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!!Described already in GU page!!

NOTE: This is already described in GU page, the general university page of Gothenburg University.

My exchange semester in Sweden located in Gothenburg was scheduled as Master studies in the Business School at University of Gothenburg, department of Business Administration At School of Business, Economics and Law in Norplus / NOREK Exchange programme year 2017-18 fall semester. 

The separated business school is very fine, the cafeteria, class rooms and teaching was quite motivating yet a bit at times harsh to follow or maybe too much as an exchange student. The courses were very difficult to pass (Advanced Economics, Econometrics, Mathematics) but this could have been true in home country as well so the educating level was quite much the same (triple crown accredited, EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB). The language was familiar so the worries of grades removed quite fast. Also thankful that my exchange programme didn't require a specific amount of credits (ECTS) so had the time also to travel in free time, which is more strict in Erasmus+ programme. Lofoten, Oslo and other regions across the border in Norway were a nice add like in a weekend trips. 

Strong plus in spare time were hobby and sports clubs, pubs and nightlife for student in decent prices or even for free. The student housing near Almedal was ok, renovating and building new apartments so hopefully new exchange students may enjoy better sleep and dine lounges as they stay. The food was a bit expensive but accommodation balanced well with subsidies. The scholarship or grant was enough for six months, but active travellers save a lot of money as one get to know the facilities in these terms better (like interrail trips or taking other exchange term). Nice shopping and relaxed streets like andra långgatan and other areas with second hand shops and malls.

The swedes were friendly, warm, small talking and liked team working, soft skills type of chatting, but also quite aware of their own worth or a bit too conscious. However I think better welcoming for exchange students and also took very good care of abroad people so that was a positive surprise. I wouldn't have thought that I get to know so many people during exchange year, but quite little of them have stayed in contact frequently. 

Small minuses in the stay were that a acquainted there got robbed in personal item at the library and also I got fine about some cleaning stuff after leaving the apartment and a bit bullied / harrassed. Also being in time in meetings, exams and events was veeeeery important! Swedes follow their own rules every public spaces precisely. Like in any other city, being late evenings out is not safe so I would recommend taking always the earlier train or bus back home if possible.

I would say all in all the exchange fall for me should be graded around 3/5. 

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