• 21 year old girl, looking for roommates and accommodation in Vilnius

    I suprisingly accepted a 6 months internship in Vilnius two days ago and now the adventure should start ! I am french girl looking for funny roomates, I will work but it does not mean i do not like partying! I will arrive the end of jun and I should leave at the end of...

    1 day ago
  • Hi! I'm coming for the Erasmus exchange for Autumn Semester. I'm looking for a cosy room near to the Academy of Arts.

    Hello, to briefly introduce myself? Art student from Prague, but studying in Munich at the Academy of fine Arts in the Glass-Studio. I'm a person who loves art and sports. So drawing and painting, swimming, dancing and so on, that's what I'm up to. And an important...

    2 days ago
  • Looking for a room

    Hi there! I'm a 20 years guy from Barcelona. I'm currently studying in Autonomus University of Barcelona and I'm going to Vilnius for an Erasmus+ and I'm looking for a room in a students flat near to Old Campus from August to January. If you are a group of people...

    1 day ago
  • 23 years old guy, looking for a summer accommodation in Vilnius

    Hello everyone, I am an Italian student looking for an accomodation in Vilnius from the 3th of June until the 1st of September. Please, if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me All the best, Giovanni Ruggieri

    3 days ago
  • (Belgian)Erasmus planned for fall semester 2017. I'm currently searching for an accomodation with other Erasmus or citizens.

    I'm from Belgium and I will go for fall semester on erasmus in Vilnius at ISM. To enjoy my erasmus I am searching for an accomdation with other Erasmus students or students from Vilnius. I think it is the best solution to live the real life of the city and discover new...

    9 days ago
  • 21 Italian guy, looking for accommodation in Vilnius!

    I'm an Italian guy and I'm looking forward to meet new cultures from all over the Europe So boys and girls from 19 to 22, let me know! ;-)                                                                                      ...

    12 days ago
  • 21 year old guy looking for accomodation in Vilnius

    Hi!   My name is Lorenzo, I'm an italian guy from Udine (near Venice) and I'm looking for a room, or an apartment that I can share with someone from end of August/September 2017 to Jenuary/February 2018, in Vilnius, in order to attend Universities' courses of the...

    14 days ago
  • Hello! I'm Benedetta, Italian 19 year old student.Searching for flatmates! Moving to Vilnius from September 2017 - January 2018.

    Hello! I'm Benedetta, 19-year old student from Milan, Italy. I'm moving to Vilnius with Erasmus program from September 2017 to January 2018 (5 months) and I'm looking for flatmates! I already found a really nice and recommened apartment in the city centre of Vilnius (3...

    20 days ago
  • 22 year old guy looking for accomodation in Vilnius

    Hi, i'm looking for flatmates in Vilnius. I will start a three years course in september at Vilnius Business College in game design. I' m a sunny, nice and tidy guy. I speak quite well english and french. I'm mothertongue italian. I love to have fun and i like parties,...

    one month ago
  • 22 Years old Searching for Roommates

    Hi everyone,  My name is Vittorio and i will be in Vilnius on september 2017. I will be in Kazimirian Simonovic University following Business courses for all the first semester. As you can understand i'm searching for a roommate for share apartament or a flat, I don't...

    one month ago
  • 24 years old italian girl looking for accomodation in Vilnius

    Hello! I'm Francesca from Bologna, Italy. I'm looking for a room in a shared flat from May 2017 to July/August 2017. I came to Vilnius to do an internship. I'm graduated just from 4 days :D. I want to meet new people and discover new places. I'm searching for nice,...

    2 months ago
  • Homme 22 ans cherche collocation à Vilnius

    Hello everyone ! I am a french business student from Toulouse France, and I will study in the University of Vilnius for a semester, from end August 2017 to end January 2018, with a another girl from my school. We are looking for roomates to share a place with to have a...

    2 months ago
  • 23 year old girl looking for accomodation in Vilnius

    Hi! My name is Natalia, I'm from Barcelona and I'm looking for some flatmates and apartment from march to june 2017. I'm studying a Master's Degree in Direction of Restoration Projects and I will stay working at the Vilnius University Library. I love music and art and...

    2 months ago
  • 20years old french guy looking for a colocation in Vilnius

    Hi, We are two french students studying politicals sciences in Vilnius from February to January. We are already in Vilius, in a youth hostel for the moment. But we realy want to find colocation with erasmus to impove our english during this period. Both love music,...

    4 months ago
  • looking for accommodation in Vilnius

    I am a 20 year old student from Kazakhstan.  I am currently finishing L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University and this january coming to Vilnius for 6 month as exchange student. My hobby is football. I don't Mind anyone being my roommate because i'll be happy...

    4 months ago
  • 2 spanish students are looking for accomodation in Vilna

    Hiii!!! we're 2 spanish students (Balma and Paula) from the "Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Castellón", Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, and we are looking for accommodation for the second semester in Vilnius (February - June), we would like to rent an apartment...

    5 months ago
  • 20 years old girl looking for a flat and flatmates in Vilnius

    Hi! I'm Alba, a spanish student of Business Management. I arrived to Vilnius in September and I will be here until June. Now I have a room in the VGTU dormitory but fot next semester I would like to share a flat in the city centre. If you are interested in looking for a...

    11 months ago
  • Two guys (23 and 24yo) who are looking for a colocation in Vilnius.

    Hi, so we are Two guys (Florian 23 and Nicolas 24yo). We are from Lyon at School la Mache. We already did an erasmus last year in Poland (Lodz). We were in colocation last year with peplo who were from everywhere in Europe, so why not again? We are two simply guys, we...

    7 months ago
  • 27 year old girl, studying composition, looking for an allergy-friendly room/apartment (no pets, no smoking

    I'm a Norwegian composition student doing one semester in Vilnius. I'm working a lot with international music projects and will therefore travel a lot and not stay much in Vilnius. I need a clean, nice and quiet place to stay when in Vilnius, and since I have a lot of...

    8 months ago
  • 23 years old guy looking for an appartment in Vilnius

    Hello, I am a guy of 23 years old. I am looking for an appartment in Vilnius. Currently i am living in the Student house of the Kazimieras Simonavicious University, but i think it is kinda shitty. I prefer a single room, it is not a problem when the room is not that big.

    8 months ago

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