Bem-vindo to Lisbon | Erasmus experience Lisbon

Bem-vindo to Lisbon

I went to the Universidade Nova in Lisbon as an Erasmus student during the 2003/2004 academic year. To be honest, when I started to look for accommodation I had the feeling that Lisbon was a very dirty city and few exploited. But, the truth is that economy there never have been good enough to waste money in architectonic beauty. But, stay there for a time is enough in order to fall in love with the city. I go as often as I can. If you are from Cáceres, this is something completely different. There is so much to choose: shops, cafes, leisure places, nightclubbing. It is a complete world!
The best way to go there is by car or bus, but the bus departs from Badajoz. This is the worse! I recommend the luxury bus, this is not much more expensive and it is more comfortable and faster. And you are sure the will not leave you in the lurch, as some buses used to do. You also can go by train but it is quite more expensive and slower.

I studied in the Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas, it is not far from the city centre. It is ok and as it is a Faculty of Arts, you can choose between many subjects, to study or not.

The good thing that the Portuguese universities have is that all of them (at least the ones that I know) have bars to have lunch or dinner, and it is quite cheap. There are some days that you eat better than others. Of course, if you do not like soup, I am afraid to say that you will be up to your eyes, but at the end, you will like it. The rest of meals are not very different from Spain. Do not fail to try the “Bacalhau à Brás” and the “Bacalhau com natas”, they are very nice.

Well, if I remember anything else, I will post it.

Interesting places to visit in Lisbon:

* Castelo S. Jorge. I recommend going by walk and like this you can see the Lisbon Cathedral and some other typical Igreja. During the journey you will also find some viewpoint to the Tajo area.
* Barrio Belém. It is better to go by car because it is a bit far to go by walk. There, you have typical bakers as the Pastéis de Belém. There is also the Jerónimos Monastery. A fantastic place! In the same avenue, there are the Belém Tower and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. I do not know if the inside of the last one is ok because I did not go in.
* Saint Justa Elevator. It has two centuries and from there you can see the High Quarter and the Baixa. There are other elevators, but you must take the tramway. Of course, it is necessary to take a tramway, but an old one. An advice: be careful in this place, because there are many pickpockets. Hide your wallet!
* High Quarter and Baixa. If you want to know them, you must walk by the streets, there are shops, restaurants, fado places, etc.
* Praça do Comércio. There is near the river and you can take the touristic tramway there, but it is a bit expensive.

See you again!

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