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Erasmus blog Turin

  • The ultimate guide to Turin

    For a few years now, my old schoolfriend and I have made it our mission to visit a new Italian city together each summer. This June, we travelled to Trieste together (read about our trip here and here), but last year, the northern business and cultural hub, Turin, was...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Form E106 (for all Erasmus Italy)

    I know it's long I'm sorry! But it's important that you finish reading it all, please! I tried to summarize and simplify it as much as possible... but if there are any questions, comment below. 1. In Spain! 1. 1. European Health Insurance Card: TSE Source 1. 2....

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Day trip to Turin

    Another new Italian destination for this semester: Turin (called Torino in Italian). We booked the trip last Wednesday and went there yesterday, Friday. We thought Torino was one of the cities we had to go to this semester since it’s not so far from Milan, and many of...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • A trip to chocolate city

    It was my cousin's birthday. I had an amazing idea for her birthday that can also serve as my gift. I bought her tickets for two trips with me – to Turin and to Milan. This is the story of the first trip. There are cities that are famous,...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Torino - One City, One Destination

    1, A little scattered and Torino in particular and Italy in general. Often when visiting the city, we would have a list of places to visit such as museums, castles or palaces, historical monuments or enjoy delicious specialities in the land. I saved it. However, in this...

    1 , 6 years ago
  • The public transport in Turin (Italy)

    In Turin, the public transport is managed by GTT. It controls the trains, the subways and the trams. All the information are available on this website: Comune di Torino GTT Information & Maps Here is the link where you can download the map of the public transport:...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • How to get to Torino

    Source In general, I suppose you will reach there by plane. Unfortunately I can't write about different companies or prices because it depends on the country you live in. But I can show you the way to get to the city from the airport of Castello or any of the airports...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • Who am I?

    Hi everybody! First of all I want to introduce myself: My name is Maria and I'm from Spain, I study medicine in Cordoba and this is gonna be my last year... where? In Torino! I've seen a lot of people with doubts asking in facebook, and because of that I've decided to...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • UNITO documents

    You have to be focused on the next site, where the unito hang the documents about the 15th of May. http://www.unito.it/unitoWAR/appmanager/istituzionale/internazionalizzazione2?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=istru_stud_incoming5 www.unito.it - ??Internazionalizzazione -...

    0 , 12 years ago

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