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  • Car Rental Tips

    So you’re participating in Erasmus for a semester in a different country and want to experience all that it has to offer. It’s natural to assume that as a student, renting a car isn’t an option for you. Au contraire, renting a car may be the way to make use of...

    0 by Juan, in General 4 years ago
  • Prima volta nel mondo del lavoro? Ecco alcuni consigli per il vostro CV

    Quali sono i passaggi fondamentali nella vita di un candidato che si affaccia da poco al mondo del lavoro? Un quesito che si saranno posti in molti una volta terminati gli studi, soprattutto nella fase di realizzazione del consueto curriculum vitae da...

    1 by Juan, in General 4 years ago
  • 5 reasons why being an au pair is definitely worth it

    You want to go abroad, get to know a new culture and language but you‘re not quite sure how to do it? Maybe being an au pair would be just the right option for you? Here are 5 reasons why being an au pair is definitely worth it. 1. All-inclusive-package: A new...

    0 by Juan, in General 4 years ago
  • 5 lessons to get top marks in your Erasmus Programme

    If you are wondering whether you should go on an Erasmus Programme or not, then it’s definitely time to go. Passing this grant with top marks is easier than you think. And if you believe it’s simply another word for having a good time… you might be right....

    0 by Juan, in General 5 years ago
  • 10 Most Popular Backpacker Accommodation in London

    London is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that lures you in with its fascinating mix of cultural attractions and iconic landmarks, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. Its multicultural neighbourhoods are home to world-class museums and cutting-edge restaurants, where you...

    0 by Juan, in General 5 years ago
  • Earn Some Extra Money Easily: How Much Do Translation Services Cost?

    The question of money is always essential for all categories of people. Students are the grouping that needs it the most. Education is not chargeless and it is needed to pay for it. Even if a student has the desired grant, he or she would still have other requirements...

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • 10 Reasons to Visit Miami (Florida)

    Magic City's charms are a secret to no-one. The beaches, Latin flavour, neighbourhoods, lifestyle and cityscape have all been burned into our minds by TV, movies and even video games. There are miles and miles of pale sandy shore, where you can see and be seen, or just...

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • How to survive during your Erasmus with Linguago

    If you obtained an Erasmus scholarship and you have the possibility to continue your studies abroad and to live an amazing experience that probably will change your life. Are you excited? Yes! And scared to death too. Well, don’t worry, it's normal to be scared before...

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • The best study material for all students from Amsterdam EduTech startup

    Studies can be pretty stressful, when you have deadlines for projects, essays and of course exams. Sometimes you can even miss a class and then you have to ask your fellow classmates for their notes. is there to give you a helping hand during your studies....

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • 6 ways to improve your language skills for free

    The polyglot world is becoming more and more competitive, so anything you can do to give yourself the edge, accelerate the learning process and improve your language skills is a great idea, even more if it's for free. There are countless little ways in which to improve...

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • 7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to The United States

    The Western world seems to be dominated by Americana. We watch American television shows and movies, we buy American products, and we follow American celebrities as obsessively as we do our own. So you’d be excused for thinking life in America is no different than...

    1 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • It’s time to move with Packlink into your Erasmus experience

    It's time to discover! New friends, new culture, a new city ... and you must be equipped with all what you need. Why choosing what to take, if you can have everything you need? The Erasmus shipments had never been so easy :) Increasingly, young people are opting for...

    0 by Juan, in General 6 years ago
  • Learn languages with the online courses from Lingoda

    Every student that wants to enjoy the Erasmus experience and spend a year studying abroad, will have to face the challenge of surviving in a foreign country, especially when it comes to attending lectures, dealing with administrative procedures, and socializing in a...

    0 by Juan, in General 7 years ago
  • Student Accommodation: What You Should Consider as a Freshman

    First of all, congratulations on making it into college! You know you’re in and it’s time to pack your bags. Of course, you’ll need to adjust to a new set of bearings and get a place to live in. It is for this reason that we’ve prepared our guide on choosing...

    0 by Juan, in General 7 years ago
  • Making things easy. That's what's complicated.

    Amena en casa: Faster than broadband. Cheaper than fibre optic. Get Amena en Casa now, the most innovative solution for surfing at home with 4G speed.  Easy to install, no complications, no fuss... Do you have a socket in your house? Then that's all there is to...

    0 by Juan, in General 7 years ago
  • Learn Spanish Cuisine with "Erasmus en la Cocina"

    In Spain there is an expression: "you do not know a culture of a country if you do not taste their food" :) Gastronomy as a cultural manifestation of a country, it´s part of a trip that we should never lose sight of. Based on this idea has arisen Erasmus en la...

    0 by Juan, in General 8 years ago
  • Setting yourself up for success in Erasmus with the IELTS and TOEFL exams

    Adding an Erasmus experience to your academic career gives you a more rounded perception of your education and of the world in general. You get the opportunity to further your studies in another school, and, of course, to make friends from all over the world and settle...

    0 by Juan, in General 8 years ago
  • How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    Finally, it’s all done. All the paperwork is completed and for the next year you’re going to study in another country. This is definitely going to be one of the best experiences of your life so you need to make sure that the best moments you’re spending there are...

    2 by Juan, in General 8 years ago
  • Do you have too much luggage? Ship it internationally with Eurosender!

    Packing only ten T-Shirts, two pair of Jeans and one pair of shoes in order to avoid high excess baggage fees, sounds familiar? On the other hand, you can end up paying a small fortune if you want to take all your belongings with you and be charged up to 20€ per kg...

    16 by Juan, in General 8 years ago
  • Want to meet people and have fun in your new city? Join InterNations for free!

    What is the point in renting a room above the Seine, only to watch the autumnal leaves gently wilt into water from the window? Or to enroll at the Saint Petersburg State University and yet never look upon the Winter Palace or Saint Isaac’s Cathedral? Erasmus students...

    0 by Juan, in General 8 years ago

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