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    Erasmus Experience in Athens, UoA, student Experience in Athens, Greece

    Moving to Athens was the most challenging and scariest part of my Erasmus journey, mostly because Athens is different than the other European cities. I passed through a lot of problems at the beginning but they all were valuable experiences in the end. In this article,...

    0 by Afnan, in Erasmus experiences UOA 7 days ago
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    Experience in La Paz, Mexico by MARLENE

    What do you think of La Paz as a place to live? Do you recommend it? How is it? I like living in La Paz because is a quiet place with dunes, mountains and very clean and beautiful beaches where you can dive and see thousands of marine species. There are also clubs to go...

    0 by Ana, in Erasmus experiences La Paz 8 days ago
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    Many years ago I lived in Canada

    I studied high school in Canada, experience the best years ofy life, a really friendly community that encouragea you to open up and they accept you as part of their own. Going to school was the greatest joys of my life and during those days and I learn a lot about being...

  • 9 / 10 points

    Ramon Llull University

    I would like to share the facts about my university, which has been a solid springboard into my adult and successful life - the Ramon Llull University.Ramón Llull University, founded in 1990, is a non-profit private institution of higher education located in the large...

    0 by Gabriella, in Erasmus experiences Barcelona 15 days ago
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    Experiences in

    Why did you choose to go to Belfast ? Because i wanted to improve my English and also had the urge to explore new things in another country.  First impression?  The weather has its own mood, changes very quickly from a shiny and sunny day to a heavy rainy day.  What...

    0 by Khanhvy, in Erasmus experiences Belfast 17 days ago
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    What is the language like?

    Even though I thought I had a good level of English before coming, it was hard adapting to the language for the first few days. They have a very strong accent, especially in the districts Holyland and City Centre. They also have certain words and their own local...

    0 by Elisa, in Erasmus experiences Belfast 17 days ago
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    Como di Lago_ A Gem in the North of Italy

    I have lived in Como as a student from 2011 to 2014. It was truly the best years of my life. I studied Management Engineering in Politecnico di Milano - Como campus. The landscape scores 10/10 in addition to quality education and great time getting along with students...

    0 by Mohammadmahdi, in Erasmus experiences Como 27 days ago
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    Antonio's Erasmus Experience in Dublin, Ireland

    Why did you choose to go to Dublin, Ireland? It sounds a bit cliché but I ended up there through pure chance. I’m an Erasmus student and amongst all the destinations you can choose, Dublin was one of them. Although it wasn’t my first choice, nowadays I consider it...

    0 by George, in Erasmus experiences Dublin one month ago
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    Au pair in San Francisco

    When I was 17 I wanted to see other parts of the world. So, I decided to be an au pair for a few months in San Francisco. It was the first time I left Europe. It was a great way for me to travel with limited funding. I discovered an amazing city with great people. I met...

    0 by Léa, in Erasmus experiences San Francisco one month ago
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    Advice for (Erasmus) students in Santander

    What do you think about living in Santander? Would you recommend it? What's it like? An all-inclusive city. Peaceful if you're looking for a bit of peace and quiet, but there's lots of things to do. 100% recommended for those that want to get away from overcrowded...

    0 by Victoria, in Erasmus experiences Santander one month ago
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    Independence day of KYRGYZSTAN

    Today, on 31 August the independence day celebrations held in Bishkek. An awesome view band sight worth seeing. Really enjoyed this. previously I was in china on 2019 when their new year celebrations hels. But this time its awesome. I am moving there in September and...

    0 by ali, in Erasmus experiences Bishkek one month ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Expérience Erasmus à Paris, France par Khaled

    Why did you choose to go to Paris, France? I am a civil engineer, I work in a company that has many branches in Africa and North Africa. Last year, I received a professional grant to study some work related to soil and earthquakes in Bucharest. In Romania and this...

    0 by Khaled, in Erasmus experiences Paris one month ago
  • 6 / 10 points

    Erasmus in Berlin

    I have been in Berlin for two months, doing an Erasmus internship at an Italian magazine in the city. Despite the corona virus, I decided to do the Erasmus internship and it was an unexpected experience. I had the opportunity to go to work every day, but many places...

    0 by Francesca, in Erasmus experiences Berlin one month ago
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    Berlin  Certainly, a vibrant city which has much to offer in so many aspects. Culturally so diverse and people are so welcoming.  No gender, race or even religion doesn't matter. Just be you and an unbelievable to make get in touch with foreign people, making new...

    0 by Engin, in Erasmus experiences HWR 2 months ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Cristina's Experience in Moscow, Russia

    What do you think of Moscow as a place to live? Would you recommend it? How is it? Moscow is a metropolis. What I love about the city is that you can find anything at any time. Are you feeling hungry at 2am? No problem! Order a takeaway. (The most common are sushi or...

    0 by George, in Erasmus experiences Moscow 2 months ago
  • 7 / 10 points

    Erasmus Experience in Leuven, Belgium by Valeria

    Why did you choose to go to Leuven, Belgium? I found a job hereHow long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? NAWhat is the student lifestyle like in Leuven? lots of party, lots of beer, picnics, parksWould you recommend the...

    0 by Valeria, in Erasmus experiences Leuven 2 months ago
  • 8 / 10 points

    Teresa's Experience in Bilbao, Spain

    Source What's it like to live in Bilbao? Would you recommend it? I have lived in Bilbao for 4 years and truthfully, it is a convenient city because it's not so big meaning you can go anywhere by foot . But for those of us more on the lazy side, there is always the...

    0 by George, in Erasmus experiences Bilbao 2 months ago
  • 10 / 10 points

    Pinar's Erasmus Experience in Izmir, Turkey

    Source What is it like to live in Izmir? Would you recommend it? What's it like? As someone coming from Spain, it reminds me of Barcelona. What is the student lifestyle like in Izmir? Magnificent. How much does it cost to live in Izmir? It depends on the person and...

    0 by George, in Erasmus experiences Izmir 2 months ago
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    Sara's Erasmus Experience in Florence, Italy

    Source Why did you choose to go to Florence, Italy? Because I think it's a city which has a lot to offer especially in relation to my career prospects. Out of all the available options, this one seemed to fit best what I was looking for. How long is the scholarship? How...

    0 by George, in Erasmus experiences Florence 2 months ago
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    There are 5 universities in Konya, which is located in central anatolia and is an important tourism, education, industry and agriculture center of Turkey. The city has more 100 museums, mosques, historical and natural places worth seeing. Sille is a historical...

    0 by MEHMET, in Erasmus experiences Konya 2 months ago

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