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  • Blog


    Hola todos! We meet once again! Today our story is about my lovely Madrid... I think everyone knows Madrid... the capital of Spain, is a nice place, but I have never been a fan of big cities, I raised in a village of 800 people.. so you can imagine... Big cities are...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus blog Madrid, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    Mystery of life

    Hola todos! This letter wants to show you the beauty of travelling, making new experiences...since I was little when I first saw the movie: around the world in 80 days, I wanted to travel all over the world one day. I know the economy in Greece is...

    0 by MARIA in General, one year ago
  • Blog


    Hola todos! This recipe is one of my favourite a Turkish recipe, a friend learned it to me...all began...when we organized a night with Erasmus,..that anyone could bring different foods from different and some other Greek girls we...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus recipes, one year ago
  • Blog


        Hola todos! We meet once again...this recipe contains my biggest love mushrooms...Since I was little I was in love with mushrooms...when my mother was cooking a recipe that contained mushrooms( in the days that we are not allowed to eat meat for religious...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus recipes, one year ago
  • Blog

    Rice noodles with shrimps

    Ηola a todos! Once again, we meet! This time we will make a Mediterranean-Asian recipe. This recipe is very different from my traditional cuisine, but I love tasting new flavours and new combinations. At Greece, ingredients are much more expensive than here. So here I...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus recipes, one year ago
  • Blog


    Hola todos! I am happy writing to you, once again! This is a recipe that I like a lot, it's really easy and fast to prepare it. It has the aroma of the East culture(which I love). Let's start! : INGREDIENTS: 1sp Coconut oil 2 carrots-pumpkin 1 cup spinach 1/2...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus recipes, one year ago
  • Blog

    Food is an a art....(1st recipe"FASOLAKIA,,)

          Hola todos! We meet again! Since I love cooking and I believe is a kind of art..basically in my opinion art is whatever we do with I would like to write some recipes that I love and some recipes that are traditional from my country(Greece)...I...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus recipes, one year ago
  • Blog

    Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

       Hola todos!I wanted to write about my experience in Albacete(Spain),since i was little i wanted to travel in Spain i was sure that i would like people there!Members of my family that used to live out of Greece(in Germany mostly,used to say that people there are...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus blog UCLM, one year ago
  • Experience

    Malaga,a paradise on earth.....

     Malaga is a paradise on earth.For me is the most beautiful city i have ever seen.Combines sea,mountains,culture,history and modern life.I higlly recommend Malaga as a must place to visit until the end of your life!Personally,i am planning to live there soon.....I am...

    0 by MARIA in Erasmus experiences Malaga, one year ago
  • Roommate

    23 year old girl looking for accommodation in Albacete,i am looking for roomates.

    I am 23 year old,i am from Greece and i am looking for apartment and roomates for the second semester,from January untill juny,maybe and more....I don't smoke but i don't have problems with smoking.Also,i only have one kitty but if my roomates and the owner have problem...

    in Roommates Albacete, one year ago

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