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Good university bad city

I lived a year as a student in ancona, i regret it so much,this university felt so unorganized,but it is still an italian university with high level of studies.i left the last year , i just couldn't stay there anymore , it is very very hard to find somewhere to stay,it took me a month to find somewhere to stay .for every house there are 5 persons waiting to see it and if you are non italian your chances reduces dramaticlly.Most of the houses are old and it is really hard to find a house with good persons and good price.the only thing good in the city is the sea but still the disadvantages are just too much, the student life is very bad ,the city feel very dead and everything after 8 pm closes! .the city doesnt offer much. if you are erasmus student just stay away! no one speaks english here .there are many refugees/ workers there around 15 percent , im not racist but they are really rude.im so relieved that i stopped studying there 2 years ago and passed to another university 

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