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  • More Homework Won't Make International Students Smarter

    Homework is something that is usually given in the school setting, for students to learn more. But, time and time again, there is proof about its ineffectiveness. It's sent to make pupils smarter but students don't always perform better because of it. Up to now, there's...

    0 by Carol, 5 days ago
  • The Pain of Senegal Visa

    What You Need to Know About Senegal Visa SAA is not liable for any losses or inconvenience incurred as an outcome. Choose bigger vehicles, which might provide more protection in crashes. Incomplete or deficient applications won't be processed. Therefore, if you want...

    0 by wiqoniri, 18 days ago
  • The Leaked Secrets to Slovenia Schengen Visa Disclosed

    Slovenia Schengen Visa - Is it a Scam? The absolute most dependable choice is to speak to a specialized company that supplies professional support in obtaining a Schengen visa. In case the suggested appointment isn't available, we'll provide you with a...

    0 by logunuyu, 20 days ago
  • "How is Mexico viewed from abroad?"

    It's "normal" that we have ideas and stereotypes associated with a country. For example, we say: Italy = pizza, spaghetti, etc. source France = cheeses, we think about some of the 365 different types of cheese, or one of their delicious and exquisite wines from...

    0 by Kate, 2 months ago
  • Mi experiencia en Budapest

    I am Jose Miguel Mingorance, I am 25 years old and I come from the University of Granada. I love sport and that's why I studied sport sciences and in the future I hope to dedicate myself to it. I would like to be a teacher and/or coach a football team.   The Erasmus...

    0 by Miguel, 3 months ago
  • running exercise in the best botanic garden in Greece

    Now less than 1km from metro blue line terminal at Ag. Marina, a green lush garden park waits to explire it. Open till 15.00 pm . All native greek herbs and wild birds on special protecion status. Water lilies and romantic ponds, little ivers and a tranquility you will...

    0 by Efi, 5 months ago

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all very well. Today I have woken up inspired to share with you some particular aspects about life on Erasmus that I have learned first hand during my year abroad. I am going to verify or debunk some cliché phrases about Erasmus, each and...

    0 by Kate, 5 months ago
  • 1916 Memorial Military Parade

    The Irish (generally speaking) seem to be proud of their history. The Celtic origins were followed by Viking raids and the English conquest which brought forth centuries of struggles. Famous examples after the many conflicts in hte 16th and 17th century are the 1798...

    0 by Jan, 6 months ago
  • Great weather in badalona

    Hello everyone  My name is jasdeep nd m from india  Now  i live in spain  spain is very beautiful city  The weater is soo cool  Andd  the badalona city is very cool place  Diffrent weather.freah air i would like to share these 2 images of  cityy

    0 by Jasdeep, 8 months ago
  • Valentino Ballerinas Sale like

    Taking photographs at night introduces its own set of difficulties, as if getting good lighting weren't already hard enough. As she started her family and settled in Sydney, Australia. pizza. This happens when you do not measure your feet size in the right way, or like...

    0 by Tenisy, 10 months ago
  • Ingles

    Hello, my name is Erika Ponce. I am happy to study in Argentina. I study Software Engineering, I am proud of being able to obtain my Master's Degree. I live alone, the place where I live is comfortable and very pleasant. It is located one block from the central park. In...

    0 by Erika, 10 months ago
  • Valentino Ballerinas a good

    Many reputed footwear brands have also introduced running shoes for people with high arches. Too much or too little space increases your Valentino Ballerinas Flats foot chance to rub against the side of the shoe. It continued during the Vietnam War. Fighting women's...

    0 by Tenisy, 10 months ago
  • Valentino Outlet just the

    A few) SelfDiscipline Simply because of the substantial expectations of style universities in Milan, you can study how to selfdiscipline oneself and this will likely assist you to succeed in living. Trend, despite the fact that it includes creativity, demands a lot of...

    0 by Deruon, 11 months ago
  • Cheapest Flight Tickets & Incredible Deals at Rehlat

    We know it hurts a lot when you see a flight ticket priced higher than your budget. This is what we have been taking care of. We at Rehlat offer you cheap flights to anywhere in the world with ease. A multitude of fabulous discounts and offers also are on the plate to...

    0 by john, 11 months ago
  • Finding the best deep dish pizza in Chicago

    Finding the best deep dish pizza in Chicago Before visiting the Windy city for the first time, I had no idea that Chicago is somehow a paradise for food lovers. And one of the most famous dishes that you can try there, is the deep dish pizza. But what exactly makes the...

    0 by Martha, one year ago

    The exam is always a stress for the learner  essay help. And it does not matter if you learned or did not learn all the stuff. Particularly spoils the nerves of the written exam, and in particular testing. We will consider how to keep your nerves and successfully pass...

    0 by Yeva, one year ago
  • Generation and Education - How Schooling has been Affected by New Technology

    Education has been changing as fast technology is advancing. The educational structures all over the international are going through a transformation because of the advancing international a good way to meet the desires of the financial and improvement...

    0 by Jeff, one year ago
  • #threeweeks - english version (of "a tre settimane dal mondo")

    You do not know me, I do not know you, yet I feel the desire to write to you, here, and to write to myself.I am in Erasmus, the most beautiful experience I ever experienced so far. Choose it.Living in your own microcosm is comfortable, you get used even to your own...

    0 by Lucia, one year ago
  • #Day1 - english version

    Here I am catapulted into a new world. During the car ride, I did nothing but listen to music and look out of the window (apart from random short periods of sleep) imagining how everything would change, as I would have changed. Sometimes you need a boost to have the...

    0 by Lucia, one year ago
  • Willkommen - english version

    Just over a month ago, my Erasmus' adventure began. Here, in Austria, in Klagenfurt. When you are waiting for departure, you never know what is going to happen, if it will be beautiful, satisfying and constructive or not. Leaving for an Erasmus is like making a leap...

    0 by Lucia, one year ago

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