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  • Roommate

    Looking for accommodation in milan

    Hi!! I’m 22 years old from India. I’m going to be studying at Istituto Marangoni starting Feb 2018. I’m looking for a room in an apartment that i’d like to share with likeminded people. I’m easy to live with and I love socialising, eating incredible food,...

    in Roommates Milan, 52 minutes ago
  • Roommate

    Brazilian boy, no smoking, cool and funny, looking for room

    Im looking for a organized place to live, single room, but with cool people, that enjoy activities like sports or travelling around and party at weekends, and may help me know the city and emprove my spanish, and maybe english. Im on my third college, i already...

    in Roommates Jaen, one hour ago
  • Forum

    Polimoda 2018

    Hi there, is anyone else attending polimoda in January 2018?

    by Temi in Erasmus forum Florencia, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    31 year old female looking for accommodation in Liguria, Genoa.

    I am a friendly, fun loving English speaking female. I have stayed in Genoa previously for 3 months and I really loved it. I will be returning in December and staying with friends but would like to find a space of my own from January. I am an introverted extrovert, so...

    in Roommates Genoa, one hour ago
  • Roommate

    21 Year old student, female, looking for accomodation in Rouen, France, from January 2018- July 2018

    My name is Mariana Delgado, I´m 21 years old, and I´m looking for accomodation in Rouen, France. I'm looking for a place with kind and easy to talk to roomates. I'm very clean, I like to cook, read, dance, go out frequently, meet new people, and learn new languages,...

    in Roommates Rouen, 3 hours ago
  • Blog

    EA also strongly requested FIFA 18 players to comply with the principles

    FIFA 18 Ultimate Aggregation is this year’s adaptation of the now gigantic bold approach in which players body a band of basal football stars and attempt adjoin added teams. In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Aggregation adviser we’ll accord you the anniversary on all the...

    0 by ififa in General, 5 hours ago
  • Experience

    Carlotta's Erasmus experience in Timişoara, Romania

    Why did you choose to go to Timişoara, Romania? Because going to a country as curious as Romania seemed exotic to me, and because the city's location on the map is exceptional. It's very close to Serbia and Hungary. It's great for tourism. Another thing which attracted...

  • Accommodation

    Apartment is available 01/12/2017 to 31/01/2018

    Dear All, Short Term Accommodation available (ladies only) for 60 days! Fully Furnished 34qm Apartment. Washing Machine(coin operated), Fridge, Bed with Mattress and much more. Period :- . Location :- 5 mins walk from kettenbrückengasse station. U4.Bus connections - 2...

    in Studios Vienna, 5 hours ago
  • Roommate

    22 year old male student, looking for accommodation in Milan, near Bocconi University from Jan to July 2018.

    I am a 22 year old mexican male, I am great at cooking, enthusiast conversationist and I am excited about getting new experiences and meeting new people; I speak spanish, english and will be learning italian. I will be attending Bocconi University on an exchange program...

    in Roommates Milan, 6 hours ago
  • Place

    Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala

    Portugal is known for its unique cuisine. Evora is no different. When you're visiting the city there are some things you must eat! Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala is the best place to try portuguese sweets in Evora. It is a traditional bakery that sells the most...

    by Ethel in Where to eat Evora, 6 hours ago
  • Place

    Igreja de São Francisco

    São Francisco church is the second biggest church in Evora. It is located near Praça do Giraldo and the public garden and it has many secrets. It is a church like many others from the 17th century - with a main aisle, an altar and many religous images. It also has...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 7 hours ago
  • Place

    Palacio Dom Manuel

    Inside Evora's public garden there is a small castle, or a Palace, built by the portuguese royal family as a country house. It has a different architecture from other buildings in the city, with scupted archs and cute towers.  It is a place open for visitations and...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 7 hours ago
  • Place

    Praça do Giraldo

    If you want to get to know Evora, Praça do Giraldo (Giraldo's square in English) is a great place to begin. It is located in the heart of the city, 5 minute (or less) walk from all the most important attractions - as well as restaurants and souvenir stores.  The...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 7 hours ago
  • Place

