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Erasmus blog Sevilla

  • The April Fair - Seville

    Source Well, The Fair is without a doubt the party that makes Seville most famous outside of Spain, in the world at large! What is the typical image of Spain abroad? Well of course, the bull and the woman dressed as a gypsy, which actually represents Andalusia more...

    0 by Maitiu, 3 years ago
  • Beautiful visit to Seville and its monuments

    My incredible trip to the beautiful and magnificent Spain has continued to be more incredible and beautiful, especially since one day I decided to visit and discover Andalusia. It's capital, Seville, sparkles with a million lights and is a real hidden treasure to...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • All Aboard the Damas bus!!

    This is my favourite part. Although we are only in Huelva 3 weeks we haven’t got much time for travelling so far but we have high aspirations to do so. As we were off University for 5 days including the weekend due to a Spanish holiday, we decided to travel to...

    0 by Siofra, 3 years ago
  • Express visit, Seville in 2 days

    For any travel lover, there is no better birthday present than a surprise getaway, and what better destination than Seville! Even though it is so close by and I have family members living there, I have never dedicated a couple of days to this beautiful city, since the...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • Solo trip to Seville

    Not A checked fri upload When I travelled to Seville for the first time I did it quite a lot younger than what I am now. Yes, of course it's true that I am now 21 years old and thus the fact that I was 18 could seem like the age difference isn't that big. But, to be...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • Two days in magnificent Seville

    We were a group of six girls on Erasmus that decided to visit one of the most beautiful and well-preserved historical cities in the south of Spain in January. We planned this trip around three months before going there and already had decided what to visit in Seville,...

    0 by Alexandrina, 3 years ago
  • A week in Andalusia: Seville

    Hello again! Today I want to talk to you about a trip that I took through Andalusia. We went by car from Galicia, spending a night in Salamanca, until our first stop: the city of Seville. We also visited Granada and Cordoba, which I will talk to you about in the next...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • Seville, A Love Affair

    Last December I decided to give an Erasmus experience a go, following the recommendations of one of my professors who's from Seville, and spend a year in this city which, before then, was completely unknown to me. I landed on a scorching day in Summer on this small...

    0 by Holly , 4 years ago
  • Plaza de España a wonderful place to be

    The Plaza de España is an emblematic place in center of Seville, a must see architectural masterpiece conserved until now with a very attractive view on the central part with amazing boats, fountains and horse carriage. The best way to get from Madrid or Barcelona to...

    0 by Marwa, 4 years ago
  • Discovery of Andalucia

    My journey in Seville was totally incredible, I met amazing friends in my road trip and we exchanged on many interesting subjects cultural and scientific, this allowed us to enrich our experiences together and live the most amazing and wonderful adventures. Once...

    0 by Marwa, 4 years ago
  • My amazing adventure in Seville

    My experience in Seville began when one day i decided to go for the big adventure, try a new amazing experience with only a back pack, some clothes and a heart full of passion and love for adrenaline.  In fact, my plan was to cross the borders between Portugal and...

    0 by Marwa, 4 years ago
  • Seville: art, nightlife, and foreigners

    For an Erasmus student, life in Seville can either be marvellous or complete chaos. I guess it all depends on which type of person comes to our city, but Seville is a place where you can find many different kinds of atmosphere. For the foreigner, though, there are many...

    0 by fiona jasmine, 5 years ago
  • Sevilla en Semana Santa

    I realized very early, that Sevilla and its inhabitants are a little bit different than the rest of Spain. This is noticeable by the style of clothing, habits of eating and behavior towards people from outside. But who wants to experience how these people really are has...

    0 by Kevin, 5 years ago
  • Day 3 and 4: Seville

    We arrived in Seville and it was now 9pm on Tuesday evening (day 2). The hotel was definitely better than the one we stayed in the previous night, if anything, a little far from the centre. After checking in and washing up it was almost 10pm, so we postponed all tours...

    0 by Jasmin, 5 years ago
  • What does "have" mean?

    For many people, comforts are life. Lots of people think that to be happy in life you need to have at least some type of luxury that you can enjoy on a day to day basis. People tend to be considered somewhat materialistic and consumerist but that's not to say that the...

    0 by Posted, 5 years ago
  • A day in Seville

    It was the end of December. Our European journey had begun but we were already at our third stop: we were in Seville. As we didn't have a lot of time, our visit was more of an "express" one than anything else. Below you will find everything that we both saw and did...

    0 by Lottie, 5 years ago
  • Sevilla the capital of Andalusia

    Sevilla - The capital of Andalusia It was one of the best experiences during my Erasmus semester to visit this beautiful and magnificent Spanish city. When you are travelling through Spain, it must be one of the stops in your trip. In this article I will provide you...

    1 by Magdalena, 5 years ago
  • Sevillian Cuisine

    The typical Andalusian and more specifically Sevillian cuisine varies a lot depending on the time of year, cold dishes being very common in summertime, due to the heat of the land. It is a cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, that is, all products of the earth. In...

    0 by Niamh, 5 years ago
  • Seville, a brief summary of what you’ll find

    Seville, Seville, Seville, where should I start? It’s difficult to single out one individual thing as I could spend months talking about it. And because I’ve been studying here for 5 years now at la Universidad Pablo de Olavide (which I will talk more about later in...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago
  • Spain, Day Seven

    Our last day in Spain was in Seville. This is a very beautiful city. Marta said that it reminded her of Amsterdam. Sadly, I have never been there so I can not say. What impressed me is that every city in Spain that we have visited was...

    0 by Katarina, 5 years ago

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