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Erasmus places

  • HANGAR - Artistic Research Center

    HANGAR is a place where you can meet a lot of creative people, have a good discussion during lunch, visit and experience urban art and be productive at the co-working place. Why do I know? I was there as an intern for three month in 2019 :-)

    0 by Maximilian, in What to see Lisbon, one year ago
  • Indoor Climbing

    Nice indoor climbing place for both bouldering and toproping/lead climbing. The boulderroutes that are placed usually stay for 3 à 4 weeks. Mostly non dynamic routes but recently the amount of dynamic routes has increased. All difficulties can be found, ideal to go...

    0 by Lukas, in What to do Ghent, one year ago
  • Frankfurt

    I've been travelling around Germany for two months this summer. I did a volunteer as hostel staff, I have never done a volunteer before so I didn't know what to expect about it but I truly recommend it. I met people all around the world, I have learned so many things...

    0 by Ariana, in What to see Berlin, one year ago
  • Teotihuacan

    I acumplished a dream that was travelling to Mexico in 2016. It was really thrilling! I love Latin culture! The Mexican gastronomy is awesome! People are very curious about foreign culture and the capital is very welcoming, clean with a nice temperature on winter. The...

    0 by Igor, in What to see México, D.F., one year ago
  • Juliet's House

    Enjoying the love My emotional state in the summer of 2013 was uncertain, I was alone but enjoying solitude and friendship, travelling across Europe, endearing adventures from any perspective, however, let's go! I found myself in what I consider the most romantic city,...

    0 by Freya, in What to do Verona, one year ago
  • Pére Lachaise Cemetery

    Père-Lachaise cemetery is the biggest in Paris and is located in the East of the city. Perhaps it seems strange to you that I am writing about a cemetery but in reality, a lot of people use it as a park. The cemetery is open to the public and inside there are a lot of...

    0 by George, in What to see Paris, one year ago
  • Topography of Terror

    Topography of Terror is a museum in the centre of Berlin. It contains documents and photos detailing how Germany planned the extermination of the Jews in Europe as well as other actions during The Second World War. The museum is located where the headquarters of the...

    0 by George, in What to see Berlin, one year ago
  • The Jewish Museum in Berlin

    In this post I will talk about one of the museums which I liked and which has impacted me the most. It’s peculiar design, a deformed star of David generated by the joining together of historical points of the city, caused controversy at the time. It can be found in...

    0 by George, in What to see Berlin, one year ago
  • Casa das Imagens Lauro Antonio

    Situated behind the main library, the Casa das Imagens Lauro António, is a media library and archive that shares part of the filmmaker's personal archive with the public. Lauro António, born on August 18, 1942 is a Portuguese director and producer, best known for...

    0 by Hugo, in What to do Setúbal, one year ago
  • The Student Hotel

    I had a great experience in Liege, however, I want to tell you that the treatment from my residence made the experience not so interesting. I am writing in this blog, to warn you not to go to the Student House residence or in case you do, be careful because they will...

    0 by Erasmusu, in Where to sleep Liege, one year ago
  • Discovering Fatima - A journey through tradition and faith

    Travelling is something really incredible, it is an activity which takes you to the remote corners of the world and lets you discover new places and cultures. Throughout a journey, you can learn new things both on your destination and on yourself. That's why, especially...

    0 by Silvia, in What to see Fátima, one year ago
  • Subenshi Sushi

    Today I'm going to talk about one of the best sushi restaurants in Portugal, the best sushi I've ever eaten in my entire life. If you are in Porto or Aveiro, you can't help but going to the famous, legendary, one and only SUBENSHI. I went to Aveiro with some friends of...

    0 by Silvia, in Where to eat Coimbra, one year ago
  • Tour de ville

    In normally in the beginning of august or end of july there is a fair in which they decorate the whole city with figurines of many animals (both imaginary like dragons and beautiful sea creatures like sea horses etc), the city is lit. It is quite small so you can...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, in What to see Lille, one year ago
  • Any small shop

    Well, there could be many reason to visit many great cities in Europe. But for people who don't speak many european languages, for them the priority is to go somewhere they can communicate with locals, ask for great places to eat or to hangout or go partying or...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, in What to do Amsterdam, one year ago
  • Balls and Glory

    It has amazing staff, fairly good food at a fair price of course. People speak good english so people who don't speak french, it is good for them. The most amazing thing is to sit there in the evening when there is music in the street, it has small benches in the street...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, in Where to eat Brussels, one year ago
  • Kamionek Lake

    Kamionek Lake is an amazing spot to do a bit of swimming (in summer of course). You can hang out there just with your friends. The surroundings are clean and quiet. But during summer there are normally alot of people but they mind their own business. You could go...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, in Erasmus party Warsaw, one year ago
  • katowitce

    When I was in warsaw, I used to go there quite often with friends just to hangout. It has good drinks (even for people who don't drink alcohol). The staff is quite friendly too. This was our spot to eat pre-dinner snacks or some (from some I mean Italians) may call it...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, in Where to eat Warsaw, one year ago
  • Cattedrale di Parma

    Parma Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Parma.This place is amazing, enormous and full of art. It is a really precious and beautiful...

    0 by Mihaela, in What to see Parma, one year ago
  • Cabot tower & Brandon Hill

    If you’re looking for a place to visit in the middle of nature and close to the city, the Cabot Tower is the perfect spot :)After a few minutes of walk through the trees and park of Brandon Hill, you’ll be able to go upstairs and admire the view of the city of...

    0 by Farah, in What to see Bristol, one year ago
  • London

    London (United Kingdom) Do you like a lot of bling bling and a slightly royal environment? Do you love metropolitan cities, and English culture, literature and history? If so, then off to London you go! London is the capital of England and has so many tourist...

    0 by A, in What to see London, one year ago

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