    Catedral de Evora

    The Catedral de Évora, or Evora's Cathedral in English, is the most important church in the Alentejo region in Portugal. It was built in the 12th century and it represents the reconquer of christianity in the country, after a great period of Arab empire. Recently, it...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 8 hours ago
  • Place

    Capela dos ossos

    "Nós ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos" / "We, the bones who stay here, wait for yours to come" That is the phrase that welcomes the visitors to Capela dos Ossos (Bones chapel, in English) in Évora. The chapel is built out of human bones from the 17th...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 8 hours ago
  • Place

    Jardim Público

    Every city has its public parks and gardens, green spaces to enjoy nature and the outside. Jardim Público de Évora (or Evora's public garden, in English) is a perfect place to do so. Since Evora is a very sunny village in the Alentejo, south of Portugal, every day...

    by Ethel in What to see Evora, 8 hours ago
  • Accommodation

    Cozy apartment 2min walking from university of Piraeus

    ΠΑΣΑΛΙΜΑΝΙ Ζέας 100, Πειραιάς 185 34, διαμέρισμα 51 τ.μ., ημιυπόγειο, 1 υ/δ, μπάνιο, άριστη κατάσταση,καθαροτατο,βαμμενο σχετικα προσφατα,100 μετρα απο την...

    in Flats and apartments Athens, 8 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Hey I'am an erasmus student who is looking for accommodation in Gävle

    Hey I'am Anouk, an erasmus student from Belgium and I'am looking for an accommodation in Gävle.  I would like to have a place for myself. It would be nice to have my own bath & toilet and a private room.  I'll stay in Gävle from 21 january 2018 till 29 may...

    in Roommates Gävle, 8 hours ago
  • Roommate

    Roommates to share a flat in Barcelona

    Hello, my name is Santiago and I am from Bogota, Colombia. I am 20 years old. I am looking for roomates and a place to live from January to May, 2018. I speak Spanish and English. I will be studying at the European University in the spring semester. I am very excited...

    in Roommates Barcelona, 9 hours ago
  • Roommate

    poznan emergency place to stay

    Friendly open minded  cool Hello ,I m EMRE NAS , I am studying in Politechnika Poznanska Management Engineering , I need some days in Poznan until finding a place . May I stay with you , if possible ?Thank you a lot . Best regards ... emergency !!!! please contact me...

    in Roommates Poznan, 9 hours ago
  • Place

    Basilica of San Zeno,Verona, Italy

    Basilica of San Zeno, Verona The Basilica di San Zeno is a famous church in Italy which is constituted the model for all subsequent Romanesque edifices. It is well known due to the architecture of the church. This church was dedicated to Saint Zeno. Saint Zeno was born...

    by Crazy in What to see Verona, 9 hours ago
  • Forum


    Hi guys.I am looking for a girl for share a double room in Minidorm, in the city center for the second semester.The price will be 150€ all include.For more information, send me a message. Soy Jade Va.

    by Jade in Erasmus forum Maribor, 10 hours ago
  • Roommate

    French student 21 years old

    Hi ! My name is Maeva, i'm a french student from Toulouse. I will study in Jagiellonan university for the second semester. I'm looking for other students to share an apartment, from february 2018 to june 2018.I'm a serious law student, but i love travelling, patrying...

    in Roommates Krakow, 11 hours ago
  • Roommate

    51 year old guy, looking for accomodation in Pilsen

    I'm a single quiet artist, looking for a quiet place to live and work during the second semester. It would also be nice if there is a sofa bed or space enough to put a matress on the floor to be able to receive friends coming over to visit me while I'm living there. As...

    in Roommates Plzen, 11 hours ago
  • Roommate

    23 year old Italian girl, looking for accommodation in Iasi

    Heyyyy! My name is Bianca Pari and I am looking for an accommmodation in Iasi. From upcoming February until about June 2018. I will study in Iasi for an Erasmus program. I'm looking for an accommodation practical for the hospital. I will attended the second semester in...

    in Roommates Iasi, 11 hours ago


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