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The wildlife of Sierra Nevada

The wildlife of the Sierra Nevada

Nothing like walking in the heart of Sierra Nevada (in Spain, not far from Granada) to observe the animals in their natural environment and get closer to them without disturbance.

It is at the same time, its variety and landscapes but especially for its wildlife that in 1986 the Sierra Nevada was a declared reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO. Three years later it became a natural park.

The Sierra Nevada Natural Park has a large animal protection reserve.

Among all the species of wildlife currently in the natural park, the goats dominate.

The animals, free and wild, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada

During our hikes, we had the chance to see horses in freedom. They seemed to be used to being disturbed by the walkers as they approached us without precaution.



We also saw goats frolicking on the rocks (sometimes snow-capped). They jumped from stone to stone under the rays of the sun.




There are also a lot of insects which hide underneath the pebbles in the hot weather or which, unfortunately, freeze in heavy layers of snow.

The cows rest and bask in the valleys, on their peaceful meadows.

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