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Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

  •    Hola todos!I wanted to write about my experience in Albacete(Spain),since i was little i wanted to travel in Spain i was sure that i would like people there!Members of my family that used to live out of Greece(in Germany mostly,used to say that people there are not so friendly)But,they told me that in Italy and Spain people look more like us and after watching some movies & series in TV,i was convinced that one day i will visit these countries!

    Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

  •     This Semptember i decided to apply for Erasmus,it takes some time,you need a lot of papers as always in this kind of situations...but in the end you will be rewarded!When they send me the e-mail of acceptance from university of Albacete i was so excited!In Greece as you know we hace economic crisis..and that's makes travelling quite hard.but i want to travel everywhere no matter what and that's the reason i am searching for every possible programm to follow!

    Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

  •    From the start here i felt like my home! People really trying to help you,in each way and even if they don't speak English..and the bitter truth is mostly in small towns of Spain they don't speak English at all!Anyway,i didn't felt as a stranger, i felt part of this community,people smiles a lot and something else that i admire here,is that i don't see any of homeless people and dogs!People everyday try to improve the best of themselves,i see everyday older and younger people walking at park,exercising..reding books..and i feel proud of being a part of this society!

    Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

  •    More over as a part of the Erasmus you will never feel bored!From Thursday untill Sunday most of students party,of course is up to you when you will party...also,you can follow activities such as dance lessons(tango,flamengo,latin)in better prices for students,Spanish lessons...Erasmus team organising often activities...for example ..."Night with dishes from every nation,,..or meeting for all the Erasmus we get to know each other and make new friends!!!Keep on reading my experiences i will give you as much as informations is possible so to convince you participate to Erasmus programm!Thank you for your support!See you soon!(i will show you photos,from Albacete,Madrid,Alicante and i will discuss about this cities in my later blog reviews) Sincerely, VENI-VIDI-AMAVI.

    Spain,beautiful country,beautiful people...

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