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Erasmus places

  • Saint Stephen's Basilica

    Back in the Philippines, I used to attend mass almost every weekend. This religious commitment of mine continues even when I transferred to Budapest. This is not to convey the impression that I was such a religious devotee, but that it was a family undertaking during...

    0 by Rhomir, in What to do Budapest, 16 hours ago
  • Buda Hill Castle

    It was October 2017 and I was almost a month already to Budapest. My classes had already started. My first month was a bit busy complying with the administrative stuff of my settling in the city. I did apply for my residence permit, bought a Hungarian sim card at...

    0 by Rhomir, in What to do Budapest, 20 hours ago
  • L'Arc de Triomphe

    The archway with a height of 49,546 meters is the most powerful triumphal arch in the world.When Napoleon Bonaparte won the Austrian War of Independence,the triumphal arch in Paris resolved to swing triumph over the arc de triomphe to Holme Shaoy.The arc is decorated...

    0 by Karine, in What to see Paris, 2 days ago
  • Citadella

    During my entire semester of stay in Budapest, one of the best places that left an indelible impressions to my mind, if not the best place ever, is the Gellert Hill Citadel, more popularly known among locals as "Citadella." If I were to count the number of times I have...

    0 by Rhomir, in What to see Budapest, 2 days ago
  • Notre-Dame de Paris

    The legendary Notre-Dame de Paris, sung by Victor Hugo in the novel of the same name,is located in the 4th district of the French capital, in the eastern part of the island of Cité.It is the geographical center of not only Paris,but all of France.There are always a lot...

    0 by Karine, in What to see Paris, 3 days ago
  • Muncher House

    It was by chance that we came across this restaurant, but we left totally happy, waiting for them to open more chains in this country. Description Mucher House is located on the second floor of Monterrey square. The square has a famous view 'Cerro de la Silla', a well...

    0 by Sophie, in Where to eat Monterrey, 3 days ago
  • Gelateria La Romana

    I´m from Portugal and I was in Turim during 6 months with the Erasmus programme. During that period at least once/twice a week I couldn´t resist going to Gelateria La Romana, usually the one in Via Madama Cristina. That´s why I gain a few pounds during those...

    0 by Andreia, in Where to eat Turin, 3 days ago
  • El Puerto Marina

    El Puerto Marina at Lingayen The province of Pangasinan in the Philippines is a popular destination for a great number of tourists because of its beautiful beaches. The famous Hundred Islands National Park in Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan and the white sand beaches of...

    0 by Rhomir, in What to see Alaminos, 3 days ago
  • Vie étudiante à Bethnal

    Bright & Decent 3 double rooms avilable now in same 6 bedroom flat in brick lane with double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawer & study table.7 mins walk from Bethnal Green Overground station & Whitechapel station.Very close to all local shops & amenities...

    0 by Mariam, in Where to sleep London, 4 days ago
  • Budapest

    New in Budapest? Get to Know the Great Market Hall One of the first things that I typically consider when I stay for a week or two in a certain city is the proximity of my apartment or hotel to the market or shopping center and the city's metro station where I can buy...

    0 by Rhomir, in What to see Budapest, 4 days ago
  • Ladurée Champs-Elysées

    I think most of you have already heard about this beautiful cafe in Paris but I want to also say something . Paris have 4 Cafe de Flores in whole city as I saw and searched for it. And whenever you go this cafes , you have to wait for a long queue to get a macaron. And...

    0 by Gülşen, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Paris, 5 days ago
  • Du Pain et des Idées

    Yes , it is literally the best one. It was with almond and huge. You can have it for 3.50 Euros and it would worth it believe me! And also you should try escargot with red fruits. But you should catch it because it can be sold out the one which is with red fruits....

    0 by Gülşen, in Where to eat Paris, 6 days ago
  • Trattoria da Bruna & Sandro

    Sometimes living abroad is hard. It is quite difficult to make friends, or maybe your University isn't what you expected it to be. At the beginning, things are quite tough to handle and you need to find a cozy place where you can actually feel like you're at home, even...

    0 by Cristian, in Where to eat Milan, 6 days ago
  • El Rincón de los Faroles

    I have discovered a tapas bar, located next to the Merced campus, on the square with the pillars. It's on the left-hand side when you get to the square from the direction of the university entrance or from plaza Santo Domingo. The outside space does not say much about...

    0 by Daniela, in Where to eat Murcia, 6 days ago
  • St. Peter's Church

    On our first full day in the city of Munich, my family headed via the underground metro to see the famous Rathaus (the old town hall), with its playful, moving clock and gorgeous architecture. Across from the Rathaus is an old church, St. Peter's Church to be exact. It...

    0 by Kaelin, in What to see Munich, 7 days ago
  • Botanical Garden

    It is not just trees and pretty flowers. It is also research, history through building and bunkers. A trip through exotic exploration, poinsen lavishness, healing ingredients from jungles to commen remidies. Place for walking, talking, for running, and a place for...

    0 by Mia, in What to do Kaunas, 7 days ago
  • Cafe Nutid

    If you are low on those expensive Danish Crones but can't help getting a fresh brew of coffee go visit cafe Nutid! This cafe features two floors, an extensive list of board games, retro interieur design, weekly cultural events AND an ever growing equipe of sweet...

    0 by Jelle, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Copenhagen, 7 days ago
  • Liège

    With the festive season approaching, we say 'goodbye' to the Liege Fair and 'hello' to the Christmas market. The Liege Christmas market is more precisely a Christmas village. It is divided into several sections since there is a Christmas market on the cathedral's...

    0 by Michael, in What to see Liege, 7 days ago
  • Bournemouth Park

    Bournemouth Park... In the centre of Bournemouth, you will find a large green open space, called Lower Gardens. This park has four entrances, from which there are marked paths that meet in the middle, forming a cross. It's a calm and very tidy area, where you can relax,...

    0 by Daniela, in What to see Bournemouth, 7 days ago
  • Waterpark

    Huge water attractions, a lot of people and sun. Those things you can find in water park "Lido" I recommended in 100% !

    0 by Paulina, in What to do Irakleion, 8 days ago

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