LISBON IS MY SECOND HOME ! | Erasmus experience Lisbon


Lisbon was my dream...I have been in lisbon about 5,5 months. Before Erasmus city decision, I had 3 choice. Amsterdam, Londra and Lisbon. I choosed Lisbon because if I want to see Amsterdam or London I can go whenever I want but Lisbon was not in my mind. when I saw my 3 choices, I suddenly decided to go to Lisbon. I am architect and I have been in Lisbon for my master thesis research. so I didnt have any lessons just I had a supervisor in Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa. Lisbon is not crowded and its small, historical and mystic. I never said that "I wish I choose Amsterdam or London". Lisbon is perfect city I love there. now I am in my city, İstanbul. and also Lisbon is very smilar to İstanbul. I have a lot of thinks to say but I cant. you should see Lisbon certainly.

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  • Phil Tdm 10 years ago

    Hey Pinar! What was your favorite place in Lisbon to visit??

  • Pınar Çağlayan 10 years ago

    my favorite place was EXPO seaside...but also I love the city center, Alfama and of course Bairro Alto...

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