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Islamabad Most Worth Living City on Earth

Published by flag- Jahangir Bakar — one year ago

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Islamabad is a beautiful city located in the center of Pakistan. It has many lakes, hills and rivers that make it an ideal place for anyone who wants to visit the country or simply live there. The capital of Pakistan is also known as International Capital City (ICC).

Islamabad Most Worth Living City on Earth

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It was built in 1929, when a British administrator named Sir Geoffrey Lawrence wanted to build a new city for his countrymen who had migrated from India during the partition of that country.

Islamabad has been home to many rulers, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan. It has also been home to many important people from all walks of life—politicians, artists and writers like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ghulam Mustafa Kharwar (a renowned poet), Javed Akhtar (a famous film director), Asghar Wajahat Ali (an author), Ayesha Jalaluddin Saeedi (the founder of Sillun) etcetera...

Many people consider Islamabad to be the most worth living city in Pakistan. Areas like Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi have turned into a nightmare for their citizens. People have started moving from there to other cities, including Islamabad.

People who have been to Islamabad often feel that it is a very safe and clean city. There are many parks, gardens and other recreational areas where people can go for walks or jog in the morning. The majority of the houses in this area have good infrastructure, including roads and electricity supply system. The economy is also doing very well here with many new projects being built every year by different organizations as well as private companies who want to invest their money here because they know how profitable it would be for them if they do so later on when things get better again!

If you want to learn more about how much value these things bring then just look at the education system – there are thousands of schools all over Pakistan teaching everything from math through sciences up until higher level subjects like physics etcetera... It seems like everyone knows how much importance education plays towards building up your future career path but what about health care? Well let me tell you something straight away; we don't see any issues related with this topic either! Our doctors know exactly what needs fixing within each individual patient before beginning any treatment plan which means our patients will always receive top quality care regardless whether they live close by town centre or far away suburbs - everyone gets treated equally regardless whether they're rich OR poor... That's right folks - no matter what kind of financial situation someone might find themselves into during life time

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it is also known as the most beautiful city in Pakistan. It has been attracting many tourists who often visit it on vacations or business trips not just from within the country but also abroad. Here, you will feel as if you are living in paradise on Earth!

Islamabad features a very beautiful landscape with lush green grasses, trees and flowers that give this city its unique look. Blue World City is top residential and most beautiful town here. Its weather conditions are extremely pleasant all year round which makes it an ideal place for visitors who want to enjoy their holidays without any inconvenience at all!


We hope that we have helped you to make a decision on whether or not to move your family and home base to Islamabad. It is truly a paradise on Earth!

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  • flag- neat gye 4 months ago

    I also love islamabad and here are top 30 things to do there:-

    1. Cool off in summers in Islamabad’s swimming pools
    2. Appreciate the majestic horses of Riding Clubs in Islamabad
    3. Practice target shooting at Islamabad Gun and Country Club
    4. Connect with buddies at the Golf course in Islamabad
    5. Join mixed – gender Rock Climbing events
    6. Take up hiking on the Hiking tracks of Margalla Hills
    7. Play team games like PanIQ room escape riddle in Islamabad
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    8. Other game sites
    9. Watch a movie at Islamabad Cineplex Cinema
    10. Offer prayers at the majestic Faisal Mosque
    11. Absorb Islamabad’s Natural greenery
    12. Visit museums
    13. Experience scenic views of Islamabad
    14. Visit Mystical Sites around Islamabad
    15. Reconnect to Islamabad’s Historical past
    16. Take a stroll in Parks
    17. Lakes to enjoy
    18. Go bowling in Islamabad
    19. Scratch your creative itch at PNCA theater Islamabad
    20. Try getting an invite to the Diplomatic Enclave clubs of Islamabad
    21. ATV F1 tracks at Lake View Park
    22. Go boating and fishing at night to Rawal Dam and Khanpur Dam
    23. Buy trinkets and hiking gear at Sunday bazaar
    24. Try getting an invite to exclusive club in Islamabad
    25. Open-air music at Sadhu’s retreat
    26. Lookout for music concerts in town
    27. Shopping in Islamabad
    28. Find authentic food in Islamabad
    29. Enjoy coffee at road side cafes
    30. Drive along Constitution Avenue

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