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Erasmus blog Granada

  • 10 reasons to do your Erasmus in Granada

    If you are thinking about going on Erasmus and one of your options is Granada, we are very jealous of you! Today we want to give you the reasons why you should do your Erasmus and study in Granada (and they are many), so if you are still not completely convinced of how...

    0 by Erasmusu, one year ago
  • The wildlife of Sierra Nevada

    The wildlife of the Sierra Nevada Nothing like walking in the heart of Sierra Nevada (in Spain, not far from Granada) to observe the animals in their natural environment and get closer to them without disturbance. It is at the same time, its variety and landscapes but...

    0 by Shavana, 3 years ago
  • The wildlife of Sierra Nevada

    The wildlife of the Sierra Nevada Nothing like walking in the heart of Sierra Nevada (in Spain, not far from Granada) to observe the animals in their natural environment and get closer to them without disturbance. It is at the same time, its variety and landscapes but...

    0 by Shavana, 3 years ago
  • One week in Andalusia: Granada

    Hello again everyone! So, we continue on our route through Andalusia. I've already told you about Seville in my previous post, but we also visited cities such as Granada and Córdoba. So, now it's time for my favourite: Granada. I loved this city so much when I visited...

    0 by Emma, 3 years ago
  • Granada: Calo, Art and Partying

    I guess that the majority of students that use Erasmusu know the stress of university first hand. For me, if there's something that will help me free myself from the stress when I'm absolutely swamped, it's to go on a little trip. Leaving my everyday surroundings, and...

    0 by Emma, 3 years ago
  • Granada by night

    We arrived in Granada very early in the morning, so after we had our first quick run around the city, and had been to the Alhambra, we went back to the AirBnb we were staying in to leave a few things we had bought there. We were so tired that our siesta that was meant...

    0 by Emma, 3 years ago
  • Eating in Granada!

    Hello travellers! Today I'm going to write about places to go and eat; whether it be tapas, breakfast or just a snack in Granada so you can enjoy its spectacular food. I lived here for the first two years of my degree and I'll be going back halfway through this year, so...

    0 by Emma, 3 years ago
  • Granada in 24hrs

    Hello! Welcome, once again to my blog about travelling experiences... Ah! And Happy Christmas to all of you! This time we are heading off to Granada, the perfect city for beach and snow lovers! In the winter, the Sierra Nevada and its slopes are perfect for skiing,...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago
  • A weekend in the Sierra Nevada

    A little while ago a had quite a long 4-day weekend, and we wanted to go skiing with some friends in the Sierra Nevada. That's the name of the mountain range located around 20 kilometers from the city of Granada, in southern Spain. You have to drive there o take a bus...

    0 by Alex, 4 years ago
  • Granada: A Hidden Gem

    My last trip on my Erasmus year was to Granada. I decided to write about it because I think it’s one of the most underrated cities in Spain. Granada has an amazing fusion of cultures and religions thanks to its great history. Once a stronghold for the Moorish Empire,...

    0 by Mira, 4 years ago
  • Immersion UIMP courses in English,

    Hey everybody! Today I would like to talk about English immersion courses, of which could interest you. Have you heard about them? They are organised by the International Menéndez Pelayo University(UIMP) and the ministry of education gives out scholarships every year...

    0 by Emma, 4 years ago
  • Day 6 and 7: Granada

    The meeting place with the guy who was taking us to the next and last destination was the bus terminal in Cádiz. We were travelling with a nice guy who was more or less the same age as us and got to the meeting point about 20 minutes late. He said he spent the weekend...

    0 by Jasmin, 5 years ago
  • Moving abroad

    Here is a sample of how your experience could go. Comment your thouhts below! ESN blog I was a exchange student in Brussels for an academic year. I studied at the university and went on a journey to improve my oral French skills and to study the same field, but...

    1 by Samantha, 5 years ago
  • Foreword & Small Clarifications

    Start a new experience Arriving almost like a Christmas gift, at the end of December 2015, my official Erasmus notice appeared in my email inbox. Let's just say a few things: My Erasmus experience was one of only 3 months, during which I undertook an internship for a...

    0 by Anonymous, 5 years ago
  • Spain, Day Five

    When in Granada you simply can not miss the Alhambra. This is a magnificent fortress located on the top of a hill. It consists of several palaces and gardens that have the most amazing view of the town. Source In order to enter the palace you need to buy a ticket. This...

    0 by Katarina, 5 years ago
  • Spain, Day Four

    Since we didn't want to waste any time in Spain we decided to use the night bus to Granada. Worst decision ever! The night bus from Madrid to Granada was supposed to depart at 01:30 in the morning. It didn't even occur to us that the metro, even though going even at...

    0 by Katarina, 5 years ago
  • Granada - Red Sunset on Alhambra

    Red Sunset on Alhambra. We spent a whole day resting and recovering our energy, as planned, today we would discover the city of Granada including Ancient Arabic market, Cathedral de Granada and climb up to the top of Mirador San Nicolas hill where we could have the...

    0 by Hoàng, 5 years ago
  • Granada I - The Last Stronghold of Moors in Europe

    Granada – The Last Stronghold of Moors in Europe. The Journey to the South began. Source Patio de los Arrayanes After 5 hours of sitting on Alsa Bus from Madrid to Granada, I had arrived at Granada at 1:30am, due to the fact that I had missed the 6pm bus, I had...

    0 by Hoàng, 5 years ago
  • Granada is one of the most preferred cities among European students

    Granada is a first class tourist destination. In fact, the Alhambra is one of most visited monuments in Spain. Along with this, the monumental Granada combines the charm of a dynamic city with an exceptional environment for young people. The sierra Nevada is within such...

    0 by Sophie, 5 years ago
  • First stop: Granada

    As this is my first post, I have to talk about the city that had seen me being "born", it's not the city where I was born, but it's the city that has made me into me, which saw my evolution into the person that I am today. If you have not yet been to this city, you...

    0 by Ross, 6 years ago

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