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Pedal boats on the Vltava

Pedal boats on the Vltava


The Vltava is no ordinary river, but in fact it is the longest river in the Czech Republic (430 km). It's a true national symbol and is just as important to the Czech identity as the Prague Castle.


If a ''standard cruise'' seems too touristy and unoriginal, and if you're in Prague during the summer, you can make a little trip across the river while simultaneously getting in a little exercise.


There are actually plenty of plays in the city centre where you can rent pedal boats or rowing boats, and can then enjoy the view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle from the well-known waterway in the heart of the capital city.

But if you go too close to the river, prepare to be photographed by tourists.


You can find the boat rentals on the Zofin island, near the national theatre or the Charles Bridge. They're open till 10pm, as the views of Prague at night are just as beautiful as they are during the day.


Fares and timetables

A four-passenger boat costs 70 CZK for 60 mins. You can do a tour of the islands of Prague and admire the view. When you are at the river of Vltava, you can see the city from a different point of view! It's definitely worth the experience because the journey in the water is really enjoyable!

Tips and tricks

Choose in advance the place you want to rent your boat from and if possible reserve one, because there are usually queues. The line can be long, and the waiting time is a waste of an hour that you could be doing something with.

Don't forget to bring a ID just in case.

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