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Erasmus in Lisbon after Covid

Published by flag- Kris Lotová — one year ago

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if you are a lover of a warm weather, beaches, hiking and a bar culture, Lisbon might be a right place for you.

When it comes to an architecture and a landscape, this city has its charm. there are many viewpoints which are great for chilling during a sunset, many hills, so be prepared to be a bit sporty, and many beaches behind the city whrere one can go with a transportation card. Buildings are usually old and it's quite usual that flats don't have a radiator (in the winter nights are very cold and a termoregulation of houses is very bad), warderobes, elevators or scales in a kitchen. Furniture is usually old, electricity and plumbing systems work on an old princip etc

When it comes to an entertainment, there are lot of bars for good prices. For example one can get a shot for 1/1,5€ or a cider or beer for 2€, if you know where to go. There are also many clubs but they play at every party the same Portuguese songs over and over again, no matter where you go, so clubs get boring after a while. In Lisbon there is many things to do and explore, so everyone will find the right thing for him. Unfortunately it's very hard to make stable friends because there is too many people going to Lisbon for their exchange after covid (this semester it was about 16000 people), therefore it's very usual to meet someone just once and although it was nice, you will never see each other again because next day you and also the other person will  meet someone else who is nice and so it goes on. I have to admit I have never felt so overwhelmed by so many people and in the same time so lonely as one has many acquaintances but only few friends. I feel sad I didn't manage to get a group on my exchan but I wasn't the only one. Honestly this experience discouraged me from going to another Erasmus but I'm glad I tried it because I learned a lot about other cultures and Portugal.

Prices are for the most people cheap. if you come from the north or the west, it will be a heaven for you. If you are from the east like me, prices are more expensive but with a bit of self control managable.

Weather is amazing! It almost never rains! 

Transportation is terrible! Buses are alsmost never on time and one never knows when and if they appear, trams and metro are slow and a waiting gap between two metros is very long - sometimes even 20 minutes! Trains are on the other hand great. They are fast and more or less on time.

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