It’s time to move with Packlink into your Erasmus experience

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It's time to discover! New friends, new culture, a new city ... and you must be equipped with all what you need.

Why choosing what to take, if you can have everything you need? The Erasmus shipments had never been so easy :)

Increasingly, young people are opting for comfortable and affordable formulas to convert the move house into a simple anecdote. Let us know introduce you who will be your best partner: Packlink

Packlink is the best online solution for all your shipping needs. You can send your luggage, sports equipment, books, clothes... Almost everything you need to take back home. 

There are numerous advantages of using Packlink as an online comparison shipments: 

  • Compare shipments before preparing the package will let you to save both money and time. Through our simulators and comparators rates you can view the list of services for your Erasmus shipments. 
  • Follow the order from start to finish and know which carrier will handle transport are the key to success. 

How does it work?

  1. Enter the details of your shipment
  2. Compare prices and services
  3. Pay online, print your labels and ship it! 

Start enjoying your Erasmus experience with Packlink!

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