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Erasmus+ traineeship in Emycet

Published by flag- Eibhia — one month ago

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I completed a 6 month traineeship in Emycet Viajes. These past 6 months have been incredible. Granada is a city like no other.  It has a rich history and is home to Spains most famous monument- The Alhamabra. The city is not overwhelmingly big and busy but there is always something to do! In my opinion, it is by far the most beautful city in all fo Spain and possiblly all of Europe! In Granada the social life is un-matched, the food is fantastic (free tapas with every drink!) and the prices in general are very reasonable. With Emycet, I have had the opportunity to travel around Spain, Portugal and even Morocco! I got an insight into how a travel agency in Spain operates and learned a lot about the Spanish Tourism Sector. I particpated in the planning and running of local events that were organsied espeically for International Students in Granada. I was also involved with promotional activities, marketing campaigns and content creation for social media platforms.  I got to witness behind the scenes and was very involved with organising large-scale events such as the popular Emycet trip to "Carnaval de Cadiz". I made unforgetttable memories during my time at Emycet and made friends for life! This traineeship is perfect for someone with a lot of energy, who loves meeting people and wants to make life-long memories! I would highly reccommend other students to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a traineeship in Emycet Viajes in Granada. 

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