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Do you have too much luggage? Ship it internationally with Eurosender!

Published by Cokidoo cokitools — 2 years ago

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Packing only ten T-Shirts, two pair of Jeans and one pair of shoes in order to avoid high excess baggage fees, sounds familiar? On the other hand, you can end up paying a small fortune if you want to take all your belongings with you and be charged up to 20€ per kg over weight at the airport. Luckily, we have a solution for you. is student's most popular platform for booking of international shipping services, which will transport your luggage door-to-door in a simple, affordable and reliable manner.


Now you can take with you on Erasmus exchange entire content of your home wardrobe, without any compromises, because the maximum weight of the shipment is impressive 50 kg.

Booking is extremely simple and takes you just a few minutes and the only thing you have to do is pack your things and Eurosender will take care of everything else. You can choose preferred pick up day and courier driver will stop directly at your home address, bring shipping label and stick it on your luggage, cardboard box, or other things you don’t want to miss on your semester abroad.

Shipment will be safely transported to your new home by one of our courier partners, which are only the largest and the most reliable logistics companies in EU (UPS, DPD, GLS, Seur, Chronopost, ACS, Exapaq, etc.). Eurosender is aggregating potential demand of all of its customers and bargaining with large international courier companies to receive low prices, which are then passed to you, dear clients!

Even items which are too big for airlines can be easily shipped to your new country and you can have your bike, skis and other sports equipment delivered in just a few days.

Eventually, it will come time when you will have to return back home and you will face a room full of clothes, books, notes, equipment you bought and souvenirs from your Erasmus country. Why to throw all those things away or face with all the stress and expenses of carrying them on plane? Eurosender can transport everything for you and you can travel back home hassle-free and save money at the same time.

Ease your relocation, save time and money. Shipping with Eurosender can save you up to 70 %!   

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Comments (5 comments)

  • Mark Mollet 2 years ago

    Terrible experience with Eurosender, they broke 1 package and lost the other. Two months later, the situation is still not resolved.

  • Sam Cooke one year ago

    seconded. Items were stolen out of my bag. Plastic wrapped and had insurance. Told my claim was refused, and received no response to my challenge after numerous emails and phone call

  • Yaroslav Moskalenko 8 months ago

    Dissatisfied. Obviously they are good in something but it's not a shipping... Had unacceptable experience.

  • Peter Tilling 5 months ago

    Keep away from Eurosender (and DPD), my stuff ended up going back to sender, they even didn't try to contact me as receiver. (dont think they even tried finding the receiver in Sweden) Eurosender is not the company that has customer service on their list. So from my bad experience of Eurosender and DPD , I am never going to use them again

  • Zuza Jabłońska 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, my experience with Eurosender was not too good, if not to say- the worst in my whole life concerning sending the packages.

    I wanted to send a parcel from France to Poland and from the very beginning I had problems with GLS courier company cause they didn't want to take it, explaining that it's over 30kg (while on the Eurosender website it's clear that they take parcels up to 50kg). After calling Eurosender and telling about the whole situation, somehow GLS took the parcel. Although, the courier came completely unprepared to get such a package, without a trolley, so he just threw the package to the car! Hoping that from that moment everything would be fine, I left France and patiently waited until it arrives in Poland. To my surprise, after 3 days, the parcel was still at the warehouse. So I contacted the courier and he said they can't send it because it weighs 43kg and French law doesn't let sending the packages over 30kg. Again, I contacted immediately Eurosender and presented the whole story and as an answer I received a message "that they are trying to locate my parcel"! While I already knew that it was still at the same place that I was sending it from. After one week of struggling with Eurosender, they wrote me that the package is over 50kg and I need to get it back. I was so disappointed with their services that I wanted to get my package and have it sent as quick as possible to Poland. But the parcel was damaged! Again my fight with Eurosender started, in the end I didn't even want to get a compensation but at least they should give me the money (55EUR) that I paid for the service that they didn't provide. From that moment, I didn't hear anything from Eurosender.

    I don't recommend it at all. They are not able to cooperate with courier companies and always have the same excuses. Never again that I will use their services.

    If you are still considering sending sth with Eurosender, then definitely don't do it. The moment sth goes wrong you won't receive any help and no money back.

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