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  • Calle Betis (Betis Street)

    Betis Street is a place where you can do a multitude of things, as this street that links the districts of 'Triana' and 'Los Remedios' has it all. You can enjoy a paella in any of the restaurants, dance in the clubs, go for a few drinks or simply have a stroll...

    0 by Alex, 2 years ago
  • The Guadalquivir River

    I stumbled across this article as if by magic, and straight away all those unforgettable memories of my time in the area around the Guadalquivir River came bubbling to the surface in my mind. It didn´t matter whether you started at 4 in the afternoon or 8 at night: in...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • iele spanish academia de español

    IELE is a Spanish language school located in Seville, Spain with over 18 years of experience. Throughout this time, we have developed a teaching program designed to meet the needs of each student. We are happy to note that this method of teaching the Spanish language...

    0 by Lala, 5 years ago
  • Isla Mágica

    The trip to Sevilla started early in the morning, in the front of the hotel at 6. 30 in Marbella. The guide of the Romanian tourists eager to see the capital of the historical, cultural, artistic and financial standing of Andalusia, Seville. The road started in the dark...

    0 by Patricia, 6 years ago

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