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How to open a bank account in the Czech Republic?

If you still don't have a bank account, don't worry, it is never too late to save a bit of money. It is easy to open one up in Prague, you only have to follow the four steps below:

-Out of all the available banks in the Czech Republic, I would without a doubt recommend Komer? ní banka for being the easiest and most efficient (and it is the one I chose during my stay).

-There are a lot of KB banks in Prague, so I would recommend going to the one that is in front of the Astronomical Clock in the Old City Square, because the queues aren't very long and they can tend to you well in English.

-It can take up to 20 minutes to open a bank account, so make sure you take two forms of identification (ID Card and your passport) and 200 Czech Korunas with you. Also, if you have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), you are eligible for some benefits. After filling out all the necessary bank forms (yes, they are in Czech), you're good to go!

-In more or less a week, you will get a debit Mastercard that you can use when you travel abroad, when you pay in supermarkets and much more.

Important advice to bear in mind:

-Purchases made by the KB card are free.

-Withdrawing money from KB ATM's costs 6 Korunas (yes, even though it is your own bank) whereas, if you withdraw from non-KB ones, it will cost 35 Korunas.

-Setting up on-line banking is free and very useful.

-Don't forget to close your bank account before finishing your Erasmus placement and leaving Prague.

-If you want to see further options, visit the website: Komer? ní banka or any KB branch.

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