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Erasmus blog Bilbao

  • Euskal jaiak or the most popular Basque celebrations

    The festivities of the Basque Country (Euskal Herria), more commonly known here as "euskal jaiak" or "herriko jaixek" (local festivities), are, without a doubt, the best plan you can make during your stay in Bilbao, and... what plans you'll make! This isn't just what I,...

    0 , 2 years ago
  • 4 recommended restaurants in Bilbao

    Not A checked Hi, everyone! Bilbao is a city which surprises you since, even though sometimes it seems like it is overshadowed by its neighbour San Sebastian and its beauty, the truth is that over time Bilbao has become a city which is worth visiting. I hope that soon I...

    0 , 3 years ago
  • The best burgers in Bilbao

    Whether you're on an Erasmus year, part of SICUE or just visiting, gastronomically speaking, you must know that Bilbao is one of the best choices you could make. Later on, I will talk about traditional Basque food, the best desserts in the area and alternative...

    0 , 3 years ago
  • Pintxo-Pote Thursdays

    If you've been to the Basque Country you've probably heard the word "Pintxo-pote"; but what actually is it? Well, as you can see it's a word composed of "pintxo", a slice of bread on which a small portion of food is placed, and "pote”, a word that defines a smaller...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • From Valencia to the beautiful and splendid city Bilbao

    After visiting Valencia for a weekend, I had to attend a scientific conference where many scientific researchers meet in one single event, this conference was hold in the most amazing Spanish city ever, Bilbao. So from Valencia I had to take a bus with a duration of...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Bilbao, a historic city

    We decided to make the most of our last day in Bilbao. Our bus would leave around 7pm and we had to collect everything from the hostel. We wanted to visit as much as possible during the morning. We focused in particular on seeing the Old Town that was very connected to...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Bilbao, sport buildings

    The third day we spent in Bilbao, we woke up a bit later because we'd gone out the night before. That was mainly spent visiting sports buildings. I'm not very interested in sports, I'm more of the couch potato type, but I have to confess that the dimensions of the...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Bilbao, magical places

    The second day that we were in Bilbao, we discovered fantastic things that we never expected to find. Thanks to one of the teachers who was from there, and knew the city, we visited some places that a normal tourist wouldn't have known. Our hostel was next to the Azkuna...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Bilbao, first impressions

    Hi everyone! I'm going to tell you about one of the last trips I've done in Spain with university. Last year we went to visit the city of Bilbao. I had only been there once before, when I was younger, so I didn't remember anything about it at the time. Arrival and...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • °° 2. Universidad de Bellas artes en Bilbao °°

    OH! My new uni, new people, new language, new everything. You should go in new collective, try to explain your work from before, be kind to people and show them how you are, because they don't know you, make ideas what you would like to do and create, be organize etc....

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Spain - a variety of Game of Thrones experiences

    Introduction Source This entry into my newest blog site is about a passionate interest of mine, which I got to experience in real life during the time of my year abroad in Spain from September 2016 to June of this year. I say 'real life', because until now I had only...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • General information

    About Bilbao So Bilbao is a city wich for me combines different features in a way in which the city is really balanced and peaceful. It is the main city in the Baskque Country and is one of the main industrial cities in Spain. It could be said that the standard is quite...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • A daydreaming forest

    Bilbao is a city full of adventures to discover due to its blessed location, close both to the sea and surrounded by mountains. Therefore, one can never get bored because of the nature that comes from the diversity of its natural surroundings. Following the hiking mood,...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Basque adventures: episode 2

    In the previous post I have introduced the Basque Country, this underrated faraway land in Spain, and have shared some of the basic information you need to know about its unique cultural characteristics. But now, let’s start with our three-day-long adventure. Our main...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Basque adventures: episode 1.

    It had been quite a while since I was dreaming about visiting the Basque Country (País Vasco, and for my Hungarian readers Baszkföld) and specifically Bilbao, the city considered to be the national capital by the Basque people. Although I cannot recall where my...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Chasing Space Invaders in Bilbo

    Anyone can go hunting space invaders as some task which becomes a way to explore a city. This can be possible due to the originality of Invader: the art performance of this French artist who allowed to locate, within several countries around the world, walls dressed...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Pagasarri: Hiking near Bilbao

    Bilbao is a magic spot: surrounded by montains and close to the sea. What else can be asked for? With an elevation of 671 m., the Pagasarri is a very popular destination in the Basque Country for trekkers with thirst for adventure. For those in search of a good escape...

    0 , 7 years ago

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