jam-packed with people...

    0 by Beth, in What to see Valencia, 20 days ago
  • Oceanográfic

    Situated in the City of Arts and Sciences, this space was a real discovery. Firstly, the place is made exceptional by the architecture of the exterior white buildings, designed by Felix Candela; as well as the surrounding water basins. The museum that precedes Europe's...

    0 by Beth, in What to do Valencia, 20 days ago
  • The Sahara Desert

    A night in the Sahara Desert I think this is one of the most exotic trips of my life, full of adventure and landscapes which I had never seen before, a real treasure which I will remember for the rest of my life. I visited Morocco in November 2013, the weather was...

    0 by Ross, in What to see Marrakesh, 20 days ago
  • Gothic quarter

    Gothic Quarter is a small area full of Gothic buildings in the city centre. It took me only 15 minutes to walk around this area. And the picture below is the Cathedral of Barcelona. It costs a few euros to get inside (so I didn't enter). And there are a few museums...

    0 by L, in What to see Barcelona, 22 days ago

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