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Calle Betis (Betis Street)

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Calle Betis (Betis Street)

Translated by Alex Fanos — 2 years ago

Original text by Mariia Serrano

Betis Street is a place where you can do a multitude of things, as this street that links the districts of 'Triana' and 'Los Remedios' has it all. You can enjoy a paella in any of the restaurants, dance in the clubs, go for a few drinks or simply have a stroll around.

Calle Betis (Betis Street)

The views of the Giralda tower and the "Tower of Gold", as well as the view towards the beautiful Triana bridge are delightful and they all converge and can be seen from here. You can enjoy them by day or by night.

Calle Betis (Betis Street)

Additionally, this street has endless opportunities. On Sundays its usually full of tourists, eating "pescaito frito", paella or just having a beer on the banks of the Guadalquivir. My recommendation would be the "T de Triana" bar, a typically Sevillan place with some outside seating with magical views of the city. You can get two bottles of brand beer (Paulaner, Heineken or Carlseberg) for just €2. 50. Much cheaper than anywhere else.

For the best nights out, I recommend "Alhambique". This bar also has great prices with each beer at a single euro, the same as shots. The music is quite good, with a bit of everything, including something for Bachata lovers. Inside - there is no outdoor seating - you can play pool or table-football.

Calle Betis (Betis Street)

On the other hand, If you want to enjoy the night without spending a euro, "Rio Latino" is the place to go. It never fails to entertain and it's open all week but gets busy from Thursday to Saturday. They play classic reggaeton and some more modern music. Drinks aren't expensive, but neither are they as cheap as other bars, however, since they offer free entry they have to make their money back somehow. You can also find the fairly well know "Betis 67" club on this the street but they do charge for entry here.

Calle Betis (Betis Street)

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