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  • momondo launches case competition for students from around the globe

    The global travel brand momondo launches TRAVELLENGE, an international Student Case Competition that aims to bring young talents from all over the world together to create new ideas for the rapidly growing digital travel industry. A certified Master...

    0 , in General 9 years ago
  • Return back home at the best Price

    It’s time to get back home. During the course you have met very interesting people, have lived amazing experience… But you have also accumulated too much stuff in your room. How are you going to manage it to take it back home? Simple, PackLink has the best courier...

    0 , in General 9 years ago
  • Want to spend less on your mobile phone bills?

    MÁSMÓVIL have the right solutions for you! Besides having the best prices on the market they have customer support in 6 languages (English, German, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian/Swedish, Spanish) for their international clients who do not speak Spanish. No...

    0 , in General 9 years ago
  • The best Carnival celebrations around the world

    Among many regions of the world February marks a month of party, debauchery and costumes. With its origins in the Catholic faith, Carnival is celebrated right before the Lent period and the celebrations include street parades and masquerades. Obligatory during an...

    0 , in General 9 years ago
  • Practice your favourite sport wherever you are

    Changing countries does not mean changing habits. If you are an Erasmus student and are passionate about the sport you can find out about the programs each university offers its students during their stay in the foreign country. Is better to carry out with our sport...

    0 , in General 9 years ago
  • Are you planning a trip home for the holidays? Maybe you’re heading away with your new Erasmus friends?

    Booking travel can be overwhelming, especially when you are busy with schoolwork. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, here at Erasmusu we like to share the secrets that make life that much easier – and we’ve found a single website that makes...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Advice for your international move

    Moving, and more if it’s international, can become a little bit annoying and especially when it comes to pack up everything in boxes. From PackLink they would like to help you with a series of recommendations that will make any moving easier: Take the...

    1 , in General 10 years ago
  • The Autumn & bank holidays breaks have arrived

    10% discounts and a backpack as a gift if you travel in the autumn, Christmas and New Year bank holidays.  Once entered in the fall our mind focuses on the coming Christmas holidays. The ideal time to explore the old continent has arrived. Logitravel, an on-line travel...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Are you an Erasmus student in Spain and don’t know where to buy your contact lenses?

    Are you doing your Erasmus abroad and you've run out contacts lenses? Comfotlens has the solution: they send your contact lenses to your home, to any European country. The savings are guaranteed with their prices and free shipping with no minimum spend. You may...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • How to make cheap international calls from Spain

    Hey there! How are your holidays going? It’s summer and starting classes again is probably not something you are quite looking forward to just yet…Soon though you will have to begin preparing for your Erasmus year and one of the things to sort out is your cell...

    7 , in General 10 years ago
  • Master in International Industrial Project Management by Gestamp and Icade Business School

    Have you ever though how much planning, management and strategic work is behind your favorite car? Do you know how many years it takes to design, manufacture and ship millions of vehicles all over the world? Imagine you could work leading industrial projects in any of...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Start a new life at your Erasmus destination with People Global Relocation

    Today we have something really interesting for you: People Global Relocation, a company that will help you solve all those problems and concerns when you start a new life at your Erasmus destination.  They help you to find the accommodation that best suits your needs...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Escape from the heat this summer!!

    The next time you need to book flights we suggest you take a look at the online travel agency They have a very powerful search engine which shows you the final price right from the beginning, allowing you to compare real prices without having an...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • How To Call Home Really Cheap In Europe While Abroad

    When you are considering spending a semester abroad as a student there are so many things to consider. What should you take with you? Where will you live? How will you get around? What things are there to see? What will you do if you get lonely? And just how cheaply can...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Travelling at bargain prices with

    The Erasmus period has come to be known as extremely fun and very busy, with students meeting people from all corners of the world and travelling to new destinations. But as we all know most students live on a tight budget and travelling normally means staying in cheap...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Learn English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese in a country where the given language is spoken

    Imagine you could speak any language you wanted, fluently… You could have a friendly chat with the locals in Paris… Or order some sushi for your friends in Japan… Maybe you’d like to get a job in the heart of Madrid… Or finally be able understand those...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Oportunidad de esponsorizar un concurso en Erasmusu

    El pasado 17 de febrero terminó el concurso a nivel europeo que teníamos activo en Erasmusu. Ha sido algo realmente épico. Nuevo concurso y nueva oportunidad de esponsorización Dado el éxito que ha tenido, hemos decidido volver a repetir el lanzamiento de un...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Winners of the Open Erasmus Competition contest!

    After 5 months of awesome participation we have the winners of the Open Erasmus Competition. It’s incredible the amount of useful content we have received from all participants. The future Erasmus generations will be really grateful! Thank you very much to all...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • Sign up on Moodyo and win one of the 50 gift certificates we are giving away

    Social shopping network, Moodyo, not only helps you shop smarter, but also helps you make money. How? Thanks to new 50x50 campaign: various contests in which Moodyo will give away 50 gift certificates worth 50 euros each. The only thing you have to do is rise to the...

    0 , in General 10 years ago
  • It's Carnival time… Save money with a package deal with!

    Hide behind a mask, pretend to be someone great or simply join in with a group of friends. Carnival is synonymous for letting go, having fun and a good time… It’s one of the liveliest and vibrant parties and although celebrated around the globe there are certain...

    0 , in General 10 years ago

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