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  • Looking for roommates in Rome feb2025!

    Hello, I'm Melchior and I'm looking to rent a room in an appartment with a few housemates, preferably around my age (19-24). Right now im in my 3rd year studying law at Hogeschool Utrecht (NL) and next year ill be an exchange student in Rome! I'll likely be in Rome for...

    one month ago
  • Looking for a roommate in rome! September 2024-February 2025

    Hello! My name is Manuel Soares. Im a biomedical engineering student from portugal looking for a room during the first semester of 2024/2025. I will be studying in Sapienza. Im 21 years old. I like to go out and i am wishing for a good time during erasmus. I am clean...

    14 days ago
  • 20 year old British student looking for accommodation for a 3-month internship in Rome

    Hi, my name is David, I'm a student from Durham, England, and am starting my year abroad in Rome in October. I am doing a 3-month internship at a newspaper, and looking for a room! I am tidy and organised, and am used to living with others. I'm super into music - i play...

    25 days ago
  • 21 year old boy looking for roomates in Rome - course 2024/25

    Hi!! My name is Jaime, I'm a 21 year old engineering student from Zaragoza, Spain. I'm going to study in Roma Tre the next course. I'm looking for roomates for the full 24/25 course, preferably near Roma Tre University. I'm a clean, organised and non-smoking...

    one month ago
  • 28 girl from Cologne looking for roomates

    Ciao, after having fallen in love after a plate of too-good-to-be-trus-pasta near Firenze three years ago I started learning Italian and feel finally ready to do the only logical thing: move to Italy. At least for a few weeks as my job as a data analyst for a children's...

    30 days ago
  • 22 years old French student looking for a colocation with other students/interns in Rome

    Hi ! I'm 22 and I'm arriving in Roma in april for an internship in Monteverde. I would like to live in a shared flat with other students around my age to meet new people and having a good time together !  I would prefer a flat not too far from my internship, so that...

    one month ago
  • 20 years old student looking for queer friendly roomates in Rome :)

    Hi, I'm a french student looking for roomates for 2024-2025 school year in Rome near Università Roma Tre ! I hope to find queer friendly people so that we could create a safe environement all together :) Contact me if you're interested !  *Also I have a cat (he's very...

    one month ago
  • 19 year old girl, looking for flatmates in Rome :) (cursus 2024-2025)

    Hi! My name is Lilou, im' a french student and i'm going to study in Roma Tre for the whole cursus 2024-2025. I'm looking for roomates to share a flat (near the Roma Tre University would be perfect). I'm excited about discovering Rome and meet new people. I'm a positive...

    one month ago
  • 21 year old girl looking for roomates in Rome :)

    Hi! I'm Mariona and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I'm looking for somene to share an aparttment in this 2024-2025. I will study philosophy in the University Sant Tomàs (Angelicum), near to the Coliseum. I'm a really chill and organized person, but also really friendly....

    one month ago
  • 23 yr guy studying culinary science, looking for roommates in Rome June-December 2024

    Hi! I'm Justin - I'm moving to Rome in June to go to culinary school after finishing university and work in Engineering and Product Design. I'd love to live with any roommates who will be in the city at the same time. I love to spend time with people! I understand my...

    2 months ago
  • 23 year old female student is looking for a room in Rome as soon as possible

    Hello, my name is Sarafina, 23 years old and I'm a German student. I'm going to do my Erasmus at Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta in February 2024. I am excited about this great experience of getting to know new people and cultures and being in a new...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for a room in a student apartment

    Hello, my name is Sarafina, 23 years old and I'm a German student. I'm going to do my Erasmus at Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta in February 2024. I am excited about this great experience of getting to know new people and cultures and being in a new environment. I...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for a room from March 2024 to June 2024

    Hi! I'll be doing my internship in Rome from March-June 2024 and I'm looking for a room. My budget is of 500-650 EUR per month. I'm from Madrid, Spain and I'm studying International Relations. I like history, sports, cooking and meeting new people and cultures. Please...

    2 months ago
  • 18 year old student looking for a roommate

    Hi, I am a student at Sapienza di Roma. Looking for accomodation preferably in San Giovanni, Pigneto or San Lorenzo. As close to uni as possible. Please let me know, don't mind a single room, apartment or a studio. I need it ASAP to 1st of February. Thanks...

    2 months ago
  • 18 year old student looking for a roommate

    Hi, my name is Ilyas. I study at Sapienza di Roma University and I am arriving to rome on 20th of January. However, for sometime i will have temporary accommodation until I find a flatmate for an apartment in the safe area. Hit me up on here if you are interested, I bet...

    3 months ago
  • .

    Hello !!! my name is Neji Nabi 26 years Old  and i am a tunisian Student here in Rome at Lumsa university ( It's Near to the vatican City ) For Master degree in Marketing and Digital Communication ,  and I need to reent very soon as possible !  Thanks 

    3 months ago
  • 32 years old looking for a single room

    Hello there! My name is Aida, and I am a 32_year_old artist and student. I am currently on the hunt for a peaceful place to study and call home. As an outgoing and sociable person, I love meeting new people and making friends. I am also passionate about art and enjoy...

    3 months ago
  • 27 year old, looking for accomodation or a roommate in Rome

    Hello, I am Bartolomeo, from Slovenia, I am 27 years old. I will be in Rome from 3.1.2024 till 30.6.2024 as part of Erasmus internship at ambassy. For this time, so from January, I am looking for a room in an apartment, or a roommate, with which I can share an apartment...

    4 months ago
  • Hi , My name is Sudhanshu. I’m looking for a room near Sapienza University.

    Ciao. My name is Sudhanshu. I'll be doing my semester at Sapienza University so I'm looking for accomadation in Rome preferably near Sapienza University. My budget is 450-500 Euros ( all utilities included) . Please contact me if you find something ....

    4 months ago
  • 23 years old french student looking for a room in a appartment in Rome

    Hi ! I am Maxence, a french student from Nantes.  I'm in my first year of a Master in History and I'm arriving in Rome around 10 February for my second semester to Spienza. I am looking for a room in a flat with international students and around 500€/month (or less...

    4 months ago

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