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Erasmus news

  • Tribe Group Men's Herbal Remedies International

    Tribe group herbal shop was established in 2000, since its establishment, the scale grows gradually. Our products will help you increases the power which makes your life very good. You do not need to be frustrated. After using these products  you can always please your...

    0 by Waki, 13 days ago
  • Christmas in Vilnius

    Vilnius Old Town in Christmas While many people are deciding which country to visit - Spain, Portugal or sunny Malta - I decided to come back to my roots and go to the 1 top city for travelers according to Lonely Planet or recent Czech top list. All roads lead home, to...

    0 by Adriannaerys, 15 days ago
  • Has Erasmus made me a European?

    With the crisis that is currently taking place in Europe, low blows from some, individualism from others, some journalists sometimes ask what is even left of Europe and its initial aims that there were, amongst others, to allow the citizens of each European country to...

    0 by Olivia, one month ago
  • The Best Countries for Education

    The field of education is highly competitive in terms of the attempts of various states to compete for the best students. So, it would make sense to review the best countries with the highest quality of education.  While some assess universities and states by the...

    0 by Angie, 3 months ago
  • How to Spend a Perfect Barcelona City Trip

    “Barcelona, archives of courtesy, the shelter of the foreigners, hospital of the poor, father-land of  the brave, the vengeance of the offended and pleasant correspondence of firm friendship, and in the site, and in beauty, unique.”  – Miguel de Cervantes In...

    0 by Akshay, 5 months ago
  • Quick Survival Guide to Indonesia

    This is the quick survival guide if you're planning to move or travel to the archipelago nation of Indonesia. Quick Summary of Indonesia Indonesia is a country of thousand islands, it has approximately 17.000 islands that spread from west at Sabang island to east at...

    0 by Anna, 5 months ago
  • The differences of the school system between Spain and Italy

    Here we are again, with an article that I would describe as a dive into the past: I decided to write this due to me being in a nostalgic period, and because of me reminiscing those days on a full time basis I can't help but to tell everyone about the little details that...

    0 by Gaia, 7 months ago
  • The Most Common University Clubs and Societies In Australia

    INTRODUCTION Barely a century ago, the running style and tide, as well as communication and interaction, changed for the Australians. The roads that once led the people of Australia to engage freely or even pay to take part in face-to-face social activities...

    0 by Kimberley, 9 months ago
  • How the Exchange Program Changes Students’ Lives

    Looking at the current world scenario, many students long to study at the best universities in the European Union. To expand the working horizons in the intercontinental space, students can benefit from the Erasmus programme. It is a setup from the 1980’s...

    0 by Angie, 9 months ago
  • What You Need to Do About Gibraltar Visa

    Gibraltar Visa Can Be Fun for Everyone Asylum seekers don't have any choice except to listen. Citizens of these countries who have been living in the united kingdom for three or more months and plan on visiting Spain have to find a Spain visa as a way to have the...

    0 by Jolynn, 9 months ago
  • The Absolute Best Plan to Use for French Southern Territories Visa Revealed

    Life, Death, and French Southern Territories Visa Generally, the nationals of non-Schengen nations will need to get a visa. If you were granted a China visa in earlier times you must offer a duplicate of the most recent issued China visa. So try to remember that should...

    0 by bedopoci, 9 months ago
  • Rumored Buzz on Kosovo Visa Discovered

    You can locate the edition date at the base of the webpage on the shape and instructions. A martial artist has an obligation to respond with violence only when it's unavoidable. You do not need to fill in the whole form within a session. If you can't locate the country...

    0 by tisirake, 9 months ago
  • More Homework Won't Make International Students Smarter

    Homework is something that is usually given in the school setting, for students to learn more. But, time and time again, there is proof about its ineffectiveness. It's sent to make pupils smarter but students don't always perform better because of it. Up to now, there's...

    0 by Carol, 10 months ago
  • The Pain of Senegal Visa

    What You Need to Know About Senegal Visa SAA is not liable for any losses or inconvenience incurred as an outcome. Choose bigger vehicles, which might provide more protection in crashes. Incomplete or deficient applications won't be processed. Therefore, if you want...

    0 by wiqoniri, 10 months ago
  • The Leaked Secrets to Slovenia Schengen Visa Disclosed

    Slovenia Schengen Visa - Is it a Scam? The absolute most dependable choice is to speak to a specialized company that supplies professional support in obtaining a Schengen visa. In case the suggested appointment isn't available, we'll provide you with a...

    0 by logunuyu, 10 months ago
  • "How is Mexico viewed from abroad?"

    It's "normal" that we have ideas and stereotypes associated with a country. For example, we say: Italy = pizza, spaghetti, etc. source France = cheeses, we think about some of the 365 different types of cheese, or one of their delicious and exquisite wines from...

    0 by Kate, one year ago
  • Mi experiencia en Budapest

    I am Jose Miguel Mingorance, I am 25 years old and I come from the University of Granada. I love sport and that's why I studied sport sciences and in the future I hope to dedicate myself to it. I would like to be a teacher and/or coach a football team.   The Erasmus...

    0 by Miguel, one year ago

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all very well. Today I have woken up inspired to share with you some particular aspects about life on Erasmus that I have learned first hand during my year abroad. I am going to verify or debunk some cliché phrases about Erasmus, each and...

    0 by Kate, one year ago
  • 1916 Memorial Military Parade

    The Irish (generally speaking) seem to be proud of their history. The Celtic origins were followed by Viking raids and the English conquest which brought forth centuries of struggles. Famous examples after the many conflicts in hte 16th and 17th century are the 1798...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Great weather in badalona

    Hello everyone  My name is jasdeep nd m from india  Now  i live in spain  spain is very beautiful city  The weater is soo cool  Andd  the badalona city is very cool place  Diffrent weather.freah air i would like to share these 2 images of  cityy

    0 by Jasdeep, one year ago

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