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What you should know about Athens

Hello everyone!

All in all I was in Athens for all of my Erasmus term abroad and, of course, I have experienced much and can share my experience and tips with you! I will start by assessing its different characteristics:

Athens is beautiful, just personally to me. Even if many say that it's a big dirty city, I'm in love: from the old buildings to Athens' architecture or its viewing platforms. There are so many amazing museums that you can go to and, of course, the acropolis.


Concerning pastime, I had hoped to find a bit more resp. more extraordinary things. Athens has an amusement park, the Port of Piraeus from where you can get to many islands and certainly the normal activities such as clubs, cinemas and bars.

Concerning culture, I must try not to take sides because I am Greek, but, objectively views, the Greek are VERY friendly and supportive. Of course, there are always cases in which people do not meet these standards, but, in general, the Greek normally are happy about tourists. Just as in every other big city, you should pay attention to your valuables. pocket thieves are not rare which is why you should not hang around all on your own in every city quarter - especially not at night. In the case that you are threatened, give them your money and nothing more will happen. Don't let them chat you up or asks you for anything.


What might be interesting for you, in Greece, no toilet paper may be thrown into the toilets because the pipes could get blocked and everything can be flooded. Also, what you will possibly notice is that the Greek like to smoke and like to smoke almost everywhere. :D I would not say that a certain behaviour is typical - as long as you remain respectful, you will get along well with the Greek. :)

Bus, underground and tram are normal ways of transport. The underground is extremely easy to understand which is why you should look for a flat that is close to an underground station. The underground trams arrive every 7 minutes and alway on time. Being a student you get 50% off the tickets meaning 15€ for one monthly ticket. All stations have doors that open by scanning your tickets - fare dodging thus is not that simple;) (costs 60€ for getting caught the first time and 600€ the third time, as well).


The busses often are late but come in handy because they stop everwhere and you easily get everywherewhere you want to go. However, the busses can be used longer than the underground: it closes at midnight and reopens at 5:30am.

Concerning restaurants there is only flattery. Greek cuisine, as known, is delicious, as well. You probably should look for places that are not directly located in touristy areas - those are mostly more affordable, too. Athens has many restaurants and cafés in Syntagma and Monastaraki that are very beautiful and unique, e. g. little Kook, Hans & Gretel, Cookie and Milk etc.


The prices for food are very fair and affordable, of course, more expensive in touristy areas. Alcohol is cheaper, especially Wine (Retsina is a favourite) and Rakemolo is often ordered. The cheapest super market chain is Lidl because the domestic shops really are more expensive than in Germany. Shampoo, cosmetics you should better bring along from home.

24/7 there are so many little newsstands on the streets that sell anything possible (only paying in cash) as cigarettes, alcohol, crisps and non-alcoholic beverages etc. Very handy. :)

Athens never rests! In Gazi there is the 'club mile', an accumulation of bars and parties. The first time we were out partying, we were in a club with Greek music and had to realise that the locals don't dance and it's more about drinking. Nevertheless, there are still the Erasmus parties that unfortunately are always was too crowded.


Coming here, you could download the apps Beat or Uber - a very affordable alternative to calling taxis!

The weather stays very nice and sunny for a long period. Until the end of October you can still go to the bech (that is an 1,5h drive by public transport from the centre). It only gets really cold from the end of November on.

The most important thing:

Pay VERY VERY close attention to your bags! And always wear your backpacks in front of you (you will see that the locals do so, too).

Apps that you might need: BEAT and UBER for taxis; EFOOD for ordering food

Have much fun in Athens! You will not regret it!

P. S. : If you should feel that you need to be at home with your family for Christmas and especially New Year's, don't go home! When do you ever get the chance to celebrate New Year's in a foreign country? :)

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