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Erasmus experiences Umeå universitet

  • 8 / 10 points

    Winter adventure in Northern Sweden

    How is it to live in Umeå? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Yes, absolutely recommend! Umeå feels otherwordly, in a way that I can't explain it and it needs to be experienced. it's like an utopia in the most dystopic place ever. Yes, this feels like an...

    0 , 20 days ago
  • 5 / 10 points

    Experience in Umea University, Sweden by Maja

    Generally, what is Umea University like? Umeå is a really sporty one. So if you are interested in sports and outdoor activities such as crosscountry skiing this is the town for you! Source How are the facilities like? The facilities at the school are great. But you do...

    0 , 9 years ago

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