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Erasmus experiences

  • 9 / 10 points

    Wroclaw, a pleasant discovery

    What is it like to live in Wroclaw? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Wrocław is a very pretty city, close sufficiently close to visit Central Europe, in particular Germany and Czech Republic. It's a city full of young, possibilities and wonderful views. I...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Wroclaw one year ago
  • 8 / 10 points

    Bruxelles, ma belle: Erasmus experience

    What is the student lifestyle like in Brussels? It is not a student city by any means (in Belgium those are Gent and Leuven...), but there are still many students and many things for them to do. How much does it cost to live in Brussels? It depends on your choices, but...

    1 , in Erasmus experiences Brussels one year ago
  • 8 / 10 points

    Once Erasmus, always Thesserasmus

    Thessaloniki is the most student-friendly city I have ever lived in. Without too much filler, I will make a short pro-cons list of things that come in my mind right now. Pros +Perfect nightlife. There is ALWAYS something to do. +The Greek culture. Tavernas. People...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Thessaloniki one year ago
  • 7 / 10 points

    Erasmus in Lisbon after Covid

    If you are a lover of a warm weather, beaches, hiking and a bar culture, Lisbon might be a right place for you. When it comes to an architecture and a landscape, this city has its charm. there are many viewpoints which are great for chilling during a sunset, many hills,...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Lisbon one year ago
  • 8 / 10 points

    Passing 9 exams in Krakow

    I don't wanna write for too long but in the end it was okay experience. I succeeded my goal passing 9 courses in one semester which is the most important, met around 40 people just from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia and also people from other countries. What I have to say...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences UR one year ago
  • 6 / 10 points

    Not that bad

    Derby is a VEEEERY small city but you can find almkst everything. The nightlife is not that bad but there are few places so if you find the right people you will usually go out in close cities, during the weekend, such as nottingham, Birmingham or places a little bit...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences DERBY one year ago
  • 8 / 10 points

    Incredible Experience in Zagreb, Croatia

    Two years ago i had the opportunity to study for a semester in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. To be honest, i didn't have a large choice of destination either it was Croatia or Sweden, and i'm pretty sure i made the right move. It all...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Zagreb one year ago
  • 7 / 10 points

    KU leuven - new boyfriend, new salsa and parkour sklills, lots of italian parties on my 4th floor

    Exams are really difficult, but the city is cozy, the people are great, nice climbing at boulder.one, nice coffee at NOIR, original cultural events at STUK and oh STUDAX best place to stay:)  All in all best time in my life!   (I somehow passed those exams, so it's...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences KULEUVEN one year ago
  • 6 / 10 points

    Every experience is an experience

    I have been in Aveiro like Erasmus student in 2018. It was my best experience in my life. I met many amazing people from different countries with different political opinions and different religions, but we have become best friends, because we decided to respect each...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Aveiro 2 years ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Erasmus in Regensburg

    Why did you decide to go to Regensburg, Germany? Beacuse a friend reccomended that it is a great Erasmus destination, and it is! How long was your stay there? What kind of grant did you receive? I was there for 6 months and I received 450€ per month. How is the...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Regensburg 2 years ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Erasmus Turin first semester 2021/2022

    Amazing experience I met a lot of interesting people. I lived in Campus San Paolo, recommend them.The cheapest room for 2 is 350 Euro. In Turin are a lot of interesting places to go, some recommendations are Superga, Car museum, Lavazza museum, parco Valentino, Juventus...

    1 , in Erasmus experiences Turin 2 years ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Discovering Vilnius

    Generally, Vilnius is the destination we go to when we haven't been accepted to our first choice, but it is a city full of surprises! It's a city where life is simple, it is not expensive and full of Erasmus! The Erasmus community is big and there are night outs all the...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Vilnius 2 years ago
  • 3 / 10 points

    When I leave the city I would never come back again.

    I am sorry being so harsh about it , but I would never imagine how boring and dead is this city .better say village , cause just on the map it shows you the area of a city but when you are in, you realize how small it is , and it's an extended city , the only place you...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Kaiserslautern 2 years ago
  • 10 / 10 points

    Master at Rome Business School

    What an exciting year! With Rome Business School I had the possibility to meet the company I am actually working with now. Not only key for my professional career, but a way to meet new people, friends that can be both supportive and positive vibes to have around...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences RBS 2 years ago
  • 10 / 10 points

    Master in Marketing and Sales in Rome Business School

    At Rome Business School for me was a great experience, first of all the Staff has been awesome: reception, student services and the professors have been helpfull and with a positive attitude. The overall learning experience has been enriching and stimulating. I would...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Rome 2 years ago
  • 7 / 10 points

    Advisor stole and published my research

    PhD program in engineering.  Advisor stole and published my research. Escalating to the higher up was met with silence. I transferred. Same advisor lost three students in one year. Must be from a powerful family as she got praised. Go figure.    Be aware, bad apples...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Padua 2 years ago
  • 3 / 10 points

    Descubriendo España

    I am Marlon a student in Spain I want to do my masters here, after finishing university I decided to come to Madrid, when I made the decision my parents did not like the idea because where we live was very far away in Quito Ecuador, when I arrived to the new country I...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Madrid 2 years ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Enjoying the city leisurely in the summer whilst doing my traineeship

    I've spent two summer months doing Erasmus+ traineeship in the Krakow University Hospital. It was a unique experience since it was my first time being away from home for a longer period of time.I was staying in the dormitory D of the Medical college in Krakow. It was a...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Krakow 2 years ago
  • 5 / 10 points

    Erasmus experience in Limerick, Ireland

    Why did you choose to go to Limerick, Ireland? I wanted to go to an English speaking country and there was no possibility to study in the UK because of Brexit so I chose Ireland. I chose Limerick because the campus looked pretty modern and it was promoted as a student...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Limerick 2 years ago
  • 9 / 10 points

    Experience in Potsdam, Germany from Tatjana

    How's it like living in Potsdam? Would you recommend it to thers? What is the city like? The city is amazing with many attractions and cool parks, It is really beautiful to live there. What is student life like in Potsdam? It is really good. There are bars and dance...

    0 , in Erasmus experiences Potsdam 2 years ago

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