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Malaga,a paradise on earth.....

Published by flag-gr MARIA KENTEPOZIDOU — 5 years ago

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  •  Malaga is a paradise on earth.For me is the most beautiful city i have ever seen.Combines sea,mountains,culture,history and modern life.I higlly recommend Malaga as a must place to visit until the end of your life!Personally,i am planning to live there soon.....I am an erasmus student in Albacete,i am from Greece and i have always been a lover and a fan of beauty,culture,history and travelling of course!!!At first i will tell you some important facts about the history of Malaga!It was founded by Phoenicians,then it was inhabited by Greeks,people from Cartago,Romans and Germans.The Arabics were the last until the reconquest of Spain.The Arabics lived in Spain for almost 700 years(Arabic people consider Malaga as a paradise) and Malaga with Granada were the last cities to recover.It has always been an important city because it is located in the mediterranean sea and  that's the  reason merchandise so developed in Malaga.I could keep on writing about the history of Malaga for hours!Because is one of the oldest cities ever created,but i will try not to bore you with unnecessary details!Malaga is the 6th bigger town of Spain...it,belongs in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

  •        I was there one week ago with an Erasmus group,we went there mostly to party,but we had arranged as well tour in the town.The first thing that i was fascinated about was the big palm trees everywere,you were in the center of the town but you had the feeling that you were in the jungle also...you can hear the birds and the leafs and soothen your soul!!Also,everything is close by.. wherever you look,it feels like you are in a museum .there are statues everywhere and you can literally "smell" the history!Personally i love art and Malaga is the town Picasso was born that fact for me is important! I tried to visit Picasso's museum but the wait line was" out of space"!,So, i visited his house and i saw his statue,,and i took pictures with "him"(i will show you in the end!).Also,if you go to Malaga you must know that they don't ask for a coffee in the typical way,they have 8 types of different coffee,depenting on the amount of coffee and milk(i will show you picture later).And last but not least,Malaga has a big coastal that is full of shops,relaxing restaurants with perfect asthetic,relaxing music playing all over the place,great food and of course a never ending sea view!! It's a perfect place for exersice,running and first dates!!!On the beach that is 3' away, you can also take yoga classes,have a sunbath & swim and trust me you can start from March!! I wont discuss so much about partys..etc,because in my oipinion you can party everywhere, important thing is to discover the history and the secrets of the city that you visit!!!!!!Thank you so much for your time!I hope you visit Malaga soon,and see with your own eyes,most important and feel with your own sensations what i was talking about!Adios,hasta Luego!

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