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Oh my Prague

Prague, I think I can write books about this jewel of Europe, it has my heart. I spent five best months of my life in this city and definitely, they were not enough. I am anxiously waiting to go there again although I am sure it won’t be the same without my Erasmus friends and all those cheerful activities that only Erasmus student can enjoy while being in Prague but still it’s an ideal place to visit or to live in for everyone.


One of the benefits of being in Prague is that it is just in the center of Europe so not only you can access other cities and countries of Europe easily but at the same time you can find so many international people not just from different parts of Europe but from the entire world; that means you can find delicious food, culture from around the globe in this very city.


Most interesting plus practically useful fact about Prague is it’s public transportation which is not just cheap especially for students but also you can access almost every part of the city using its public transportation for 24/7, which saves a lot of your money. I used taxi/uber only once during my entire 5 months stay in Prague and I have seen the whole of Prague and been out discovering the city all the time, so you can imagine how convenient and useful public transportation is in this city.

I believe hanging out in Prague is a necessity because simply a person can not think about staying indoor when you so much going on around you, relaxing in while witnessing pleasant sunset at Riegrovy sady. Magnificent Prague castle is definitely one of the most well-known touristic places in Prague but in entirety, it is more than a castle and the whole surrounding areas plus the panoramic view from the castle is astonishing. Charles bridge is that place which no matter how many times you visit, it feels like you are visiting it for the first time; never boring always with a different spellbinding view. River Vitava follows you through all beguiling places of the city.


Further, if you are interested in taking some fascinating photographs of this magical city or just want to observe the city from all the way up, then you must not fail to remember visiting Zizkov tower and climb up the hill of Vitkov

Night life is par excellence you can go to any club or bar and I am sure you will not leave disappointed because every single one of these places have something different to offer, from Vzorkovna’s (dogs bar) underground conveniently cozy atmosphere, Dejavu’s flavoursome drinks, Nebe’s admirable design and music, Microna’s discreteness, Karlovy lazne's massiveness to Chapeau rouge’s young energetic crowd everything is a must to experience.


That’s all for now, in the future if I write more blogs or perhaps a book about this memorable city I would love to share more interesting facts about this place. Have fun and be happy.


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