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Land I’ve been dreaming about

What can I say about my homeland? Granada or “Graná” is wonderful; it has all you need! I am going to explain it to you point by point:

Parties: any excuse is good to celebrate a party in Granada, you have millions of choices: Erasmus parties, faculty parties, party because I want to do a party… Discos will always find an excuse to celebrate a party. If you like drinking, you can go to the “botellodromo” where a lot of people gather to drink, for instance, for the Spring Party or “Cruces”. In these parties, you will meet a lot of people from all parts of Spain.

Climate: cold and dry winters, and quite hot summers. Sierra Nevada mountain range is very near Granada, so winters are quite cold; you only have to wrap up well. In summer, during the exams period, the heat can be a little bit suffocating, but you can go to the beach, it is also near! Or you can turn on the air-conditioning…

Prices: it is impossible to say that Granada is an expensive city, having lunch or dinner in a restaurant or bar is really cheap because of the “tapas”! It is very important to know where to go to take some “tapas”. There are some places where you can have lunch or dinner for €4.

Transport: in Granada you can go all over the city on foot because everything is near (from the Granada inhabitants’ point of view). On the contrary, if you come from a big city, you will think that everything is far because you are used to the underground. There are lots of buses; but if you have to take one in the rush hour, you will find it jam-packed with people.

Leisure time: there is always something to do in Granada: a walk throughout the Albaycin, the Alhambra, the centre of the city, going out to take some “tapas”, drinking a coffee on the mountain… Let your imagination fly, there is no time to get bored in Granada!

Culture and traditions: I recommend the Granada’s Holy Week (as well as Seville’s Holy Week). On Holy Thursday it is fantastic to see the Nazarene processions through the narrow streets of the Albaycin. If you really want to enjoy the procession, don’t see it in Navas street, it is much better in the Albaycin. It is also worth seeing the “encierro de los gitanos” on the “Sacromonte”, where you will be able to enjoy the authentic Granada’s Holy Week all the night.

With regard to the landscape, the environment and the architectural beauty, what can I say? Everybody has heard of the Alhambra, at least, in pictures: the Alhambra, the Albaycin, the Sacromonte district, every place in Granada offers you a wonderful sight, every street, every square… every time you will discover something new in Granada!

As Agustin Lara said, Granada is a city with charm:

Granada, land I’ve been dreaming about,
When my song’s for you it turns into
A Gypsy-like shout.
It’s my song, made of a dreamer’s folly,
Yes, my song, flower of melancholy,
That I now bring to you.

Granada, your soil is made bloody
By men and bulls fighting;
A woman whose Moorish eyes give her
A charm that’s exciting.
Rebellious Gypsy in my dreaming,
All covered with flowers,
I kiss your red mouth that’s so gleaming,
A ripe apple, seeming
To speak love for hours.

Granada, with beautiful rhymes, like
A girl, poets sing you;
Except for a plain bunch of roses
I’ve nothing to bring you;
Of roses with fragrance so mild that
They could be a frame for the dark Holy Virgin.

Granada, your soil is submerged in
A sea of great beauties,
Of blood and of sun.

[Official translation of the lyrics by Coby Lubliner]

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