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Learn Dutch online

  • Teacher NL/ EN with 4 years of experience

    15€ per hour

    • flag-nl Rachelle · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · DutchNative

    Hallo! Hoi! Hello! My name is Rachelle and I’m from the Netherlands and currently living in Belgium. I’ve been a teacher for 4 years in Belgium and So...


    15€ per hour

    • flag-nl Peter · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · GermanNative · DutchNative

    Introduction: 1. in English, 2. in Dutch, 3. in German Hello/hi, my name is Peter van Capelle. I am a bilingual tutor from the Dutch and German family...

  • Native speaking teacher/ degree in Pedagogy

    20€ per hour

    • flag-be marijke · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · FrenchB2 · GermanA2 · DutchNative

    Hello! (Hoi!) My name is Marijke and I'm from Belgium. I am mainly a music teacher, but I can definitely help you learn Dutch, the language that I've ...

  • Experienced DUTCH tutor with 20+ years experience will help you master Dutch

    55€ per hour

    • flag-nl Dutch · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: DutchNative

    Hoi! My name is Judit and I offer customised, fun and interactive Dutch lessons for individuals, duos and groups. My lessons are about you and your p...

  • Qualified teacher with Master's degree in Dutch as a second language

    45€ per hour

    • flag-nl Jeroen · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishC1 · FrenchB2 · GermanB2

    I teach all levels of Dutch, using my own method for the lower levels. For the higher levels the classes are (even more) costume made, using whatever ...

  • Fully qualified and experienced teacher, very international

    20€ per hour

    • flag-gb Annie · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishNative · FrenchC2 · GermanB2 · DutchC2

    Hi - I'm Annie and I've taught in schools and colleges in the Netherlands and England for many years. Near-native Dutch. I've prepared many students f...


    25€ per hour

    • flag-be Christian · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · FrenchC2 · GermanNative · DutchNative

    Hello!Guten Tag!Dag allemaal ! I'm a trainer and coach of germanic languages. Training and coaching is my passion. I never ever give up always aiming...

  • Effective and engaging one- to- one lessons or in small groups of 4-6 students

    55€ per hour

    • flag-nl Anouk · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: DutchNative

    Hoi! My name is Anouk van der Linde and I can help you to learn Dutch in a relaxed and fun way. Since 2011 I have worked as a certified teacher of Du...

  • Dutch teacher, certified TEFL teacher with 5 years of experience

    20€ per hour

    • flag-be Elke · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishB2 · FrenchB1 · ItalianB2 · DutchNative

    Hi, I'm Elke from Belgium. Do you think about studying or working in Belgium or the Netherlands and you you want to start learning our language? Feel ...

  • Learn Dutch online by Skype, Hangout or Zoom.

    28€ per hour

    • flag-nl Adriaan Johan · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: SpanishNative · GermanC1 · DutchNative

    Hi, my name is Adriaan. I am a Dutch native speaker in love with Spain. I live in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. I am a professional teacher, tr...

  • Dutch language teacher with 4 years of experience

    15€ per hour

    • flag-nl Marlijn · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · GermanC1 · DutchNative

    Hi! My name is Marlijn and I am from the Netherlands. I teach Dutch for about 4 years now, from beginner to advanced level. I would like to help you w...

  • Certified CELTA teacher with 20 years of experience

    21€ per hour

    • flag-nl Karin · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishC1 · FrenchA2 · GermanC1 · ItalianA2 · DutchNative

    Hi, my name’s Karin and I’m from Holland, but I live on the Canary Islands. I love teaching my mother tongue and have done so for more than 20 years. ...

  • Dutch classes with an experienced teacher

    15€ per hour

    • flag-nl Roland · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishC1 · GermanB2 · DutchNative

    Hello there, my name is Roland. I would love to teach you my mother language, which is Dutch. I'm a very experienced teacher. In The Netherlands I use...

  • Certified teacher with 17 years of experience

    25€ per hour

    • flag-nl Christine · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · SpanishA2 · FrenchC1 · GermanB2 · ItalianB2 · PortugueseA2 · DutchNative · TurkishNative

    Dear possible student. It’s a joy to me to help you to get insight in Dutch, to help you to see through structures and thus and to- bit by bit-indepen...

  • Experienced native Dutch teacher for all levels

    25€ per hour

    • flag-be Francoise · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishA1 · FrenchC1 · GermanC1 · ItalianC1 · DutchNative

    Hello, my name is Francoise and I'm from Belgium. I would love to help you with Dutch. I always make personalised lessons depending on your needs and ...

  • Customised, fun & interactive Dutch lessons for YOU

    60€ per hour

    • flag-nl Dutch · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC1 · GermanA2 · DutchNative

    I’m the founder of Dutch of Course. I love to help and motivate people who are serious about mastering Dutch. I know from personal experience (I moved...

  • certified Dutch and Flemish teacher with 6 years experience.

    25€ per hour

    • flag-be Veronique · Teaches: Dutch
      Speaks: EnglishC2 · FrenchA2 · GermanA1 · DutchNative

    Hallo, my name is Veronique. I have 13 years of teaching experience of which 6 years of teaching Dutch as a second language. I also manage a team of 6...

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