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Erasmus blog Turin

  • A trip to chocolate city

    It was my cousin's birthday. I had an amazing idea for her birthday that can also serve as my gift. I bought her tickets for two trips with me – to Turin and to Milan. This is the story of the first trip. There are cities that are famous,...

    0 by Katarina, 2 months ago
  • Torino - One City, One Destination

    1, A little scattered and Torino in particular and Italy in general. Often when visiting the city, we would have a list of places to visit such as museums, castles or palaces, historical monuments or enjoy delicious specialties in the land. I saved it. However, in this...

    1 by Hoàng, 3 months ago
  • UNITO documents

    You have to be focused on the next site, where the unito hang the documents about the 15th of May. - ??Internazionalizzazione -...

    0 by Maria, 6 years ago
  • Public transport

    In Torino the public transport is called GTT, that controls trains, subways and trams. All the information is on the website: GTT Map of the public transport, this is a link where you can download it:...

    0 by Maria, 6 years ago
  • How to get to Torino

    In general, I suppose you will reach there by plane. Unfortunately I can't write about different companys or prices because it depends on the country you live in. But I can show you the way to get to the city from the airport of Castello or any of the airports of...

    0 by Maria, 6 years ago
  • Who am I?

    Hi everybody! First of all I want to introduce myself: My name is Maria and I'm from Spain, I study medicine in Cordoba and this is gonna be my last year... where? In Torino! I've seen a lot of people with doubts asking in facebook, and because of that I've decided to...

    0 by Maria, 6 years ago

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