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  • italiano-tedesco----------------------------------

    25€ per hour

    • Alessandra · Teaches: German
      Speaks: GermanC2 · ItalianNative

    Supporto all'apprendimento del tedesco di base e avanzato per discipline psicologiche in forma di lezione individuale. Zona Osnabrück-----------------...

  • Certified German Language trainer with 10 years of experience

    5€ per hour

    • Aakansha · Teaches: German
      Speaks: GermanB1

    Hello! Guten Morgen Hallo! I am Aakansha I teach german language and have almost 10 years of experience in the implementation of this language. Teachi...

  • native German tutor/teacher (for Business, study help or regular)

    33€ per hour

    • Maria · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishC2 · FrenchA2 · GermanNative · PortugueseA1

    Hi all, Guten Tag an alle! Hola! Ciao! Bonjours les francophones! Dobri den! - and whoever else doesn`t fit in this line anymore ;-) I`m a native Ger...

  • Italian, German, English & Spanish tutor

    12€ per hour

    • Rafael · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishC1 · FrenchA2 · GermanNative · ItalianNative · PortugueseB2 · DutchA2

    Hi!I am Rafael 22 years old and currently International Business communication student in the third semester seeking to implement my skills. As a ling...

  • Certified German teacher with 10 yeas of experience

    20€ per hour

    • Madeleine · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishC2 · FrenchA2 · GermanNative · ItalianA2

    Hi, I'm Madeleine from Germany. I'm living in Spain and I have been working as a German teacher for over 10 years. I studied philosophy, literature an...

  • Deutsch-Unterricht in Wien online oder vor Ort

    30€ per hour

    • claudia · Teaches: German
      Speaks: GermanNative

    Erteile Deutsch- Unterricht von A1-C2- gerne auch online. Ich bin Deutsch- Lehrerin am Gymnasium und an der Universität und habe sehr viel Erfahrung i...

  • Experienced German Tutor with 6 years of experience

    40£ per hour

    • Jonna · Teaches: German
      Speaks: GermanNative

    Hi, my name is Jonna and I am a private German tutor. I have lived and studied abroad in Ireland, the USA and now London. I have been teaching German...

  • Profesor certificado con experiencia enseñando online

    10€ per hour

    • José · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishA2 · SpanishNative · GermanC2

    Hola, soy José y soy de Paraguay. Me encanta ayudar a enseñar a los demás a aprender un idioma como el alemán. Mi clase se basa en las necesidades de...

  • Clases de Alemán para principiantes (y no tanto)

    12€ per hour

    • Esther · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishNative · GermanC1

    Hallo! Me llamo Esther y soy de Madrid. He vivido en Alemania y Austria, y llevo dando clases particulares desde hace unos ocho años. Si necesitas ay...

  • Native German teacher - Learning German can be fun! :-)

    15€ per hour

    • Jo · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishB2 · GermanNative

    Hi! I'm Johanna. I am 33 years old and I'm from Germany. I currently live in Spain and I'm teaching German here. I love teaching my beautiful mother t...

  • Professional German Tuition by experienced German Native.

    22£ per hour

    • Bruno · Teaches: German
      Speaks: GermanNative

    Hello! You want to improve your German or learn it from scratch? You are looking for effective professional one-to-one German tuition? By a native...

  • I am a experienced German language expert since 3 years

    5€ per hour

    • Shubham · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishNative

    Hallo! My name is Shubham and I’m from India. I’ve made teaching my career because I love helping my students feel the joy and accomplishment of meeti...

  • Tutoring for GCSE and general tuition and practice

    20£ per hour

    • Andrew · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishNative · FrenchC1 · GermanC2 · SwedishB2

    I have over 20 years teaching experience and have done private tuition. I tutor in German and French and can do simple/intermediate Swedish. I am rate...

  • Personal and Goal-Oriented German Trainings for Conversation or Exams

    15€ per hour

    • Adina · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishB2 · GermanNative · PortugueseA2 · HungarianNative

    Hi there! I am Adina from Germany and I am a passionate and experienced German Teacher with a Master´s degree in German Language, Education and Psycho...

  • Profesor certificado TELF con 5 años de experiencia

    15€ per hour

    • georgina · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishNative · GermanB2

    Tengo experiencia en diferencias academias de idiomas como profesora de alemán-español y/o inglés-alemán. He trabajado durante cinco años y también c...

  • German lessons for beginners or inprove knowledge

    12€ per hour

    • Ágnes · Teaches: German
      Speaks: SpanishA1 · GermanC1 · HungarianNative

    I have a private firm as teacher and teach German and Hungarian / for beginners/ I have teaching experiences /3 years/ in Vienna. I always teach in a...

  • Practice/Learn German with a native speaker

    8€ per hour

    • Maria · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishB2 · GermanNative

    I am Maria, 24 years old and from Berlin, Germany. Recently I've been to Seville for a semester abroad. As I speak English and Spanish I can translate...

  • Clases de alemán como lengua extranjera de manera personalizada para que cada alumno aprenda según sus propias capacidades.

    16€ per hour

    • Katrin · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishNative · GermanNative

    Hola a todos! Me llamo Katrin y soy de Austria. He vivido algunos años en Latinoamérica y allí he dado clases de alemán como lengua extranjera. Siempr...

  • Professional language teacher (English and German) with 18 years of experience

    10€ per hour

    • Stefan · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishB1 · GermanNative · MalayA2

    My name is Steff and i was born and raised in Germany. I also studied there, did my masters in education and was teaching German as second language f...

  • soy profesora de piano y en academias de idiomas, clases en inglés, alemán, español

    20€ per hour

    • georgina · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishNative · GermanB2

    soy profesora de piano con experiencia en escuelas de músicas. También puedo dar las clases en inglés, alemán, español. Mi metologia es practicar co...

  • Certified German Language Teacher with 13 years of experience

    20€ per hour

    • Eirini · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishB1 · FrenchC2 · GermanC2 · GreekNative

    Hallo! Hello! I am Eirini and I am from Greece. I am a language enthusiast, determined to teach people foreign languages. I have been teaching German ...

  • Private german and swiss german tutoring

    15£ per hour

    • Kathrin · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishB1 · FrenchB1 · GermanNative

    Hi there, my name is Kat:D I am a swiss musical theatre student who moved to London two years ago. I am a native german and swiss german speaker. I'v...

  • Profesor de conversacion en alemán y español

    25€ per hour

    • Jesus · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishNative · FrenchC2 · GermanNative · ItalianNative

    Conversación en alemán y español con nativo español/alemán/suizo con formación en ingeniería y experiencia como consultor en empresas internacionales....

  • Certified teacher of different languages

    20€ per hour

    • Stefania · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · FrenchC2 · GermanNative · ItalianNative · PortugueseC1

    Hello! Hola! Guten Tag! Bonjour, My name is Stefania and I am polyglot. I speak 6 languages and I have experiences in teaching them. My passion for l...

  • C2 Certified tutor from Frankfurt in german language,

    15€ per hour

    • Priyadarshini · Teaches: German
      Speaks: EnglishC2

    Hi everybody,I would love to teach german to anybody who has a passion to learn this beautiful language. Since 10 years I am into this amazing profes...

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