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100 Montaditos

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On Wednesdays All 1 Euro!

Published by flag-es José Luis Gómez

If you are a student of the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Seville, I hope this post will make you feel happiness, and also fill your stomach.

There is a new, cheap restaurant in the town; 100 Sandwiches in San Fernando Street, which is near the Principal Gate. If you have never heard about 100 Montaditos; it’s a new restaurant chain which has been proliferating in Andalusia for three years.

The main feature of the 100 Montaditos is that prices are very cheap. There are 1 to 2. 50 euros sandwiches and drinks. Originally there was only this number of sandwiches, but the menu has grown and it is now much larger. The offer is diverse and for all tastes:

  • Classic sandwiches with classic elements (spicy sausage, ham, sausage, beef, tomato... ).
  • Some more fresh ( mayonnaise, shrimp, various fish, garlic sauce).
  • Sweet ( white chocolate, black, with milk... ).
  • The new wave of special sandwiches (cuts, hot dogs, Mexican style... ).

There is also a wide variety of bread. However, if you don't like sandwiches or not enough to satiate you, there are many other things to eat; nachos with four sauces, chips with four sauces, fried potatoes with bacon and cheese, sausage table and four sauces. For a drink you can choose; beer, wine, pepsi etc.

If prices were not affordable, there are specials on different days of the week. On Mondays the 50 cent sandwiches, on Wednesdays and Sundays all 1 Euro and all of these are just in front of the University, perfect to pop drink after class. If you go there feel free to enter and take something, the sandwiches are very good, for a ridiculous price. There are many other things in Sevilla, as the Avenida Constitución, the mall or the Plaza de Armas.

Come and enjoy!


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