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Hide behind a mask, pretend to be someone great or simply join in with a group of friends. Carnival is synonymous for letting go, having fun and a good time… It’s one of the liveliest and vibrant parties and although celebrated around the globe there are certain destinations where Carnival really becomes alive. Get ready to travel to the famous carnival of Rio de Janiero in Brazil, Cadiz or Gran Canaria in Spain or another European cite such as Venice or Cologne…. And remember not to forget your costume!

Logitravel, the online travel agency specialsiing in hotels, package deals and cruises, has put together a number of great deals for you to enjoy the most popular carnivals around the globe. Here are a few of their exciting offers :)


Our first stop is Cadiz, thousands of artists from all over Spain and Europe visit this small city to participate in contests, competitions and parades, all of which have become well known around the world. A practical tip from Logitravel is to stay in a neighbouring town or village and use public transport to travel into the centre to avoid paying high prices. We at Erasmusu recommend that you stay in Puerto Santa Maria in San Miguel Monastery 4* hotel with breakfast, from 39€ per night!

We can’t forget to mention the carnivals in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Although the more famous of the two is in Tenerife, Gran Canaria is home to a vibrant carnival. With over 400 years of history it’s one of the most colorful carnivals of Spain. Logitravel offers us a 7 day trip to Gran Canaria for 369€, departing from Madrid on February 4th and staying in Ifa Buenaventura 3* hotel at half board.


Outside of Spain, the most popular European carnival can be found in Venice, famous for its class and elegance. During the 10 day celebration Venice becomes a big theater stage where everyone hides behind their masks. You can’t miss the Volo dell'Angelo or the “Flight of the Angel”, the traditional opening ceremony. With Logitravel we can travel to Venice for 339€, this includes flights and 3 nights stay at the 4* Best Western Villa Mapaba, including breakfast.

And in Germany we’re taken to Cologne, where carnival commences on St. Martin's Day, November 11th, with the three main protagonists: the Prince, the Peasant and the Virgin. Carnival itself, also known as the “fifth season of the year” starts on February 7th, with “Weiberfastnacht” a tradition event in which local women take absolute control of the streets. Saturday marks the day of the parade in Neumark, which includes rose guards, lots of dancing and an abundance of beer. Bringing the carnival to a close on Monday also known as, Rosenmontag, masks on floats throw flowers and sweets to the hundreds of spectators that line the streets. A package deal from Logitravel with flights from London and accommodation at the 4*Leonardo Köln hotel including breakfast cost from 314€.


And of course we end our tour with the most popular of all the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, famous for the numerous samba dancers that parade in front of thousands of spectators at the “Sambadrome”. The entire city changes in color, music, rhythm and Brazilian debauchery at its finest. With Logitravel you can enjoy the world's most famous carnivals from 1,038€ departing from Madrid on February 2nd, including 1 weeks stay at the 3* Rio's Presidente Hotel, including breakfast.

You can find more information and prices at and also make tailor made packages to fit your personal needs

It’s time to start preparing your costume! From 1st - 12th February rhythm, colour, samba and good fun will line the streets of Cadiz, Gran Canaria, Venice, Cologne and Rio de Janero!

Don’t miss out, book your trip now!

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