Turing Scheme replaces Erasmus in the UK: all about the new exchange programme

Turing Scheme replaces Erasmus in the UK: all about the new exchange programme

Does the new Turing Scheme ring any bells? One and a half year after their Referendum, the UK permanently left the European Union. The consequences? There are many, and they also affect new students. The UK does not participate in the Erasmus programme anymore. However, it created a new one that has been allowing its students to travel abroad from September 2021. In a nutshell: Alan Turing scheme has replaced Erasmus.

If you're looking for information because you're interested in participating in the Turing Scheme for students... keep reading to get all your questions answered!

To get started: What is the Turing Scheme?

The Turing Scheme is a student exchange; a new programme from the UK government to study and work abroad. The programme provides funding for international opportunities in education and training around the world. The Alan Turing Scheme has advantages for both students and organisations that choose to take part in the programme.

On one hand the Turing Scheme mobility creates opportunity for its students, offering experiences that will change their lives. In fact, it allows them to:

  • develop new skills;
  • gain international experiences;
  • boost their employability.

Also, along with that they can develop linguistic skills and discover new cultures.

On the other hand, institutions can improve existing partnerships and build relationships with other international organisations, gaining new ideas.

With this, the Turing Scheme exchange contributes to the government's commitment to a global Britain, that wants to form new relationships around the world.

Turing Scheme: details that you need to clear up your doubts

1. Where does the name Turing Scheme get its name?

The Turing Scheme study programme is named in honour of the renowned scientist Alan Turing. Turing was an english mathematician and computer scientist and his philosophy still has a significant impact on our lives. Among his achievements:

  • led the way in code-breaking success in Bletchley Park during the Second World War;
  • designed the Automatic Computing Engine, whose design principles are the basis of modern personal computers;
  • his work led to the philosophical principles behind artificial intelligence.

2. Are the Turing Scheme and the Turing Enrichment Scheme the same?

The answer is no. The Alan Turing Institute is the National Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the UK. It also honours the life and work of Alan Turing. One of its initiatives is the Turing Institute Enrichment Scheme. This is another programme for students enrolled in a doctoral programme in a UK university. Specifically, it offers the opportunity of joining the Institute for 12 months.

The aim is to enhance their research through access to the data science and artificial intelligence facilities available at the institute.

So, although both take Turing's name, the Alan Turing Institute is a separate organisation and has no role in the running of the Alan Turing Scheme 2021.

3. The Turing Scheme Offer: who can participate?

  1. Students of Higher Education (HE). They can study in another university or participate in the Turing Scheme internship, gaining an invaluable international work experience.
  2. Further Education Students (FE in english) of vocational education and training (VET). They can participate in the Turing Scheme jobs and complete internships abroad or study in an institution that offers these types of courses.
  3. Recent graduates of HE and VET. They can carry out their Turing Scheme training abroad up to 12 months after graduating.
  4. School Students. Incoming students can participate in the Turing Scheme and study abroad. They have two options: short or long stays, depending on their age.

If you want more information on Turing Scheme destinations and Turing Scheme fees, you need to contact your school or university, which can give you all the information you need, including the countries you can visit. On the other hand, if you want to know how to apply to the Turing Scheme, keep reading and clear up your doubts!

How to apply for the Turing Scheme programme

If you are a student, the first step in applying for the Turing Scheme is meeting the previously mentioned requirements. However, the responsibility for your participation in the Turing Scheme lies with the institution in which you are enrolled.

The funding is open to UK organisations and The British Overseas Territories' education and training sector as a whole. Eligible organisations could apply for the Turing Scheme from March 2021 onwards. For the first round, the application window remained opened for six weeks and in July the first news on the funding decisions that have been taken were provided.

Last week it has been confirmed that Turing Scheme will continue for further three years, that is amazing! So, all you need to do is keep looking for information to never miss any news about it.

In order to obtain grants for the Turing Scheme, your institution has to keep an eye on the Turing Scheme: the official website. There, you will find both the application form and the programme guide.

Also, remember that if there are enough Turing Scheme funds, there will be more than one round of application for funding.

Which countries participate in the Turing Scheme programme?

The participants of the UK Turing Scheme are able to study or work wherever because the programme support movement between countries worldwide. During the 2021/2022 academic year Turing Scheme provided funding for more than 40,000 overseas placements in 159 countries. If the government's objective is to create a global Britain, the Turing Scheme has to be global too.

Lately the list of Insitutions chosen for the funds was published, so you just need to check it out here to discover if your organisation is on the list! As expected, students that can participate needs to be from the UK. You can participate from anywhere in the United Kingdom: there you have Turing Scheme Northern Ireland and Turing Scheme Scotland, as well as England and Wales.

To get more information, you can follow the Turing Scheme on Twitter and be one of the first to find out the Turing Scheme countries, each year.

Just to let you know a little bit of numbers, 372 applications made by Institutions were accepted and this year their students are already participating in the programme. Organisations in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff... the list is really really long!

Turing Scheme vs Erasmus, what's the difference?

With the Turing Scheme, studying abroad reaches a new level!

Alan Turing Scheme replaces Erasmus and offers opportunities for future generations of UK students, of all backgrounds, to study and work around the world.

Turing Scheme versus Erasmus

  • The Turing Scheme projects widen participation and support social mobility across the country. They should help and promote equal access and opportunities for all students and pupils, regardless of background.
  • The new programme also reaches out to students from more disadvantaged backgrounds that previously had hardly any Erasmus+ students, making opportunities accessible for everyone in the country. This year 48% of places has gone to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • The programme offers similar opportunities to Erasmus+ for students studying and working abroad, but it includes countries from around the world, such as United States, Canada or Japan, among others.
  • The students also receive help to cover additional travel costs, including visas, passports and medical insurance. This is one of the keys to the new programme given that travel related costs can often be an obstacle for possible participants.

The grants provided are in line with what has been offered so far in Erasmus+. In addition, they are divided into 3 groups according to the cost of living in the countries:

  • Group 1 (high living cost)
  • Group 2 (average living cost)
  • Group 3 (lowest living cost).

A very important change that separates Turing Scheme/Erasmus is the additional support that is offered to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. With the new version of Alan Turing Erasmus Scheme, participants from disadvantaged backgrounds can receive a higher grant.

However, many think that the benefits of the Erasmus programme are very difficult to replicate in a national programme as planned by the government. Here are some of the consequences of the UK's exit from Europe that affect British and European students.

Turing Scheme and Brexit: UK's exit from Europe

Turing Scheme: Some time ago Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will no longer participate in Erasmus. One of the many consequences that the UK's exit from Europe has brought with it. On both the Turing Scheme gov.uk website and on Turing Scheme BBC you can find the latest news and various advantages or disadvantages of the new exchange programme.

Apart from the Turing Scheme, the British Council and the government have introduced a new immigration scheme for students. Up to the end of the academic year 2021-2022, British universities will keep hosting students through the Erasmus programme. However, UK and EU students will have to deal with new immigration regulations.

On one hand, UK citizens will only be able to stay in an EU country for 90 days out of 180 days without a visa. On the other hand, EU students travelling to the UK on Erasmus will only be able to stay for periods of less than six months. However, if they want to stay for a longer period, they will have to apply for a student visa, like those who want to study at university in the UK.

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