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Erasmus blog Madrid

  • Study in Madrid

    The city: the city of Madrid is very beautiful to live and study, but it has some very expensive places to live, when I have free time I visit museums and later I visit stadiums.Where I live: I have a room with a Spanish family here in Madrid Juan is a doctor and his...

    0 by TheGabriGames, 2 years ago
  • An abandoned village very close to Madrid

    Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk about a very different place from all the others and one that I don't think everyone will like but I'm sure that if you do, you'll love it. I'm really nerdy when it comes to abandoned things, things that are a bit scary, although...

    0 by Victoria, 2 years ago
  • Let the show begin! The best musicals in Madrid

    Hello! For me, as I'm a great lover of the theatre, going to a musical is one of my favourite things to do. Today I'm writing about my experience at four of the most famous musicals which have been put on in Madrid and ones I recommend seeing without a doubt. The Lion...

    0 by Holly, 3 years ago
  • The Wax Museum in Madrid

    Hi! Not that long ago I was lucky enough to go to one of the most exciting museums you will find in Madrid: The Wax Museum. Although you can't compare it to the marvellous wax museum in London, Madame Tussaud, or to the wax museum in Amsterdam, and in other cities, it's...

    0 by Holly, 3 years ago
  • Difference in the standard of living between France, Portugal and Spain

    For any student who wants to do a six months' Erasmus placement or even begin their higher studies in a university in Europe, you must remember that Europe is made up of many different countries which are all characterised by their different standards of living. In...

    0 by Holly, 3 years ago
  • Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace in Madrid

    During the second day of my trip to the stunning city Madrid and the most beautiful and happy capital in Europe, I was able to discover another side to the Spanish capital, a calmer and more natural side. In fact, the Spanish capital is really dynamic and it's always...

    0 by Holly, 3 years ago
  • Sights and interesting spots in Retiro Park

    Hi everyone! I have to say that I don't consider myself an expert on Madrid nor on places there, but it is true that, when you go about living your whole life living in the same city, you know more things than a person who goes from abroad. More than that, you know it...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • The hardest thing about going is coming back

    Going on an exchange certainly does not start when you arrive at your new country, but many months beforehand. It is right at the moment when you are filling in the forms to apply to the universities that your heart begins to break a little, thinking of all of the...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • Madrid in a day I

    Madrid is the most beautiful city in the whole wide world. Or at least that's what I think. Despite my biased view towards it, it's true that Madrid is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world. It isn't just me that says this either, but almost...

    0 by Lauren, 3 years ago
  • The Santiago Bernabéu

    A Madrid must-see Among the many things you can visit in Madrid, in my entry "What to see in Madrid" I recently included the football stadium Santiago Bernabéu, where Real Madrid Football Club play their home games. On the subject of this stadium/museum, I have to...

    0 by Sam, 3 years ago
  • Mad in Madrid

    This is a story about drunken nights, lasting friendships and literally the most annoying plane delay ever. Welcome to my life as a telenovela. Episode 4: Party like you’ll never see him again The Recap If you’ve gotten this far into my travel telenovela story, then...

    0 by Marie, 4 years ago
  • travel and live with freedom

    Family, Friendships, Places, Studies my name is katrina yapceli I am currently living for my studies in Madrid Spain with my mom she is a nurse since we moved from the country I attend the polytechnic university of Madrid study Administration of companies, in the sector...

    0 by katty, 4 years ago

    Hola todos! We meet once again! Today our story is about my lovely Madrid... I think everyone knows Madrid... the capital of Spain, is a nice place, but I have never been a fan of big cities, I raised in a village of 800 people.. so you can imagine... Big cities are...

    0 by MARIA, 4 years ago
  • Student districts in Madrid: the best neighbourhoods for students to live in Madrid

    Why is Madrid one of the most interesting cities for students in the world? Well, this can equally be put down to it being a city that is cosmopolitan, open, has thousands of places to visit and areas to get lost in.... However, above all, it is down to its people....

    0 by Anastasia, 4 years ago
  • Where to eat and drink in Madrid!

    In February, I went to Madrid for a few days with my boyfriend and some of his friends. I can’t say we saw an awful lot of the sights, but one thing we certainly did do was eat and drink well! Below, I’m going to go through the ten restaurants and bars we visited...

    0 by Madeline, 4 years ago
  • Parque Europa de Madrid.

    One of my favourite things to do, without a doubt, is travel. But the main problem of travelling is the cost, especially since many of us, especially young people do not have enough purchasing power. This power is what allows us to travel, for example, around the whole...

    0 by Poppy, 4 years ago
  • Malasaña, the most hipster neighborhood in Madrid

    Since becoming the epicenter of the Madrileña movement in the ‘80s, Malasaña has had an undeniable and above all unparalleled atmosphere. I’ve put together a quick compilation of my favorite places, from bars and cafes for when you go out, to second-hand stores...

    0 by Anna, 4 years ago
  • 5 Restaurants I Love in Madrid

    Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city; it's full of life. As soon as the first ray of sunshine falls, the terraced bars fill up. I think that something that characterises all Spanish people is that we know how to enjoy and appreciate a good plate of food. What do you have...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago
  • I want find somewhere to rent in Madrid. Should I look now or when I arrive?

    This is one of the biggest questions that we will all have before we go anywhere in the world of exchange. This decision depends on your priorities: if one of your priorities is to get to Madrid and start getting to know it at once, or to travel while classes start,...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago
  • Fashion in Madrid: Jean Paul Gautier Exhibition

    Hello, I wanted to dedicate this post to a wonderful Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibtion that took place in Madrid in the year 2012 (and until the beginning of 2013). With the name "Exhibition Jean Pul Gaultier. Universe of fashion: from the street to the stars", it was...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago

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