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Best time in Malaga

Published by flag- Madelief Schriks — one year ago

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Malaga is an amazing city to stay. there is a beach, port, old city, shopping mall and much more. there is always something to do. also the weather in Malaga is very good. 

when i arrived in Malaga i was overwelmed by the city, there was so much to see and everything is beautifull. when i setled down after a bit i could easily find my way. MSE and Erasmusic orgenised a lot of parties and activities. in the summer we would go to the beach almost everyday to play beachvolleyball, make new friends and drink. and in the evenings we would come together to have the best parties. 

i lived in a house with 3 other girls, one turkish girl and 2 italian girls. sometimes our habits were different so we would have a small disagreement, but we always talked about it and came to an outway. i lived in the middle of the centre and was very happy with this spot. i had to walk 11 minutes to the beach and everyother thing was nearby, beside of the big supermarkets. in my appartment there was no balcony and i didn't had a room looking outside to the streets. i would reccomend to have this when you go to a city like this.

the prices in Malaga are very cheap. eating at a restaurant could cost 11euros. you could also eat somewhere for 30 euros it just depend at what restaurant. the food is amazing, a lot of tapas. especially the berenjenas con miel are amazing. the people in Malaga are mostly tourists, its full of them in there. the orginally people from malaga mostly only speak spanish sometimes some couple of words in english but that really depend on the person. so my tip is if you go to malaga learn spanish, i am dissapointed in myself i didn't learn it before so it was sometimes a bit hard to communicate. 

also the weather in Malaga is AMAZING the sun is shining almost every day, i think i had 10 days of rain in my whole 5 months i stayed there. Malaga has a lot of muesuems like the Picasso museum it's a must to have seen it once. but there is a lot more to see, like monte victoria (a mountain where you can see the sunset from), alcazaba, gibralfaro, jardin botanico historico, caminito del rey, markets, cathredals and churches. also moving around in Malaga is very easily, just take the bus or train to get anywhere you want. to visit torremolinos, nerja or fuengirola. 

sometimes we would rent a car and go to further places like cordoba, granada and sevilla. these cars could be very cheap like 10 euro a day, it really would depend on what period of time to rent a car. but to see more than only Malaga i would go on trips with MSE. i've been to Algarve, Lisboa and bologna with them.

so to summarise, malaga is an amazing city to live in and spend your erasmus. but be aware to learn spanish and drink and party a lot. because that's the mean thing to do in here, and have a lot of fun!!

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