• we're 2 friends (a boy and a girl) studying architecture and we are looking for 2 individual rooms in an apartment with other st

    Hi, we're 2 friends (a boy and a girl) studying architecture in Brussels. We are coming in Milano for a one year erasmus at Politecnico. We are looking for 2 individual rooms in an apartment with other students. We speak french and english, and we are really motivated...

    15 hours ago
  • 25 years old looking for accommodation near leonardo campus in Milan City

    Hi everyone!My name is Ziya and I am from Iran. I am a uni student of Politecnico Di Milano. I will be in milan from 10 september onwards to study my master program in leonardo campus .I'm looking for a cheap place to stay in a flat/single/shared bedroom with max price...

    18 hours ago
  • 26 yr male, need accomodation near bovisa, Milan

    Hello, this is Saheb Sood from India. I am a Mechanical Engineer and moving to Milan this september for my master studies in Design & Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. I am looking out for a comfortable stay in milan in and around bovisa campus of Polimi. My...

    21 hours ago
  • French girl looking for a flat (and a roommate) in Milano

    Hi, my name is Anouck and I'm 18. I'm a French future student travelling for a year (September to July) before to start my studies.  My first stop is Milano so I'm looking for a flat to share with some nice people :) I'm a pretty shy person but always ready to meet new...

    21 hours ago
  • 21 year old boy looking for accomodation in Milan city

    Hello I'm Thijs Van den Hende I'm studying biomedical science at Kuleuven Belgium. I like footbal and other sports, adventures and I'm social and like to meet a lot of people. I'm looking for a single bethroom with folowing accomodations: internet, kitchen, bathroom and...

    21 hours ago
  • 23 year old masters student looking for a roommate/s and apartment in Milan

    Hi, my name is Lucy and I am from the UK. I will be moving to Milan in November to study a Masters in Luxury Brand Management at the Business School 24. I will be staying in Milan for 5 months minimum before completing an internship which may or may not be in Milan. I...

    5 days ago
  • Looking for a roommate

    Uno studente viene da Hong Kong e sto cercando un(a) coninquilino/a qui a Milano, è meglio che sia ordinato/a e simpatico/a. Precedentemente, abitavo con 3 coinquiline (una svizzera, un'indonesiana e una giapponese) in una famiglia ospitante. Mi muovo al 4 Settembre e...

    1 day ago
  • Looking for a place to stay for next 5 months - one separate room or a small studio

    I am a student and I am looking to live with a person who respects my privacy and expect the same from me. I will be out in the college most of the time, and I will be hosting my parents in the month of december. I  need someone who has no problems with that. I expect...

    1 day ago
  • 22 y.o. girl? looking for accomodation in Milano (Politecnico di Milano)

    I'm not looking for someone special. Everyone is ok in his/her own way) Let's me introduce myself (cause i need at least 300 characters) My name is Evgeniia. I live in the capital of Siberia - Krasnoyarsk. I'm not talkactive first time. I love music concerts, pets,...

    1 day ago
  • 2 girl students looking for accommodation in Milan

    Hello! I'm looking for a shared room or an appartament for me and my friend. We'll be studying at IULM and Università Cattolica. We'd love to live nearby our universitites. We'd like to pay not more than 300 euro per person (of course, we'd accept a bit bigger...

    2 days ago
  • I'm looking for a shared apartment for Fall 2017 in Milan :)

    Hello ! I'm Juliette, a french 19 years old girl,  I'm about to spend four month from half-september in Milan at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and I'm looking for (a) roomate(s) in a shared appartment (one that you know or a Airb&b but without a...

    3 days ago
  • 19 year old girl looking for a roommate from February 2018 :)

    Hey!  My name is Alyssia, and I'm from Australia. I am fluent in English and also can speak some Italian because my grandparents are Italian. I will be studying in Milan at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore next year so I am looking for a roommate from February to...

    3 months ago
  • Looking for a roomate :)

    Hey everyone! My name is Nirvan Mahat, and I am 22 year old dude from Nepal, who is about to start his master studies in Milan (Politecnico Di Milano Bovisa). I'm looking for an apartment with max price of 300 euros bills included, which I would like to share with any...

    3 days ago
  • 24 year old MSc Student looking for accommodation in Milan

    Hi, My name is Tom and I am looking for a private room in a shared apartment in Milan (ideally near to the Bovisa district but I would consider other districts). I have been admitted into Politecnico di Milano as an International student (Originally from the UK) on an...

    3 days ago
  • Accomodation-Short term stay from 04 Sept- 05 Oct.

    Ciao guys!!!Anyone with a studio flat/apartment willing to share their space for a month???? I'm a student at Politenico di Milano, and presently in milan requiring a short term stay from 04 Sept- 05 Oct.I'm facing an un-expected delay in my final exams, hence looking...

    3 days ago
  • Relocating to Milan to pursue Masters, looking for accommodation

    I am a 24 year old Indian citizen and am relocating to Milan in September 2017 for a year, to pursue my masters from SDA Bocconi.I am looking for an accommodation in Milan, close to the Bocconi University. I can speak fluent English and am also learning Italian language...

    5 days ago
  • 23 year old, looking for a shared apartment in Milano

    Hi! I'm Maxine from the Philippines, I'm about to take my masters in Luxury Brand Management in Milan. I'm looking for a roomate in a shared apartment but with private rooms preferrably near Via Pietro Verri. Thank you! :)

    5 days ago
  • Room in Navigli/Center

    Hey I am Maximilian. I am studying in Germany. In September I will study for six months in Milan.

    5 days ago
  • PhD student is looking for rent in Milano

    Hi, I'm a PhD student looking for a small flat/large room, located up to 40 minutes by public transport from Citta Studi (Leonardo Campus). A flat with an equipped kitchen and optionally equipped bedroom. My budget is up to $700 monthly including all the bills monthly....

    6 days ago
  • I am looking to rent a private room

    Hi, I'm French/American, I speak both languages fluently and some Spanish/Italian. I am looking to rent a private room in an apartment share. I am studying at Politecnico for one year from New York.  I'm friendly, easy going and very neat and clean. I usually spend...

    6 days ago

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