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Erasmus blog Prague

  • How to open a bank account in the Czech Republic?

    If you still don't have a bank account, don't worry, it is never too late to save a bit of money. It is easy to open one up in Prague, you only have to follow the four steps below: -Out of all the available banks in the Czech Republic, I would without a doubt recommend...

    0 , 3 years ago
  • Pedal boats on the Vltava

    Pedal boats on the Vltava The Vltava is no ordinary river, but in fact it is the longest river in the Czech Republic (430 km). It's a true national symbol and is just as important to the Czech identity as the Prague Castle. Location If a ''standard cruise'' seems too...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • One year in Prague!

    Hello, travelers! My name is Claudia and I'm going to tell you about my experience of living in Prague for a year as an Erasmus student: my favourite restaurants and places, typical food, places to visit, the trips I made around the country... University I went to the...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Very recommended restaurants and cafes in Prague

    Recommended restaurants and cafes in Prague Hello everyone! Today, I am bringing you the second part of my blog about Prague. The first one, you can read by clicking here, which is about the places that I recommend visiting in the Czech capital. It is a very extensive...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • 10 places to see in Prague

    Hi, everyone! This time, the city I am going to talk to you about is very special. It is known as the city of 100 towers and when I start to describe it, you will realise why. Before visiting Prague, you have to bear in mind that the official currency of the Czech...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • What to see and do in Prague: the complete and definitive guide

    What to see and do in Prague: the complete and definitive guide Hello everyone! Today, we are changing country and moving onto the Czech Republic, my neighbour country at the moment. The truth is that the Czech Republic is not a country that has caught my eye for quite...

    1 , 4 years ago
  • 15 things to do and see in Prague!

    A few years ago, for my 18th birthday, my aunt very generously took me on holiday to Prague. We had a wonderful few days together, getting to know the city better, as well as each other, and made so many lovely memories. Today, I’m going to be running through fifteen...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Oh my Prague

    Prague, I think I can write books about this jewel of Europe, it has my heart. I spent five best months of my life in this city and definitely, they were not enough. I am anxiously waiting to go there again although I am sure it won’t be the same without my Erasmus...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Dog's Bar

    So this amazingly crazy place called “Vzorkovna” but most of the people remember it as dogs bar. It is an underground cozy bar with few dogs walking around as you may guessed by it’s famous name. The place has a lot of space to sit and enjoy your drinks or just to...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Prague: A City of Museums

    Welcome once again to my blog! This time my travel experience will take you to the most beautiful city in Europe - maybe of the whole world! - and about my experience in this beautiful city. Prague is wonderful in every house, every step, every square... Don't forget to...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Prague floodings in 2002

    source In August of 2002, the Czech Republic suffered major flooding, one of the worst natural disasters that this country has seen. The floods, which in some places reached levels that had not been seen in 500 years, covered more than a third of the country and took...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Utrecht Part 3.75

    Getting started This article picks up from our very last adventure over in Berlin. We were doing one of our short backpacking experiences during our semester exchange in Utrecht. I had travelled over from a University in Australia and made my way over to a climate much...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • 3 Day Trip in Prague!

    Hello everyone! There are a lot of people that usually ask me if they should or not visit Prague, and my immediate answer is a big Of Course! (Source: Cruz, R. 2016) Everyone that has already visited some parts of the eastern Europe knows that every country and every...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Where to buy souvenirs in Prague?

    Okay well it isn't the most touristy thing to do, but I know it’s impossible for one to travel and not bring back a piece of that country with themselves (not literally of course). This becomes even more impossible in Prague, the town is filled with souvenir shops and...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Nostress cafe

    Nostress cafe I don’t know if nostress has a meaning or if they actually mean no stress cafe, but anyhow this cafe was certainly a no stress zone and more. Exhausted from sightseeing all day, we decided to have a short break; it was very well deserved since we spent...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Czech cuisine (Lokal restaurant in Prague)

    I Know most people like to travel for pleasure, ok actually scratch that I think everyone travels for pleasure but we all find pleasure in different things ( please don’t take me the wrong way) anyway point being, many enjoy sightseeing, some enjoy learning about the...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Going to Prague from Budapest

    Prague trip: Well as it turns out we’re Prague bound, I am on the way right now and man the journey is long; so I decided to start the Prague diaries a little earlier this time as opposed to all my other trips where I wait till I come back from the trip and then start...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Visiting Prague, Czech Republic

    Finally the time has come, my first international trip of the year! It seems like half of the people living in Europe went to Prague this winter, and last week it was finally my turn to go because I also really wanted to see it for myself! I only spent one day there as...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • My Emotion in Motion

    I started the three-night tour of Prague after the final examinations during my Erasmus study in Poland. I have nothing to do so I decided to go to a not-so-far city for two reasons, to escape the boredom of waiting and for practicality. I was bored and waiting for the...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • A Fairy tale in Prague

    A Fairytale in Prague Czech Republic was the fifth and the last destination in my first Euro Tour. Well the name of my blog might be suggesting that I had a perfect and happy stay there. But the truth is the other way round. When we reached Prague, It was already...

    0 , 6 years ago

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